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Room234 t1_ja9bkgu wrote

Nintendo will absolutely never port major first party games to other consoles aside from maybe some weird ports in China because it's a whole different animal. They're the Apple of video games. They value that closed ecosystem and they'll only give it up if the only other option is death as a company.

You think they'd make a lot of money selling PC ports? That's nothing compared to baiting people into buying a whole console and then getting them to buy *more* games.


_Pohaku_ t1_jaa2gxg wrote

The gulf between the latest gen Nintendo console and the latest gen other console or PC has grown exponentially wider over the last twenty years. The Switch will be the last Nintendo console that sells, because the world has now wised up to the fact that even that one (coughBOTW) Nintendo exclusive that really makes its console worth buying is so far behind the hundreds of other games outside of their ecosystem that it won’t work again.