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SaiyajinPrime t1_ja4p0sj wrote

New Vegas is definitely the better story but Fallout 4 has better gameplay.


SeedsOfEssence OP t1_ja4pu79 wrote

Story or gameplay? Damn


Sycokinetic t1_ja4vo0u wrote

It’s worth mentioning that FNV’s gameplay is good. Just older.


ccbayes t1_ja4x4cq wrote

Fallout 4 is more FPS with some RP type stuff. NV is mostly RP and game skill based with FPS. Fallout 4 is more based on how you shoot or do melee vs the skill based system that helps you out. NV is great, I have a total of 800 hours in that, but in Fallout 4 I have 2300 or so. I have played all the fallout games. 4 to me is best as the story is good, lots and lots of unique side quests. Factions almost demand an additional replay as they do offer different quests and equipmnt. Fallout 4 also has base buiding and such. With all the DLCs (not free) and the 4K texture pack (free) it is good for at least 200 hours of gameplay. Lots of companions to fit your style.


Das_Panzer_ t1_ja53p6m wrote

I can't play any other fallout other than 4, NV just seems like a precursor to the borderlands type of comedy game and it takes me out the vibe of what I feel is suppose to be. I have tried 3 and NV but both just seem meh to me.


ccbayes t1_ja540xe wrote

Yeah the old Fallout 3 an NV team were more into the silly, 4 has some funny but not some of the off the wall shit NV did with some stuff. lol


chaingun_samurai t1_ja55fwj wrote

You know what's not funny? Cazadors.


ccbayes t1_ja585u1 wrote

Makes Deathclaws run away. Fuck those things. 4 or more and it is 99% game over. I remember my first fight with them, "WTF how did I die?!" reload and then "Oh shit that is a lot of poison damage! There are 4 of them! Nope." Then run away. As soon as a quest marker when close, nope. Building with them inside = dead. Power armor was like wet paper to them. lol


chaingun_samurai t1_ja58ust wrote

Right? The first time I saw them, it's like "No big deal." Two seconds later? Dead.
I would 100% rather walk into deathclaw canyon with a pistol than deal with cazadors.


235482md t1_ja5nduu wrote

Eh, it was good at the time but it is really hard to play a game as dated as new Vegas honestly. Such a class story so it is ashame, but the gameplay itself wasn't anything special at the time and is really not good if your standards are inline with modern day gaming. A remaster would do wonder for FO3 & New Vegas but who knows if that will ever happen


Flanelman2 t1_ja686ai wrote

It was even kinda dated on release, graphically at least. Amazing game though I remember getting it for Christmas.


LostTrisolarin t1_ja52apx wrote

FNV is a first person RPG with guns. Fallout 4 is a fallout FPS with RPG elements. I’ve been a big fan since the original on Pc.


mistercloob t1_ja51ajd wrote

Is this a serious question? Because it’s New Vegas and it isn’t even remotely close. The writing in Fallout 4 is legitimately not good.


wh4tth3huh t1_ja55ee8 wrote

Right? The whole story twist was exceedingly obvious, the backbone of the story was dull and cliche, and the only character with any real development or merit was Nick Valentine. The most human character in the game is a goddamn robot.


johnhughthom t1_ja4x0xc wrote

For me Fallout 4 is the closest game to my rebuilding the world after an apocalypse fantasy. Story comes second to a big sandbox where I can build my settlements and roleplay a big connected new society.

If you want an enjoyable story, New Vegas knocks Fallout 4 out of the park, then scores a touchdown with it's twitching corpse.

Gunplay is far superior on Fallout 4.


VulkanTheDragon t1_ja4o82c wrote

I think in general FNV’s story is better, but that’s not to say that Fallout 4 didn’t have some great story moments as well.


johnhughthom t1_ja4wba3 wrote

Really? Fallout 4 is easily my most played game of the last decade, but I can't think if any great story moments. Passable is about as good as it gets.


ccbayes t1_ja4xtx2 wrote

Most of the good story quests are faction related. BOS has a few good, so does the Railroad. Instutitue and Minutemen also have some good story questions. The DLC stories also have a few really cool missions. I have 2300 hours, bought it day one, still play it at least once a week for a few hours. Mods really can help out areas that are lacking. I spent 800 hours without mods, I think I have 50 mods now. Some add a lot to the story and adapt it. I love Fallout 4 as you can also make your own fun, ignore the story and just to walk around. Plenty of unique location quests.


johnhughthom t1_ja4ydk7 wrote

Bethesda's best storytelling doesn't come in quests. It's the environmental storytelling where you go into a building and what happened is told in notes, terminals, skeletons and other items.

A game where Bethesda created a world and Obsidian wrote the stories would be perfection.


ccbayes t1_ja52d5t wrote

I agree 100%. Some of the best is the story you discover in locations throughout the enemies there logs and notes. Same with set pieces. No dialogue but it says a lot.


VulkanTheDragon t1_ja4xbss wrote

To each their own, but for me, meeting Nick, killing Kellog, the BOS showing up are some pretty cool story moments in my opinion


johnhughthom t1_ja4xr98 wrote

BoS arrival, I'll give you that one. Especially at night. In a radstorm. Epic.

It's not really a story element though, it's more nailing the execution of a set piece. I usually hold off the arrival because crashing vertibirds gets old fast.


chaingun_samurai t1_ja55qj2 wrote

Story moments, no; but FO4 has some of the most haunting elements in the series. The underground train car in particular.


SeedsOfEssence OP t1_ja5zwbw wrote

Anyone know how much dlc there is? I can get the ultimate edition for $7.50 or regular game for $2.50


Long_Last_8921 t1_ja4uqq6 wrote

New Vegas by a long shot. FO4 has cleaner gunplay mechanics, but that doesn't come close to making up for the shite story. FO4 is most fun played as a dungeon crawling, shooter-looter. I put well over 100 hours in, doing basically just that. But they fucked the RPG elements hardcore in it--less dialogue options, less range to define your character, just less of everything RPG.


NaturalNines t1_ja4qjqd wrote

Fallout 4's story is just absurd. "Oh my infant child has been kidnapped by the man who murdered my wife... hey I wonder what's over here? Oooo I'm gonna build a settlement!"

And then when the Institute was clearly the best option they had to throw in a "Uh.. oh... well they kidnap and torture people!"


SeedsOfEssence OP t1_ja4qwe7 wrote

Getting conflicting reports here, I might go with nv


NaturalNines t1_ja4tjc6 wrote

If you're looking to play a generic shooter and not give a shit about anything else, then 4 is a fine game. If you're looking for an actual RPG then 4 is not acceptable.


SeedsOfEssence OP t1_ja4tsc5 wrote

Ok, not looking for just shooter.


NaturalNines t1_ja4unf7 wrote

Then you want NV. NV has a layered stat, skill, and perk system that allows you to customize your character's stats and skills and allows you to solve problems by applying those skills, even skills like Science, Medicine, and Repair can be solutions if your character has the skill.

4 mashed everything into this singular grid.

NV's layered system allows you to use different weapons based on your stats. A strong gun user could use heavier weapons like a LMG whereas a weak character can only use the smaller without penalty.

4 was just picking pistols, heavy weapons, semi-auto rifles and auto-rifles. Yes, they split up long guns by semi or automatic, and there's almost no benefit to training in multiple weapon types. So if you wanted to snipe you're using semi-auto long guns for the entire game. Honestly it's not even that good of a shooter, but it's a giant sandbox so people make excuses for it.


I_am_INTJ t1_ja4qnf5 wrote

If you love the Bethesda style of storytelling then you may prefer FO4, but if you want something a little different than that you will be happy with FNV.

No reason not to get both, especially since FNV goes on sale very cheap often.


CarcosaJuggalo t1_ja4pkdj wrote

New Vegas had the better story. It was also made by some of the same devs that worked on Fallout 2. NV is closer to Fallout 3 than Fallout 3 was, the true sequel.


Robu-san t1_ja4qfi8 wrote

I'm probably in the minority in this, but I liked Fallout 4's story. There's a pretty big wtf moment in the middle of it that changes the entire mood for the rest of the game.


parttime20xx t1_ja61kyf wrote

I'm with you. My playthrough of NV got completely derailed by Boone shooting every member of the Legion we saw until I was overrun every five minutes by a new death squad.

Fallout 4 wasn't a masterpiece, but it was a good story. And when I found the Railroad it really started to click for me.


GladiusLegis t1_ja52967 wrote

New Vegas's story is fantastic and Fallout 4's is utter shit.


ElahaSanctaSedes777 t1_ja4nw66 wrote

Having the main Illuminati cellar dweller science man be your son was a little bit dumb in F04


jaansa85 t1_ja4yh54 wrote

New Vegas is the best FO game with the first one. FO 4 is not a bad game but it is a horrible FO.


KhaosElement t1_ja53icd wrote

New Vegas and it isn't even remotely close.


chaingun_samurai t1_ja55bk1 wrote

FO4 is basically "The Search for Adhesive and Screws". Also, there's something in there about a kid.


Rut_Nasty2v t1_ja5hchq wrote

New Vegas as fuck by a country mile.


scipio0421 t1_ja5ikfp wrote

New Vegas for sure. I just plain stopped caring about the story of 4 not even halfway through. Never found Shaun.


OGGamer6 t1_ja5jqqr wrote

Vegas easily.


Flanelman2 t1_ja68ccc wrote

New Vegas' story is better, 4 is still good though and 4s gameplay mechanics are FAR superior to NV. I would suggest Fallout 4 just because it feels more up to par with more recent games but you can't go wrong with either, honestly.


Dynastic_Breeder t1_ja6unsf wrote

Fallout 4 is the worst trash in history. It should not even be called Fallout since its NOT a Fallout Game. Fallout is supposed to be a choice heavy RPG, Trashout 4 has neither.


No_Warthog_8546 t1_ja8p1qs wrote

Nope pf the fallout games have a good story every single one is a big fetch quest fallout shines in gameplay immersion and dialogue and writing


brian11e3 t1_ja50b79 wrote

FONV feels like a terribly written B movie with acting on par with PS1's Resident Evil. The map mostly one giant mono colored world with a LOT of empty space. It's RPG element is mediocre. It had one decent DLC.

My vote is for 4. It has better acting, better writing, and better utilizes the map.


smolgote t1_ja5191d wrote

New Vegas by a longshot but 4 imho has the better and more well written companions


FallenShadeslayer t1_ja58fek wrote

This is a karma farming post if I’ve ever seen one.


SeedsOfEssence OP t1_ja5kajh wrote

So like 85% of you say nv. I got to decide Xbox or PC. I think I own it already on xbox


LoSouLibra t1_ja4trs2 wrote

Fallout 4. Better characters and more fantastical concepts. Stronger motivations.


catptain-kdar t1_ja4yfrj wrote

Not one character in 4 is better than any in nv. And regards to story it’s just a swap of fallout 3


LoSouLibra t1_ja55td2 wrote

Every character is better. There's absolutely nothing good about New Vegas.


catptain-kdar t1_ja57in2 wrote

I just can’t agree with that not when nv has Boone and Veronica, lily, raoul, victor, Mr house, the king, Rex, I could go on


That-Soup3492 t1_ja4x8va wrote

... It's not really a contest. New Vegas' story is better by miles. Bethesda just can't help themselves with writing stories that don't fit their gameplay for some reason.

I'll give them this, Fallout 4 has a slightly more interesting and dynamic story than 3 did.