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twohedwlf t1_ja99knz wrote

I don't think Nintentdo has ever released anything on PC?


Siendra t1_ja9b22h wrote

They kind of did recently with Fatal Frame since they're a part owner of the IP.


TopCat0601 t1_ja99r2p wrote

The same reason they don't release any other games on PC, I suppose.


Jcslider52 t1_ja9bt5e wrote

Because a bunch of people paying $60 for it on PC will make less money than a bunch of people paying $400 + $60 for a console and the game


bobface222 t1_ja99yjj wrote

Because they don't need to. People buy Nintendo systems to play their games.

They have Fuck You money.


P4n0pticZ t1_ja99okb wrote

And less money because lots of people would lost the purpose to buy a switch


noxsanguinis t1_ja9a6eg wrote

Why whould they when you need to buy their consoles to play their games ?


great_auks t1_ja9a30r wrote

Nintendo thinks of games as a way to drive hardware sales, and they aren’t particularly motivated by popularity that way. Case in point: releasing remakes/remasters of older Zelda titles on the switch would basically print money and they don’t seem to care at all. They don’t sell PCs so why would they care about PC?


iMadrid11 t1_jaai5ef wrote

Nintendo has released mobile games for iOS and Androud. Mario Kart Tour, Super Mario and Pokemon Go for example


Room234 t1_ja9bkgu wrote

Nintendo will absolutely never port major first party games to other consoles aside from maybe some weird ports in China because it's a whole different animal. They're the Apple of video games. They value that closed ecosystem and they'll only give it up if the only other option is death as a company.

You think they'd make a lot of money selling PC ports? That's nothing compared to baiting people into buying a whole console and then getting them to buy *more* games.


_Pohaku_ t1_jaa2gxg wrote

The gulf between the latest gen Nintendo console and the latest gen other console or PC has grown exponentially wider over the last twenty years. The Switch will be the last Nintendo console that sells, because the world has now wised up to the fact that even that one (coughBOTW) Nintendo exclusive that really makes its console worth buying is so far behind the hundreds of other games outside of their ecosystem that it won’t work again.


DoeCommaJohn t1_ja9bouc wrote

They can make money from selling a console and a game instead of just a game. And, once you buy their console, you are more likely to buy their other games, or at least games on their consoles where they get a cut


ajerxs t1_ja9kcec wrote

Because they want you to buy the game AND the console. They don’t even bundle the games in with the special edition switches, they truly are min maxing our wallets


LucasD4 t1_ja9m3cv wrote

Heres the thing: I wont buy a console just for smash bros, same with a lot of people. I WOULD buy the game for $60, and so would a ton of other people. I think if they released the game on pc a few years after releasing the console, so for example lets say the switch released in 2017, they could release smash bros on pc a few years later, after everyone is done buying new switche.


ajerxs t1_ja9mtxw wrote

I hear you, and I’m sure there’s a pretty sizable group that would, but I think that group is still in the minority. Smash is one of those games that sells consoles for sure, and one person that buys a switch and smash makes up for a couple of people that would only buy their games multiplatform. I doubt they’ll start dropping their IP on anything but their own consoles and mobile for a long while yet.


King_D3D3D3 t1_ja9nf0l wrote

The switch is 5 years old and is still selling more consoles yearly than the brand new gen that released just 2 years ago. It is the 3rd highest selling console of all time and is merely 30 million away from being number 1.


jc726 t1_jaaykiq wrote

There are 120 million Switches on the market. Smash Ultimate is a 30 million seller, far and away the best-selling fighting game of time.

There are plenty of people who will buy the console and the game. Way, way, way more people than Nintendo needs to for them to be profitable. They are swimming in cash, drowning in profit, and you're questioning why they don't do it your way. You do understand that, yes?

> man fuck nintendo and their bullshit consoles

Then don't play the game and stop bitching about it.


TheGamerHelper t1_ja9mjrb wrote

Because Nintendo sucks. They keep milking their fans with the same 3 games and it’s just unbelievable how they’re still around.


irohr t1_ja9b5bi wrote

Nintendo doesn't release any games on other platforms that contain their main IP characters like Mario, Zelda, fire emblem etc.


iMadrid11 t1_jabdta6 wrote

They do on iOS and Android. Super Mario Run, Mario Kart Go, Fire Emblem Heros and Pokemon Go.


ResidentPast9518 t1_ja9b7om wrote

Bold of you assume nintendo know about existince of pc and other consoles.


NTKDeath t1_ja9c35t wrote

Because it is Nintendo


thewalkindude t1_ja9ebyo wrote

Nintendo turned down the opportunity to port SMB3 to the PC even after Id did all the work for them.


brian11e3 t1_ja9edjr wrote

Smash Bro, to me, is a couch co-op console game. I'll always see it that way. Converting it to PC just seems like a waste.


el_mage t1_ja9eo96 wrote

Because Nintendo will always cater to kids on their terms. PCs have too much freedom with what you can do with a game’s files that Nintendo doesn’t want you to fuck around with.

Remember Slippy?

Plus, Nintendo make it as hard as possible for pirates to distribute games.


Catty_C t1_ja9fk9t wrote

Nintendo prefer their ecosystem and stick to it.


2Sensitive1Wasabi6 t1_jadvae0 wrote

LOL WHAT???? That's like asking apple to make an OS for Google. You don't eat where you shit. Or rather they learned their lesson with the Song debacle. Might as well own everything you do.


djr7 t1_jaauomy wrote

wdym release?

there is no port to be released


[deleted] OP t1_ja99xma wrote



LucasD4 t1_ja9dpqj wrote

man fuck nintendo and their bullshit consoles