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T-408 t1_jabw4ev wrote

Resident Evil 4


Sabetha1183 t1_jabh1wi wrote

I feel like Counter-Strike still being popular is evidence to suggest that Half-Life's core gunplay at least holds up today.

Also I think the SNES has a whole has aged wonderfully.


Trogdorthedoorinator t1_jabhgf0 wrote

Mirror's Edge


Darminus2k t1_jaboj7r wrote

They need to make a new one. It's one of the few games that kept my interest long enough to complete.


darthaizen007 t1_jabho0x wrote

Kotor even with a remake on the way the old one still holds up pretty well.


All-Seeing_Hands t1_jably8f wrote

Before Ready Or Not, SWAT 4 still had an active player base


Monkee-D t1_jabohsh wrote


40 something years old. Perfect graphics and sound, tight controls, amazing physics. Infinite replayability, no need for a story, just high scores.


darkuen t1_jabvvj4 wrote

The Witcher 3


GaryNOVA t1_jabycy1 wrote

FF6 , Super Metroid


myguydied t1_jabzrf3 wrote

Highly subjective, I could say Morrowind because I had a visceral experience with it and loved the stat heavy elements, but could get laughed down partly because I don't like the mods for it, and someone calling it boring and the running putting them to sleep

Number of times I even dozed off...


Tobuk t1_jac3hp2 wrote

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Still perfect.


2Sensitive1Wasabi6 t1_jadnssk wrote

Dave Mirra's bmx 2. I don't know, but I seem to be the only one that preferred this to Tony hawk. The later was great don't get me wrong but loved the former. Hell failing some or the tricks was as rewarding as landing them. No handed superman to flailing carcass Slim Jim. Good times🤣


soups_on420 t1_jadw04c wrote

wei chi

on a serious note, I would say any of the games that have been remastered/remade/milked. If they weren’t good, devs would just make a new IP instead of bringing good games back.


Room234 t1_jaek6n0 wrote

God of War Ragnarok holds up pretty well even today.