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QuesoFresh t1_jaam5cj wrote

It makes sense to me that Playstation players would be more likely to finish RDR2. Sony as a brand pushes their "epic", "mature" single-player experiences (Uncharted, TLOU, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon, etc). so it makes sense that their base would be more likely to finish a game like RDR2, because gamers whomst prefer those kinds of games would be more likely to own a Playstation.


AlternativeCondition t1_jac2pfh wrote

also it was released later on Steam so probably a lot of steam players already finished it on PS but bought it on Steam bc it was at discount


CaptainMorning t1_jaaxumb wrote

When i read this type of comments it feels you're talking to yourself


QuesoFresh t1_jab0fjr wrote

What's with people on the gaming subreddit being such massive twats for no reason?


Technology4Dummies t1_jabe6bv wrote

“Only a twat would write this”

In all seriousness though you’re right though lol