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So I just played the new deadapace and didn't enjoy it mainly because it just felt like playing a worse, version of the firsy game. Maybe it nostalga but I don't think so. Now overal I don't think it was a bad remake quite good actually in terms of quality. I honestly i just felt I should have replayed the original it would have been a more enjoyable experience. Because itvwas really really good quality. wrighting, level design, ui, so scary too. So basically if a game was good why remake it? Would it be the same as remaking the lord of the rings films because its nearly 25yrs old and we have new technology ?



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ConceptualizedPotato t1_jac3rqm wrote

remakes have a purpose and they're quite acceptable in most cases


Manjorno316 t1_jac90si wrote

Nah I never would have gotten around to playing it if it wasn't for the remake. Same with the Resident Evil remakes. Was never interested in getting into the franchise because I couldn't be bothered playing the older games. Remakes fixed that and made me a fan that has since checked out the originals.


AxidentalJeepBuilder t1_jac3tap wrote

I'm not against remakes, as they bring back the old gold stuff, (also remasters which I prefer more), but indeed they are getting a bit unpleasant for the "older" players such as you or me. My opinion is, that they should make more like that (and by the original team, not rip-offs or copies/clones, however rip-offs, copies/clones can be good too (such as Outlive or Atrox)), and not other stuff.
The remakes and remasters though, profit more than the original, because "this advanced" civilization of today can't appreciate the effort thanks to "AAA GaMeS".


Anarchyok OP t1_jac48p5 wrote

I'm not against them either, I do feel where starting to become saturated with remakes in film and gaming media. Due to profit rather than lets say the desire to make a better product not that this is always the case. Also Is it stopping orinality and good new games from coming through?


Sabetha1183 t1_jac2jfu wrote

At some point, Lord of the Rings will probably be remade too.

Really though there's not much need for remakes/remasters to stop. They sell well enough cause people enjoy them. If it seems pointless to you and you feel like you might as well just play the original, that's always an option available to you.


Anarchyok OP t1_jac2u3p wrote

Absolutely it is, But what about all the people that miss out on the original? I agree there's money to be made so it will continue.


Sabetha1183 t1_jac3f1w wrote

It's not as though the originals are gone. If somebody wants to try it they still can.

If somebody decides to not play the original cause a remake exists, that's really up to them.


Anarchyok OP t1_jac3lt0 wrote

Do u think then in the title it should be labelled as a remake, maybe so that young people who may not know that its not the original??


Sabetha1183 t1_jac4e5o wrote

It's one of those things that wouldn't hurt, but I'm not terribly bothered by them not being labelled as such. It seems like the kind of thing you should find out about just from hearing about the game online anyway.


Anarchyok OP t1_jac4y71 wrote

I'm thinking more that in time once discussion and hype are gone it may not be apparent that these are even remakes to some And therefore that could have impact on a new generation of gamers.


Sabetha1183 t1_jadpnuy wrote

Even if you Google RE3 right now you get several mentions that it's a remake/reimagining before you've even clicked on anything.

If somebody in the future refuses to look up any information on a game before they buy it and are unaware that it's a remake as a result, that's not something I really see as a big deal.


Anarchyok OP t1_jadrhyp wrote

Yeah I'm not worried either just but I think it would be a good thing to see something in the title the indicates its a remake no harm and little effort required


ChorkPorch t1_jac38lw wrote

Dead space remake seemed redundant. I never played the games but always wanted to, which leads me to ask, should I play the remake or just play the first one for free on game pass? The trailer footage showed me that the original version looks like it holds up quite well so why the remake? I think for some games it works, like RE2 which was a perfect remake. Dead space could’ve waited another 10 years if at all. Pull some remakes on games from the GameCube/ps2 era or before. I’d be much more on board with that


Accomplished-Ad-3172 t1_jac4euy wrote

If you have the money then I'd say go for the remake. It has better and more modern controls, brand new systems that make the world more immersive, better story changes (in my opinion), changes to the weapons that are also in my opinion better than the OG, the Ishimura is now fully explorable and is no longer fully linear, and they fixed the most tedious portions of the OG.


ChorkPorch t1_jac5ans wrote

That is very reassuring. Lots of mixed reviews, glad to hear some good experiences with it


Anarchyok OP t1_jac3eg3 wrote

Play the original its really good. I actually watched someone play og ps1 tomb raider that would make for a good remake old era games that I don't have access to play now I would support.


djr7 t1_jaerffc wrote

good thing you aren't in their business dept. because it's been a massive success and no one is complaining that we got it too soon (14+ years)


RazarusMaximus t1_jacbe5g wrote

I personally see remakes and remasters as games developed not for the players of the original but for the millions of people that have become gamers between their launches.

There is a crazy crazy amount of gamers that will only buy new, backward compatibility means so little to (probably) the majority of game players (not ''gamers'' as such)

Giving the new generation of gamers a quality game is not a negative, I personally have never and never will buy a remaster on the same format that I played the original. but if it can give me the same experience I felt 'back then' in a different environment, I'm all for it.

I also really like that my grandkids can play some of my best gaming moments at the same level of technology advancement for its time that I had. In the sense of I said 30 years ago 'wow this looks so real' and my memories remain of the games looking life like while in reality its block pixelated crap compared to today, where they will play and say 'wow this looks so real'


Anarchyok OP t1_jacct4c wrote

thats is a real big positive. maybe in time with more being made a balance can be found that will acomadate new players and previous player.


PulutAYAM5834 t1_jacby6r wrote

I like some of the remakes but it does makes me feel like AAA devs are scared to come up with something fresh sometimes.


bonecollector5 t1_jacbzy4 wrote

The deadspace remake is superior in almost every way. If it felt worse then the original to you then I urge you to replay the original and break the nostalgia googles. Or maybe this second playthrough of the story just wasn't as impactfull to you since you might still remember the plot/scary stuff

However with that being said. The original has still aged pretty well and is still very enjoyable. So yeah this wasn't exactly a game that needed a remake.


Anarchyok OP t1_jacc70e wrote

Yeah I do plan on playing it at some point, its not without its flaws but I think they where fixed in the second one anyway


Game_It_All_On_Me t1_jacg7vb wrote

I'd say there are definitely cases where remakes are justified. While the RE 2 and 3 remakes missed some opportunities, it offered people a fresh, modern way in which to experience those stories.

I'd also like to see more remakes of games that had good ideas, but were let down by the overall gameplay (looking at you, Silent Hill 4). Of course, the fact that these were generally less successful the first time round makes them a harder sell, which is a shame.


Martipar t1_jacnpsg wrote

No. They should stop remaking certain games that don't need it but generally there's at least 20 games that need a remake. All the SSI games from the 1980s, all the Origin RPGs, Nightmare Creatures 1&2, all the Syphon Filter games, GTA VCS and LCS would benefit from an updated PC port, all the WW2 era Medal of Honour games and I'm sure i could think of more without trouble.


Ashtastick t1_jacohs5 wrote

most remakes are just cash grabs and a way to make people pay for the same product a more expensive price.

Its a trend going on for a few years not just in gaming but also with series and movies since apparently nobody got new ideas and they just reboot and remake the good old stuff.


I never pre-order specially remakes cause they also got a trend of being worse than the original (warcraft 3, gta trillogy to name a few)


However some of them can be done correctly and they offer an amazing way to experience the old game on a new PC (crash bandicoot, diablo 2 ressurected, spyro)


I think remakes arent bad, as long as they actually make an effort and stay true to the fanbase and the gameplay experience that the old game provides.

Making a reboot in a short amount of time for a cash grab doesnt give good results


RuyKnight t1_jadnd2n wrote

There are a lot of good videogame remakes so...nop


djr7 t1_jaer4w3 wrote

how you personally feel is kinda irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

why remake a 14 year old game from a literally "dead" franchise? It's pretty obvious, a remake brings in NEW fans and hardcore fans alike to reinvigorate the franchise in hopes of continuing the series. Also the fact that the original game is like 14 years old and the remake is fantastic.


Anarchyok OP t1_jaerjcg wrote

Yeah how I feel is irrelevant but I wanted generate a discussion about it so I could gain a wider view


Supertho t1_jac4avf wrote

Yes. Most of the games worth playing on PS 5 are just remakes of games from PS2. It has stagnated the industry.