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UpperFrontalButtocks t1_jacf90p wrote

I got this as a gift back in the late 90s and it's nostalgia overload. One of my favorite games of all time


dekkalife t1_jadnw6t wrote

D Deck always scared the shit out of me. Was convinced someone was going to leap out and stab me.


UpperFrontalButtocks t1_jadzh41 wrote

For me it was Scotland Road on E deck. Endless empty hallways with that creepy soundtrack...


TrekChris t1_jaf391f wrote

I actually got lost in Scotland Road once. I just kept going around in circles and panicked, so I gave up and started a new game. How dumb I was.


Icy-End8895 t1_jaejj2z wrote

As a little kid… my dumbass was going around searching for Jack and Rose


EarlGrey_Picard t1_jacgjcv wrote

I didn't play this but I did play Buried in Time which had a similar style, and I remember thinking at the time we achieved peak graphics lol.


booksandmints t1_jacgwhd wrote

That was such a great game! And the music was excellent; there’s a playlist of it on YouTube somewhere and I still listen to it.


ChainSawHuLk t1_jacmbtj wrote

I played the hell out of this, that mf Vlad and the dang notebook.. never did go back and get the best ending


genital_furbies t1_jae135d wrote

Thanks to this game, I can find my way around the Titanic, mostly.


KirikaClyne t1_jadyw1t wrote

Oh the process with that necklace, and notebook to get the best ending…


kirbyhm t1_jacsflu wrote

Getting Angela Anaconda vibes from this.


BabyBread11 t1_jae11fq wrote

“I bought the ticket I can do what I want”


Kmb1995 t1_jad0st9 wrote

Looks like a Tim and Eric sketch lol


Mystic131415 t1_jacpc1e wrote

Oh wow, a forgotten memory, loved this game


Synner1985 t1_jachkmf wrote

Outstanding game - pretty sure its classed as adandonware these days - well worth playing if you can get your hands on a copy of it that'll run :D


RobbieNewton t1_jact87w wrote

Don't believe it is Abandonware - you can buy it on Steam


Synner1985 t1_jactv0h wrote

Holy shit - really?! Nice a d easy to get a copy then

Time to relive my childhood tonight!


RobbieNewton t1_jaculla wrote

Aye. In my currency it is £4.79 so not bank breaking either.


Synner1985 t1_jacuua7 wrote

Christ thats a steal for such a good game too!


Nodima t1_jacq8cs wrote

All of these faces are burned into my subconscious, goddamn. Back when I could waste an entire day trying to figure out why the ONE thing you think could happen isn’t happening without the compulsive need to keep making forward progress in a game.


Brodaeus t1_jadxamq wrote

Yooo, I used to play Dust: A Tale of the Wired West all the time when I was a kid. I had no idea they made a bunch of other games.


thomas_powell t1_jadhc0u wrote

My family had this game when I was a kid. Always felt extremely eerie to me, even though it’s not a horror game


real_horse_magic t1_jacvizc wrote

I want to see a modern movie done in this style


ManOfDiscovery t1_jaechh2 wrote

I actually would love to see some kind of modern version of this game.


Doctor_Salvatore t1_jae27iv wrote

Jontron: "I bought the ticket, I'll do what I want!"


arkemisia t1_jacj2mn wrote

Omg I used to play this all the time!


FigTechnical8043 t1_jad8fs2 wrote

Looking forward to Titanic Honor and Glory when it releases. Would be cool if they opted for this instead of 3d models of people.


DreamSphinx t1_jadgh8z wrote

The very first, and very last time I ever donated to a kickstarter was Titanic: Honor and Glory. I think I donated when I was 19 years old, and I'm almost 28 now and the game still isn't close to being done to what was advertised of it.


FigTechnical8043 t1_jadw2km wrote

I bought a first class cabin on the manifesto for me, my dad and husband thinking it would be a nice gesture. If the manifesto was set in 1912, since then, my husband and I have split up and my dad has dumped me for his new girlfriend. Now, if I ever see that manifesto, I'm pretty sure it will look like my dad and his wife (I never changed my last name) and their Arab Muslim servant. Immortalised forever. It better be a nice room representing my life as a sinking ship.


RobbieNewton t1_jaddqmn wrote

Part of me has given up hope of it releasing, they've been working on it for over 11 years now


RianJohnsons_Deeeeek t1_jadqtnw wrote

What are you hoping for release?

A full game with characters and a story? You’re right, they officially gave ambition up years ago after never finalizing a deal for funding.

Or are you waiting for a full ship, empty but completely explorable? Because Demo 401 has been out for a year, and it features almost the entire ship. Version 2.0 will be coming out in a few days with even more spaces to explore and will be released in Unreal Engine 5:

The team is currently remaking most of the ship for an entirely different future release. Not sure why or if the difference will be be that noticeable.


Alc2005 t1_jadtdrj wrote

It’s funny how visually the best looking “game” coming out this spring is a tech demo from an indy studio. Stoked for getting a chance to explore it in UE5. Just wish a larger company could pick up what they did, and turn out a full-fledged narrative for it.

Imagine an LA Noir style detective game, where you are a detective travelling back to the US, then the crew approaches you to let you know a murder has occurred. They are keeping it quiet, but you have to find out who did it before the ship gets to New York, you unlock a big conspiracy, then shit hits the fan when the iceberg hits.


CoSonfused t1_jadqgv5 wrote

I'm downloading the demo as we speak. It's been years since I've checked up on them.


Psychobrad84 t1_jaeua9h wrote

Reminds me of the game Dust. The old western that had stuff like this.


waxonwaxoff87 t1_jaddgjc wrote

Got this from a book fair catalogue at my school. Unfortunately it was too much for our computer to handle so never actually got to play it……



Bobkeen t1_jaddrr1 wrote

I have this game in my steam library, must get around to playing it.


akuguitarist t1_jado070 wrote

Now I wanna go play the 11th hour again


CoSonfused t1_jadq6vj wrote

didn't they remade/remaster it recently? That of the 7th guest.


PrizeWinningFart t1_jadtfo1 wrote

I've always loved animation like this. Fun and surreal.


Cryptic99 t1_jae1993 wrote

This is one of my favorite point and click adventure games of all time. So much nostalgia. The music is great also!


itsfuckingpizzatime t1_jae6yvb wrote

The video looped four times before I realized what was happening. I kept waiting for the explanation.


Gwennytoux t1_jaf3sq6 wrote

From the same team "dust a tale of the wired west" had the same kind of animations. Good game too!


Kola18_97 t1_jacyxr9 wrote

I only know of this game from JonTron and his Titenic video.


seanyshorts t1_jadolvw wrote

An absolute gem of a game! I think about it sometimes … back when you had to actually figure it out the hard way. Now I just google what to do.


CoSonfused t1_jadpvij wrote

I loved this game. PLayed it several times. never got the good ending though.


powderedtoastsupreme t1_jadv0ed wrote

I have attempted to play this so many times on PC over the last five years. Id give my left arm for a decent port that doesn’t crash. I LOVED this game growing up.


ChainsawTaylor t1_jadx7i4 wrote

I had this and Frankenstein. Through the Eyes of the Monster with Tim Curry that looked the same


Howhytzzerr t1_jadxoiu wrote

This was a great game, it's available on Steam, just finished a play-through a couple months ago, still fun after all these years.


lifeless567 t1_jae0apf wrote

Love this game, played so many times!


jahitz t1_jae5zo6 wrote

This game was so badass, had a great story!


DarthWenus t1_jae9qfo wrote

I'm getting South Park vibes from this.


AsTheWorldPassesBy t1_jaejto8 wrote

Similar to the Max Payne 2001 facial animations lol, I like this style.


amendmentforone t1_jaek5qf wrote

Ah, this brings me back to my childhood in the '90s. Family's first PC (a Gateway, of course) that wasn't related to my Dad's job.

This game, Command & Conquer, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, Civilization II, Duke Nukem 3D ...


Lost-Pineapple9791 t1_jaev4qq wrote

God I remember this game

I don’t think I ever beat it though

It was pretty cool/big with the movie


PermaBanDodger t1_jaex79x wrote

"Oh... It's good to see you finally leave your cabin."

"I bought the ticket I can do what I want!"


gravy_train101 t1_jaf2spd wrote

Is there a good way to play this game on a modern rig


noxs812 t1_jaf4mu2 wrote

Played this a lot as a kid, it looked so good lol


dangerousbob t1_jact8sp wrote

Eat your heart out MetaHuman.


Lualin87 t1_jad40jh wrote

I loved this game when it first came out lol


manleybones t1_jad4pty wrote

Reminds me of hell cab, PC video game


jigglybilly t1_jae1jim wrote

Getting shot in the boiler room gave me nightmares as a kid. I need to replay this haha


tehsax t1_jae2x23 wrote

Oh my God.

It's breathtaking.


Xiazer t1_jae7oma wrote

Holy shit I had this game! Tried saving the titanic and got my ass kicked off the bridge after they corrected the course. Fucking dumbasses didn’t realize I was from the future!


NoNick1337 t1_jae7xgg wrote

I paid for the ticket. I’ll do what I want.


FunkHZR t1_jaeat9v wrote

Oh wow! I played this game a shit ton. Don’t think I ever beat it though since I got so lost/turned around. What a game lol.


forserialtho t1_jaef9mz wrote

I fucking loved this game as a kid lol, it looks so bad now holy shit.


JohnnyAK907 t1_jaegngl wrote

Jesus this is like a bad 90's Nickelodeon show.


heatseekerdj t1_jaepvx3 wrote

So the Angela Anaconda animation studio made a Titanic game ??


defcon1000 t1_jaeq0v5 wrote

Explains where Deus Ex got it from.


welestgw t1_jaevhh0 wrote

Reminds me of Return to Zork.


krazykz420 t1_jaf0h96 wrote

Such a fun and odd game