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notsureifxml t1_jaa7vb3 wrote

Pc players perpetually waiting to get a new gpu


andytheape t1_jaase7t wrote

PC games are so cheap I buy more before I finish what I'm currently playing.


bedake t1_jabdfra wrote

You actually play your games? I just buy anything 75% off or more on steam and then never play them.


andytheape t1_jabfit7 wrote

About 350/1000 played/owned. Humble bundles are the main culprit


raskolnikov_ua t1_jac5llq wrote

Works well on archaic gtx970 in full hd with upscale to 4k. And looks better than on console.


notsureifxml t1_jacd0u4 wrote

thats actually exactly how I played it, and even finished the epilogue :D


RandomBananaHamac t1_jacah4m wrote

My man, prepare to get down voted to oblivion by the hive mind. I am paying my respects to you.


WanderlustFella t1_jad5bgs wrote

pc players are easily distracted by.....oh what's that shiny thing


SaltyShawarma t1_jaao6wb wrote

I finished the first mission. Controls felt awful and I just wanted to get open world. Never went back.


Immolant t1_jabq0a6 wrote

You're getting downvoted but the controls being awful is legitimate criticism. The gameplay definitely doesn't feel too great in itself.

Gamers can't take it when their precious gem is being criticized for its obvious flaws. People are allowed to have different priorities and no one has to force themselves through a great story when they just don't enjoy the game behind it.


Signal-Morning7669 t1_jabsyqs wrote

I think one of the worse decisions made during development was to set the first part of the game in the snow.

Movement is difficult and it makes the intro overlong and it doesn't show you the great vistas and open world that you expect.


MatsThyWit t1_jaawmvl wrote

>I finished the first mission.

I started the game after not really being that big a fan of the first wagon wheel broke and I fixed it and then I ended up lazily flopping my wagon over and I just gave up.


Zomgreddit1 t1_jaat9pq wrote

Crazy to me people buy games and don't finish them especially a full priced one


Mickl193 t1_jabquso wrote

I'm one of them, most games just can't keep me involved/interested until the story finishes (rdr2 was so fcking slow paced). there comes a period where I don't have time for let's say a week to play and I never come back, simple as that. And when it comes to money fortunately I'm in situation where buying a game a month or so is irrelevant to the state of my finances.


DoeCommaJohn t1_jacj1zi wrote

I started RDR2 but dropped it because I wasn’t having fun. It was on my roommate’s PlayStation, but I’d still rather lose 60 bucks than play a game for 30 hours that I don’t like


fkcd t1_jac9l9c wrote

I wanna see and do everything a game has to offer that usually means I’ll burn out before it’s finished


TheSchneid t1_jacrdwt wrote

Yeah, games are just too long these days in my opinion. I was having such a good time with Spider-Man, knocking every little thing off the map and then I finally got to some late game thing where it added like 30 more points of interest to my map and I was just like no fucking way, I turned it off and haven't touched it since.


SephithDarknesse t1_jacvwbv wrote

Thats likely why steam is much lower. Its very likely those people havent paid full price.


Barker_Glazier t1_jadcimi wrote

Even crazier that a disturbing amount of people didn’t even finish the first chapter


TheStevesie t1_jad3s2g wrote

My time is worth more than the few dollars a game costs. If I'm not into it, I'm not into.

PC gamers probably have higher standards and therefore get bored of this game faster. My experience anyways.


Mountain-Humor1699 t1_jac8ipg wrote

This might be off due to people restarting post completion and stopping at a chapter (camp)


BornSirius t1_jacbhde wrote

That isn't how that works. Those statistics are per unit sold, not per started playthrough. If your account completed a step once, your copy counts towards "completed".


Mountain-Humor1699 t1_jacbwj1 wrote

It doesn't state that anywhere.


Natural-Seesaw-9450 t1_jacev8v wrote

The OP made a comment said he used achievement data, you obviously can't get a achievement twice


BornSirius t1_jacl5oi wrote

It states it uses achievement data and that is how achievement data works.


Mountain-Humor1699 t1_jaclgti wrote

nope sorry, it doesn't. Only story completion percentage.


BornSirius t1_jacmo1m wrote

That statement was in a seperate comment so I don't fault you for ignoring it, but "story completion percentage" can only be "achievement data" anyways due to factors stated here:


OkCrantropical t1_jacee43 wrote

That makes absolutely no sense. These statistics are about chapters, which has nothing to do with per units sold. You can’t gauge which chapters people get through based on how many units you sell. There’s zero correlation.


BornSirius t1_jackn4w wrote

Let me walk you through the steps that are the default in the industry:

1.) A steam account (or PS or xbox account) purchases a copy of a game.

2.) If that account at any time fulfills the condition for an achievement (like finishing chapter 1), that account sets a flag that it has reached that milestone.

3.) you divide the amount of flags by the number of copies sold.

That is it. That is how you correlate copies sold to the chapters that are finished. While it does not you an idea how many people finished the chapters, you do know how many copies have reached a certain progress.

You could write a custom reporting tool that tells rockstar when a new campaign starts and how it is going, but there simply isn't a reason to assume rockstar did this, especially since that would require you to be always online.


QuesoFresh t1_jaam5cj wrote

It makes sense to me that Playstation players would be more likely to finish RDR2. Sony as a brand pushes their "epic", "mature" single-player experiences (Uncharted, TLOU, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon, etc). so it makes sense that their base would be more likely to finish a game like RDR2, because gamers whomst prefer those kinds of games would be more likely to own a Playstation.


AlternativeCondition t1_jac2pfh wrote

also it was released later on Steam so probably a lot of steam players already finished it on PS but bought it on Steam bc it was at discount


CaptainMorning t1_jaaxumb wrote

When i read this type of comments it feels you're talking to yourself


QuesoFresh t1_jab0fjr wrote

What's with people on the gaming subreddit being such massive twats for no reason?


Technology4Dummies t1_jabe6bv wrote

“Only a twat would write this”

In all seriousness though you’re right though lol


Bowko t1_jaa6adx wrote

All these people not finishing have only to blame themselves, for not finishing one of the greatest storys in gaming in recent years.


shottylaw t1_jaacd9d wrote

I'm one of those people. I tried multiple times. Beautiful scenery. I just can not get into it. It just feels like work when you have to push yourself to play a game


woyzeckspeas t1_jabc36j wrote

It's the most beautiful game to have ever stapled a generic crafting system onto an even more generic cover-based shooter and then try to hide its blandness under a colourful scarf of minigames.


MatsThyWit t1_jaawxru wrote

>I'm one of those people. I tried multiple times. Beautiful scenery. I just can not get into it. It just feels like work when you have to push yourself to play a game

This is how I felt about the game each time I've tried to play it. I just get bored, and I get bored really fast. It's a beautiful looking game, and the world is incredibly impressive, I just find myself not having a whole lot of fun. It's just not a game for me.


Bowko t1_jaagmgx wrote

I admit you do have to like immersion, cause the overall gamepace is pretty slow.


Swift_42690 t1_jaadofu wrote

Agreed. One of the most beautiful games graphics wise and I loved the first red dead but I just can’t get into this one. Idk why, it’s just not doing it for me


Urist_Macnme t1_jaaqngc wrote

“There’s a pack of wolves attacking from the left!!! Now the right!!!! Now the left again!!!”

Off to a great start.


kerred t1_jaawgs6 wrote

This is common.

The earliest metric was GTA4 decades ago showing one day less than 40% of players got the achievement for the final mission on the 360.

The downside Metrics will tell executives to put the time and money on the first few missions and cut anything from the ending to ship it out.

You can tell a game is truly special when you get a good ending as that is pretty much giving up cost for entertainment.


Ferrule t1_jabys7d wrote

GTA4 was decades ago?

You almost made me think I was an ancient one for a minute 🤣


Binerexis t1_jabuli8 wrote

The mission structure got so annoying that playing it became a chore.


RandomBananaHamac t1_jace8rf wrote

I'd like to play the first game before the second one but it is a PlayStation exclusive so unfortunately I will not get into that franchise.


-NiMa- OP t1_jaa5y25 wrote

I was researching how many users finish the game they buy. Here is the completion status data for Red Dead Redemption 2, four years after release! I gathered data using public game trophy/achievement data.

Overall based on few games I looked at, PlayStation users have the height percentage of game completion and Steam users have the lowest percentage of game completion.


RazarusMaximus t1_jac77zs wrote

>I was researching how many users finish the game they buy.

RDR2 was included on Xbox Gamepass for several months, I like many took the opportunity to try out a game I wasn't much interested in and would never buy, only to find that I was right about my feelings, incredibly beautiful well crafted fantastic game, that just wasn't for me.

Nice statistics though, and an enjoyable graph to read. Cheers.


notsureifxml t1_jaa89px wrote

This one would be especially interesting to see completion vs playtime. Once you reach chapter 2 the world opens up and you could play for 100 hours without completing another story mission!

(Actually do you even need to finish chapter 1?)


MatsThyWit t1_jaay2xm wrote

>This one would be especially interesting to see completion vs playtime.

agreed. This is one of those situations where the game is so massive there might just be a lot of people who get caught up doing whatever they feel like doing and never really progress the main story forward. I know that I'm that way with Skyrim. I've never once completed the story for Skyrim on any platform, ever, but I've sunk about 100 hours into it on Steam.


BuckaroooBanzai t1_jaalp9i wrote

I refunded red dead 2 after playing it up until you made your camp/town thing and you can go into the nearest town. I remember my main reason was that I just did not like the movement style.


Objective-Lime-546 t1_jacktz4 wrote

The only game I haven’t completed in the last ten years. So dull


WhiteSekiroBoy t1_jaac38t wrote

I'm in 53.46 on playstation. Played on release and all the animations just took way too long to finish. Especially looting bodies, ugh...


ConfusedConnect t1_jab27he wrote

That seems bout right. Steam has a crap ton more games. Sonys known for their single player story driven games while Xbox is not for its multiplayer functionality and features. Makes sense that PlayStation will have the highest completion rate


Starskysilvers t1_jab5syi wrote

More games sure, but games at RDR2s quality are rare on PC. I would argue, by the time RDR2 came out, PlayStation had more modern games (in the last 5 years) close to RDR2s level of quality than Steam had.


rell7thirty t1_jaadodt wrote

My PC bros, sisters, etc. What's going on? Game crashing or something? Not bragging but I finished it on PS4 and on PC, multiple times 😂


AIpheratz t1_jabh0y2 wrote

The ui and controls on pc are a disgrace, it's like rockstar have never used a mouse or keyboard. Plus the game is basically GTA with horses replacing cars with an overrated story.


thisisillegals t1_jaaicbn wrote

IT took me a long time to beat the game. I played probably 20% at a time before I would burn out.

Wonderful story, amazing landscapes and world. Just very very very long.

And as good as the story is, it can be very boring at times.


Tubbzs t1_jaagbvk wrote

A good 5% in the beginning is probably just people who figured they can't run the game, bringing the stats in line with the consoles. Otherwise... I feel like PC gamers are a much wider audience, with different preferences, because there's a wider variety of games available. Hence the final completion rate being lower even accounting for the 5% that quit right off the bat due to specs.


DrBombay3030 t1_jab3gz6 wrote

I played through it a couple times on PS4 on release, then bought it again on Steam when I saw it on sale. It's like Skyrim now. Boot it up like every year, mod it for 3 hours, play like 5-10%, stop. Repeat every year until the end of time.


Golemming t1_jac6fj8 wrote

It's boring. I will better replay Hollow Knight or something


nedransviking t1_jacl2i5 wrote

There are unfortunately very few games I play all the way to finish. I just get bored after a while. I used to like stories in games when I was younger, nowadays I'm too tired after work and taking care of my daughter to be interested. I just want to play in a huge sandbox, build stuff and mindlessly play around with physics.


singh853 t1_jabk1tu wrote

The consistency within the last 4 chapters is impressive. Once you reach the final stretch, you’re committed to finishing the ride.


AdskiyGamer t1_jabozip wrote

I just don’t have time for it. I’d better have a quick online game in shooter to relax a bit. Will be finished when I retire, I promise.


emilis1012 t1_jabu7gf wrote

This makes sense. The later chapters of the game really, really drag on, they're pretty much pointless. And many people purchase games on sales and then don't finish them. It's a pretty interesting phenomenon. When people get something for free or cheaper they value it way less and are likely to use or experience that thing at a much lesser extent. Most people on Steam probably got the game in a huge sale. As such, they don't value it as much and don't finish it.


YumaPrisoner310 t1_jaca7jc wrote

Not really, I would say the opposite, the earlier chapters are a lot more boring and this graph actually shows it, there’s a huge drop off in chapter 2 and chapter 3 which makes sense as 2 and the start of 3 are a drag imo. The later ones seem like more people keep playing.


emilis1012 t1_jacc6rm wrote

Eh, could be. Tbh I played the game a long long time ago. And, hot take incoming, I really don't like the game. It's just not for me. The game is a rollercoaster with very little player freedom. I hate when games are like this.


Nyktastik t1_jabyt9w wrote

This game took me about three years to finish. Thought it was too slow and the game felt one dimensional at first. Hated Arthur because he was just a "yes man." Glad I finally kept going back because it all set the stage for a remarkable story that really took me on a journey of character growth and exploration. I've never seen anything with so much splendor.


Affectionate-Past810 t1_jaa7cx7 wrote

Yeah, because it weeds out most players in the beginning.

After chapter 2 it pretty much maintains a steady player count. Showing those who stick with it- stick with it to the end.

Plus this is the same for pretty much every game.


ThisIsNotMyPornVideo t1_jaa7gsq wrote

I also play on the playsation.

i also wonder how many of those are people who refunded the game.


josenight t1_jaae3z1 wrote



ThisIsNotMyPornVideo t1_jaak68z wrote

In the chart, it says Playsation instead of PlayStation.

i also wondered how many people RDR2 and then refunded it after the first mission.


S4ntos19 t1_jaapmoq wrote

I spotted playing on Xbox cause I'd just play blackjack for hours.


Moneky16 t1_jaaqpnr wrote

I’m guess it corresponds to average selling price.


BillTheConqueror t1_jaav2gq wrote

This tracks. I beat the game on Xbox One X. Picked up the game on sale for PC and just played with the graphics when I upgraded my GPU. I keep saying someday I will do a playthrough on PC in first person mod with m/kb controls, but it's a really big time commitment for something I've already experienced, even at 80-100 FPS with all the bells and whistles.


[deleted] t1_jaawlip wrote



Qelop t1_jaccr8n wrote

There are plenty of 10 hour games. Not a lot of 30 hour games. And the game was a great success


hijro t1_jaax3e6 wrote

PC games are easy to mod, and sometimes when you mod a game, you stop earning achievements.


TimmyIo t1_jaay9hy wrote

This really frustrates me. Sure it was long but I felt the story (while somewhat repetitive) was really good and I played it twice.


Technology4Dummies t1_jabeepe wrote

That game was amazing! I might play it again soon! PSVR 2 has distracted me so far although!


vedomedo t1_jabvwyn wrote

Completed the game on console when it first came out, and played through like 2-3 chapters on pc afterwards. I'm guessing I'm not the only one.


vivz56 t1_jabwxfw wrote

People not finishing at least 1st mission, srsly.


Tambataja t1_jac352x wrote

Interesting the PS and Xbox numbers. Maybe because Xbox had Red Dead 2 in gamepass?


Maidwell t1_jac38mt wrote

It was also on gamepass for a while if I remember rightly. That would explain a bit of the discrepancy between playstation and Xbox users finishing the game.


Far_Asparagus1654 t1_jac87ns wrote

It's such a great game I am deliberately finishing it (very) slowly.


funk_freed t1_jacbbvn wrote

I am one of those steam players that didn't finish it. I heard the story and gameplay is good. However, there are too much mechanics for me it has the GTA & fallout 4 feels. Just didn't have time to understand and worry about a lot of it i.e. what clothes to wear, the settlement, eating food, hunting for craft etc.


Stein_um_Stein t1_jack78e wrote

Consoles probably have younger playerbase? I only finish games that are worth my limited time (haven't played this so don't know, but it's not my usual type).


cagingnicolas t1_jaco5i3 wrote

i don't know about other people, but whenever i play a game that really feels special, i procrastinate finishing it because i'm afraid i won't want to keep playing it when i'm done, so i just dick around and do side quests and collectibles, then a couple hundred hours later i'm sick of the gameplay and i just never finish the game. it seems to happen more with games that really immerse me than shallower games i don't get as attached to.
i'm working on it, but it's a habit i've noticed.

as for the difference between platforms, i assume steam sales are a factor, no idea why playstation and xbox are so different.


Glittering-Lie-1340 t1_jacvn2g wrote

Microsoft and steam are better at selling games to players who arent going to play them. Marketing win?


sohiales t1_jada66e wrote

How does one play chapter 7?


Lordcraft2000 t1_jadnm6c wrote

I don’t even own a Playsation 😆


Anora6666 t1_jadpirj wrote

I was in on this game until you really have to care about keeping things alive. I just don’t want crafting or survival in these games.


Dynastic_Breeder t1_jaeczxx wrote

These stats are incorrect. Steam does not track Achievements if you are Offline. Also Steam Achievement Numbers count people who never even started the Game.


Status-Working-3748 t1_jaeromb wrote

Take into account some pc gamers already finished it on one of the other platforms and therefore started on pc but didn't follow through that time since they already did finish it


Liebers87 t1_jaf0ql6 wrote

I am surprised that many people finished the first mission! After playing the first one, I was hyped but the pace was WAY too slow.


Jeberani t1_jaa72hg wrote

To me, finishing chapter 2 means I’ve had beaten the game.

Therefore, chapter 3 is”Epilogue”.


Viggocao t1_jaaoljx wrote

how did u get the data


DJPL-75 t1_jaar31e wrote

They misspelled Playstation


bobinette1954 t1_jabtk3b wrote

Gamers lost interest in the game because we knew that the main character was gonna die.


CaptainMorning t1_jaaxmsb wrote

I haven't get out that fucking long ass snow prologue. Probably will never do.


NaughtyPwny t1_jab74xh wrote

This will not get upvoted much because it paints PC players poorly.


brian11e3 t1_jaahr9m wrote

So what this tells me is that at least half the playerbase quit by act 3.

This game is supposed to be some kind of Magnum Opus. The fact that so many people got bored of it, not even halfway through, makes me chuckle. I finished it, but I had to force myself to do so after act 1.



QuesoFresh t1_jaakydp wrote

Most games never get finished. By that metric, there are no great games.


KingTrentyMcTedikins t1_jaamxsv wrote

“This tells me is that at least half the player base quit by act 3, yet this game is supposed to be some kind of magnum opus”

You’d be surprised to find out how many people don’t actually finish the games they play. It’s actually pretty common, and not a good metric to judge a games quality. Just go look at trophy/achievement data for other popular games. Its like this across the board.

For example: only 45% of players have the trophy for beating the final boss in god of war Ragnarok (one of the best reviewed games from last year, and PlayStations fastest selling exclusive ever).


brian11e3 t1_jaan6dh wrote

You might be surprised to find out that my judge of quality is not based on other people.


[deleted] t1_jaaro4u wrote



brian11e3 t1_jaavazj wrote

Judging by the replies, I'd say they do. People who don't care tend to ignore things and move along.


Neville_Lynwood t1_jaa785f wrote

More people on PC probably have a higher rate of performance issues due to weaker hardware, and probably have way too many games to distract them to fully focus on finishing one. Probably also using PC for all kinds of other stuff that's distracting.

I imagine it's easier to stay focused on finishing a game on a console since you're not really doing much else with the console. You sat down to play, so you're gonna play.