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Ahshalon_Tenisk t1_ja1eeaf wrote

i like looking at females

way more than i like looking at males

so if its an option



Illustrious-Duck1209 t1_ja1gd5y wrote

I do depending on the game and options.

I've never really seen the character as an in-game avatar projection of me.

I see them as a 3rd party that I'm simply controlling.

When there are no options (think Lara Croft or RDR2, where you're controlling the main character, you don't get a gender choice) I'm not upset because I have to play an off-gender.

In MMO's or things like Souls games - I'll create toons of both genders simply for variety.


JSRDC t1_ja1gquf wrote

Yeah me too. The look of the character and equipment has alot to do with it. I’ve notice that for me anyways alot of the more modern games that give you a choice the female characters have better options.


Illustrious-Duck1209 t1_ja1haao wrote

Elden Ring is funny specifically to me as options are equal for both but you end up spending most of your time completely covered in armor so the Avatar underneath is pointless lol


Excellent_Routine589 t1_ja1g1ly wrote

Only one series comes to mind, Mass Effect

Hale (FemShep) just played the role so much better IMO

Also, because Samantha is genuinely best girl and let it be known that the Normandy was saved by a toothbrush


VengefulTick t1_ja1wfwy wrote

Now I wanna play again as a fem-Shep. I have to know, Sonicare, or Oral-b. Haha


eat_like_snake t1_ja1flzo wrote

The gender of my MC is irrelevant.
If there's an option between male/female, I'll pick whichever has the clothing options I like the best.


lilpotatospud21 t1_ja1i15e wrote

Not a guy,I just wanna say that I am surprised.I mean yeah,I know some guys only pick the female because they like to stare at her (seen enough screenshots posted online from games to be disgusted) but I am surprised some people actually look at the design when they pick the character.When I was a kid being a female was a huge no,even if they didn't gave you stats or something.All the guys around me were saying how the female character is "weaker" and that they shouldn't even be used as options in games cause "who wants a weak character?"


JSRDC t1_ja1j6oh wrote

Hey if the design is better I’m not one to deny it.


qdolan t1_ja1ij9n wrote

Yes. If I am going to be staring at my characters from behind for 100 hours to finish the game I’m going to choose one that looks visually pleasing to me. Which in my case is female.


aaronite t1_ja1fwvs wrote

If I have the choice that's what I pick every time.


Austin_Chaos t1_ja1h531 wrote

I pretty much exclusively play female characters if possible, but it also depends a lot on costume design.


ResidentPast9518 t1_ja1hcuc wrote

Brace yourselfs '' ass comments" are coming.


WatchingTaintDry69 t1_ja1nraw wrote

The only games this could ever apply to would be Metal Gear and Neir Automata.


joogiee t1_ja1ihvk wrote

Male characters tend to be overly buff up top and skinny legs. I hated using them because in games like WoW the armor just didnt look as cool as on the female characters who had more normal looking proportions.


awlawall t1_ja1faa9 wrote

If it’s an option, always. My animal crossing character is non-binary though. More fashion


PoPfoLkz t1_ja1hpnp wrote

I always play the female character


VisualMemoryUnit t1_ja1j9ih wrote

Karin Kanzuki from Street Fighter is one of my favorite characters to play


JSRDC t1_ja1jh95 wrote

Chun Li for me she’s a beast.


Fodder01 t1_ja1fl85 wrote

Respect my in game pronouns, I identify as he/looks at she


Thulcandra-native t1_ja1hfe0 wrote

Definitely, in games with character creation I like to make mine a woman, and games like dishonored 2 I always play as Emily


DudestOfBros t1_ja1hw3b wrote

If the game/story is good, I don't fucking care.


Drag0928 t1_ja1i8jg wrote

I do an equal mix of male and female


Celtic_Crown t1_ja1jbx7 wrote

Recently I've been playing with female avatars, and I've enjoyed it, but mostly because it's not just me as a self-insert. Not to knock myself but I look kinda.... average. XD If I ever play an RPG that gives me non-human options I'd likely pick one of those for my character.


Rogue_Like t1_ja1mcyd wrote

I almost exclusively play women. I'm a man, I get enough manly things in my real life.


SyruplessWaffles t1_ja1ms9d wrote

Metal gear solid 5. Nothing funnier than watching a girl 5 punch combo a dude while in a swimsuit


WatchingTaintDry69 t1_ja1nh2x wrote

Depends on the game and the characters. If it’s a game where you create a character it depends on which model looks better as well as their animations. Ultimately, no one cares what gender you play as.


movieomega t1_ja1q5dg wrote

it’s a non factor for me. But i do enjoy the change!


PsyFi_ZA t1_ja1riwe wrote


If the voice actor is better then I go with that, like Cyberpunk and Mass Effect.

If I'm trying to role play a certain character then I will go with whatever the character I need to be for that.


brian11e3 t1_ja1sxei wrote

I am secure enough in my masculinity to play both male and female characters.


pfcpartsz t1_ja1udd4 wrote

Growing up there wasn’t a lot of strong women game protagonists outside Samus. It was always the Arnold, stallone, or beihn types.

If I could create a character, I’d always create either a blonde modeled after Valeria from the Conan movie or a redhead like from the red Sonia film. I always thought they were two incredible badasses. Most of my souls characters through the years were either Valeria or Sonias lol. When bioware made femshep, it was almost a perfect clone of my created character lol.

I’m just tired of playing the same generic Isaac Clark type characters.


huggybear0132 t1_ja1v6m1 wrote

100% and honestly it's because the writing is (sometimes) less cringey and fanservicey. How an RPG is written if you choose to play as a woman is very telling and sometimes way better


cornflake2448 t1_ja1hr89 wrote

All my custom characters are eyes...and all have the same name of Lita


meagherj t1_ja1hwz4 wrote

I always play a girl whenever possible. Always have.


S4ntos19 t1_ja1ij38 wrote

Look, in third-person games, if I'm going to be staring at someone's ass, it might as well be a hot girl.


ElectronicControl762 t1_ja2230t wrote

This happens to me in assassins creed odyssey, every time i go swimming regret my decision.


of_mice_and_nick t1_ja1jwdc wrote

I’m a guy in real life so anytime I can pick a girl in a game I pick a girl. Plus I find clothes in games look cooler on girls imo.


himynameisyoda t1_ja26h6q wrote

female characters have always looked cooler to me since they are slim and agile, plus the added not so common in irl (it is common in media) enjoyment factor is a thing.

female characters in the end are always loved or seen as 'badass' when they also fight. yuroichi from bleach is an example, aqua from kingdom hearts.

for fighting games the agile ones are usually the female characters. I have mostly picked female characters in fighting games.

I never create a female character though unless forced.