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In the sense of making stuff and so on, building, exploration and world generation.

Mojang has threatened mod authors into shutting down mods they don't like, even if they don't break laws. Some due to gore and some due to things like beer or alcohol references. Servers have been blacklisted in attempts to shut down some mods.

Yet servers with school shooter or religious suicide bomber content never get banned. God forbid some realistic gore or beer and vodka brewing.

There's quite a bunch and many people would like an alternative where you are free to choose what to play and who you want to play with.

I do not know if Hytale would count at all because I don't think it was implied whether it could be like Skyrim.



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Bananaslamma24 t1_ja8mfbn wrote

That would just be Minecraft


[deleted] OP t1_ja8ndev wrote

Why does Mojang blacklist servers with mods they want to shut down mods then though?


Mojokojo t1_ja8m3m6 wrote

Hytale. It is implied to be way beyond anything Skyrim in terms of modding, modding accessibility, and incorporation of user made mods.


underprivlidged t1_ja8n17f wrote

Except Mojang can't stop mods from being made. At all.

Just use whatever mods you like. Boom. Done. Mission accomplished.


[deleted] OP t1_ja8n5z6 wrote

They blacklist servers to stop mods they don't like from being used. It happened to quite a couple.

Like servers found with any mod they want taken down get blacklisted.

Just make requirements to access like Roblox is doing right now?


underprivlidged t1_ja8nhr6 wrote


Dude. Mods aren't sever dependant. You can play them all locally or with friends. If you're playing with something deemed inappropriate, taking it to a public online server is obviously a stupid idea.


[deleted] OP t1_ja8npv3 wrote

But where is the line drawn? It happened to a beer making mod and servers using it as mentioned. Also why do they allow other content that other games might consider 'inappropriate' but just not certain ones, why not ban all of it then?

They don't ban servers where you can shoot children in a school with guns or where you can basically be a suicide bomber but they ban stuff like beer and gore? There are even literal nsfw servers up which they are implied to know about but those never get banned, just vodka brewing and stuff they consider personally offends them.

Also why not put disclaimers on servers or make people need some sort of requirement then instead of blacklisting? Also I don't see how virtual beer is 'inappropriate' or gore?

Roblox has taken steps to this but mojang just bans.


underprivlidged t1_ja8o4c9 wrote

"Where is the line drawn"? Where ever Microsoft/Mojang wants. They own the IP.

So, once again, don't use inappropriate mods in public servers.

Bethesda hosts mods for consoles for Skyrim and Fallout 4. Neither allow things they deem inappropriate. Treat a public server the exact same way.

Know why? Because public servers are PUBLIC. They don't want a kid hopping onto their children's game and seeing anime tiddies brewing beer inside a horse's nutsack.


[deleted] OP t1_ja8oajf wrote

Just make some servers require ID to use then like Roblox is already doing for some gore content?

So what game does this?

Also howcome servers with religious suicide bomber or school shooter references never get banned?

There are even servers with blatant nsfw content of other kinds which they are implied to have knowledge of that never get banned either. Like they just have to pick and choose particular ones which are not necessarily any worse than all the stuff they already allow like some realistic gore or vodka brewing and hangovers?


underprivlidged t1_ja8of5x wrote

They could. But this is Microsoft we are talking about. Not gonna happen.

You want to play - you play by their rules. It's unfortunately that simple.


[deleted] OP t1_ja8okgx wrote

Exactly, so then what is a good alternative game by someone who does or will do this for people? Hence the question.

There is alot of money to be made here and Microsoft not taking it provides opportunity for somebody else to cash in. Could earn quite alot.


underprivlidged t1_ja8oq0u wrote

There is none.

Either play Minecraft on private servers, which literally does exactly what you want. Or play Fallout/Elder Scrolls by yourself.


MajinBuuMan t1_ja8pa94 wrote

S.T.A.L.K.E.R has a dedicated modding community. There's even multiple full game overhauls with AI improvements and everything.

Hoping STALKER 2 later this year has the same capabilities.

Not multiplayer tho.


Raz1253 t1_ja8saxj wrote

Terraria nuff said


tehDustyWizard t1_ja91hw5 wrote

Just use your own server? They cant/won't stop mods on private servers. Edgy stuff, even specific edgy stuff has been banned on public videogame servers since videogame mods began. Likewise, people have complained that their edgy stuff has been banned on a public server forever as well. "Moderators banned my sex/drugs/gore mod" is a tale as old as time.


kittenzrulz123 t1_jab9kva wrote

Hytale looks cool but the release isn't remotely near and it's significantly more of an RPG. So sorta Minecraft like while being completely distinct.