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MyAnswerSucks t1_jaa113q wrote

He had a rather impressive run, some highlights;
Mass poisoning.
Enslaving others.
Had his own cult.
Achieved divinity.
Destroyed the world.


thewalkindude t1_jaaa0z7 wrote

So many JRPG villains talk about destroying the world, some even get close, but how many of them actually succeed?


Capital-Goal-3123 t1_jaa16bs wrote

You the player because we all know you've done more than any other video game villian


Majestic-Iron7046 t1_jac7l8i wrote

What do you mean i should stop shooting at child soldiers in Metal Gear Solid V?

I swear it was a tranquillizer.


Room234 t1_jaa1qea wrote

That's probably Kefka.


fallingcave t1_jaa0yc7 wrote

Idk diablo is pretty evil


Firvulag t1_jaa36ao wrote

Mneh, I'm sure I could reason with him If i just get him in a room just the two of us.


Majestic-Iron7046 t1_jac7oui wrote

Do you mean... do you mean having... sex with Diablo? I don't think that's a good idea.


Firvulag t1_jad3tcr wrote

What? God no...well...I mean the lady Diablo in 3...


Avid_Vacuous t1_jaab114 wrote

Kefka from Final Fantasy VI. After ruining the world he could have wiped out all of humanity but he chose to let the smaller cities live so they could repopulate the world so that he could kill more people. If he killed everyone all at once there would be no one left to kill. There's no sympathetic gray area here. He's just pure evil.


Majestic-Iron7046 t1_jac7rne wrote

Well it would have been boring to wipe out everything and then do nothing for ever. Makes actual sense.


kennyh90 t1_jaaixi7 wrote

Pontiff sulyvahn


fidelacchius42 t1_jaah7kv wrote

Luca Blight from Suikoden 2 is horribly evil. Kefka would normally be my vote, but Luca forces a woman to crawl around on her hands and knees and oink like a pig to preserve her life and then just kills her anyway. Gotta give that evil bastard a shout out.


BlueMikeStu t1_jaactnj wrote

FFT's Vormav.

He personally puts his country into a civil war to raise the in-universe equivalent of Satan from the dead, which simply involves getting enough people killed. He does this from the FFT Vatican and winds up killing the FFT Pope.

Did I mention he involves his only two children in the plot by throwing them in front of the main character, fully expecting him to kill them? Because he does, and Ramza winds up killing one of them. He has no remorse over this.


Jeberani t1_jaa7cfk wrote

Micah from Red Dead series. He’s pure evil. And I love him so much! We all love a good villain!


risen_peanutbutter t1_jaa4j1x wrote

Does the character have to be video game exclusive?

If so, I can be cheesy and say Sauron from any LoTR game


S4ntos19 t1_jaag958 wrote

I'm gonna go with Zinyak. I mean, he destroyed Earth.


thesnapening t1_jaa3kff wrote

Kefka. Literally destroyed the planet just because he could.

Joel from last of us has to be up there.

Arguably your character from nier replicant aswell


[deleted] t1_jaaf6cw wrote



thesnapening t1_jaaltso wrote

I won't say how because of spoilers but he's definitely evil.


LetsGoChamp19 t1_jaau2lv wrote

I don’t think you understand what “evil” means. Saying Joel is one of the most evil game characters when there’s some that commit mass genocide just for fun is ridiculous


thesnapening t1_jac9lj8 wrote

When did this become whataboutism?

Evil can take many forms and if you've played last of us then you know why in my opinion Joel is evil.


LetsGoChamp19 t1_jaccyz9 wrote

When we started comparing things. That’s what you have to do when answering questions like this

What Joel did is minuscule compared to a lot of other characters. You even mentioned the perfect example in Kefka so you’re aware of the difference in actions. I’m really not sure how you think the two are even close to each other


thesnapening t1_jacdk89 wrote

Because evil takes many forms.

Joel stopping a cure being synthesised is just as bad a kefka. Both Doomed the human race.


LetsGoChamp19 t1_jacfbnk wrote

Joel stopped a potential cure from being made, and saved an innocent girl from being killed in the process. Kefka literally destroyed the world and kept a small population alive so that they could repopulate, just so he could do it all over again, for fun. The two aren’t in the same universe of evil


thesnapening t1_jachcub wrote

You're taking this way, way too seriously calm down bud.


LetsGoChamp19 t1_jacihzf wrote

Lmao terrible cop out


thesnapening t1_jaciu7m wrote

What's a cop out?

You've clearly taken a question about fictional characters way, way too seriously.


LetsGoChamp19 t1_jacj7nd wrote

You clearly can’t admit when you’re wrong


thesnapening t1_jack1xq wrote

Because they are both evil in different ways.

As I said you've taken this far too seriously and instead of saying "you know your right I have" your dying on this hill.


LetsGoChamp19 t1_jackty4 wrote

And one is infinitely more evenly than the other. I’ve already explained this multiple times

Really don’t get people who join an online discussion, then just say “you’re taking this way too seriously bro chill out bro” when someone disagrees with them. Such a weirdo thing to do


thesnapening t1_jaclh2o wrote

No I said you've taken it too seriously because that's escatly what you've done. Instead of simply admitting people can have different opinions you've gone on and on about "well Joel can't be evil because there's worse".



LetsGoChamp19 t1_jaclt9z wrote

I never said Joel can’t be evil. You’ve completely misunderstood my point


ThyNynax t1_jabdc8b wrote

Yeah…if Joel is evil because of killing people while trying to survive…well that qualifies a vast number of video game characters that kill for less.

I mean, Lara Croft could just choose not to do the thrill seeking tomb raider thing, and live out her wealthy trust fund life, once she realized it involves killing countless mercenaries that get in the way. But no, she chooses that life.


CriticalHit502 t1_jabz1d2 wrote

Mario is evil. You know how many turtles he's stepped on? You know how many he's just knocked in a lava pit?