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Legospacememe t1_jea8wop wrote

The original on n64 is on modern platforms


Mindful-O-Melancholy t1_jeaf9ij wrote

A VR pod racing game would be insane.


RanZario t1_jeamiro wrote

Closest one is Redout VR and racing with the Sulha


Knight_of_Virtue_075 t1_jec39xs wrote

💯 percent!! Redout is an amazing game, although the controls are very touchy.

The sense of speed and level variety are insane. I also agree with the thoughts of someone else: they would micro trans thus game to hell and back.


RanZario t1_jedakoe wrote

It's a racing game where you handle the vehicles like airplanes. I wouldn't call it touchy, but definitely unique and not something you'd see often.


brokenwound t1_jeceqxs wrote

Does it let you hold the controllers like the throttles on the pods? If no, then I demand a recount.


RanZario t1_jed18r4 wrote

Given that you handle the vehicles like airplanes, if you grab to joysticks and calibrate them, it should work (something I really want to do


Blackgaze t1_jecn2hv wrote

I say GRIP: Racing also counts (if you have flying vehicles)


RanZario t1_jed1cbn wrote

GRIP definitely would work, but the speed is not identical of that of Redout


Blackgaze t1_jee19we wrote

Mach 1 would say otherwise


RanZario t1_jee1jiw wrote

I mean yeah, but how often do you reach Mach 1 in grip versus in Redout


ArchDucky t1_jeaubec wrote

I heard people race drones wearing VR headsets and it apparently feels like you are podracing.


Psychological-Ad2879 t1_jebi6js wrote

If you enjoy this kinda game I would recommend DCL - the game. Really great simulation of FPV drone racing gameplay!


anomalocaris_treats t1_jeblv0g wrote

Imagine hooking your speedometer up to a fan so it blasts your face harder at you go faster like that one snow racing arcade game.


DrawTheLine87 t1_jecop4u wrote

It's crazy how much money Disney is leaving on the table.

Why is no one but Lego making a Star Wars story based game based on the movies??


Serres5231 t1_jee8mhk wrote

don't forget fans doing their own total conversion mods for games like Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. Movie Duels 2 or, when it was a thing, Knights of the Force come to mind basically offering every bigger duel atleast and even some other sequences like the battle of geonosis.


Deranged_Snow_Goon t1_jedu9ge wrote

Minimal requirements: Midichlorian count of at least 7,000/cell

Otherwise, the game is going to... Crash.


MetroidMaster21 t1_jeaddgq wrote

I would love it if they could remaster this one. Modern graphics and controls, but with 120fps? Take my money! I loved this game and spent hours fiddling with the different pods. The customization was nuts, especially for the time!


foofly t1_jearhih wrote

Having each analogue stick controlling each engine would be an interesting control method.


ZackyZack t1_jearp00 wrote

The N64 let you do that with two controllers. It was utter madness, but very cool


Minimi98 t1_jebhhsa wrote

I wonder if you could do that on a steamdeck with steam input.

Next time there's a sale I might try!


Sideways_X t1_jecpaz3 wrote

That was absolutely a control scheme on 64 with 2 controllers and racer revenge on the ps2.


anonymous_guy111 t1_jedn7ht wrote

the original arcade cabinet controlled like this and the handles looked just like the ones in the movie. but to be honest, I got to try it once and it didnt work as well in practice as one would think


Honk_goose_steal t1_jebkxe3 wrote

I’m pretty sure this game is one some modern consoles (the switch at least) but I don’t think it has upgraded graphics


BabyDeezus t1_jebombs wrote

They did remaster it. Not sure if it’s with the specs you described but it’s on the switch e shop


DeepSeaDolphin t1_jeaea9q wrote

You say that, but do you really want to see your memories of an awesome game be perverted by a microtransaction ridden, pay-per-boost wreck of a game, with purchasable pods and racers?

Let the Past Die, Kill It If You Have To.


Kumlekar t1_jeaszx9 wrote

Honestly, yes. Redout 2 proved that a game in that genre can exist with a game + dlc model.


HerakIinos t1_jebxdn8 wrote

The thing is that EA owns Star wars ip for games


brinner4dinner t1_jecidl5 wrote

That ends this year. Ubisoft is currently working on a Star Wars game. It's probably not good news either way honestly.


Serres5231 t1_jee8we2 wrote

but EA also stopped being all about Microtransactions in their recent SW games. Jedi Fallen Order had none and i'm sure Survivor will also have none. Not to mention they removed the entire lootbox system from SWBF2 so its a great and fun game!


HerakIinos t1_jeefnau wrote

Yeah but those are single player gamers. The original racing game was also single player/split screen but if they would make a remake it would probably have multiplayer added. Like what activision did with Crash team racing


Bogey01 t1_jeb68e7 wrote

I was looking for the comment "EA has entered the chat". Good to see this instead.


Pooppumper1 t1_jecg2is wrote

Or just buy the steam version and relive your childhood, lol.


A1sauc3d t1_jecree3 wrote

I’m guessing the kinds of people who say “I’d spend SO much money on X game!” Are the type of people who enjoy spending money on microtransactions.

I’d spend like $20 on buying a new pod racing game, but i have no desire to spend thousands of $ pimping my pod with gold drip lol. But some people like that kinda thing. But I don’t think anyone likes p2w lol, at least I haven’t seen anyone say that ever.


thejikz t1_jea7qpu wrote



Venonomicon t1_jea0x3s wrote

I still play the original on Xbox. 👍🏻


Halvus_I t1_jebvfhp wrote

Lets be clear. You play it on Xbox One or above.


StormTrooperGreedo t1_jeary7t wrote

That wouldn't have been the original. The original was an N64 game. You probably played the Big Bombad Racing game.


Venonomicon t1_jeasws4 wrote

Yes it is the original. It is the N64 game on Xbox. I play it on my XSS. 👍🏻


FallenShadeslayer t1_jeayzov wrote

You’re very wrong. Bombad racing isn’t on current platforms. I have it on PS2 and it’s the only way I can play it. However I do have Star Wars Podracer on Xbox and Switch. Google it if you don’t believe me.


Treviathan88 t1_jebnx1o wrote

The original was multiplatform, at the very least. I remember playing it on PC when it came out, and it was the exact same game, just with a better frame rate and draw distance, as well as music throughout the race instead of just the final lap. Otherwise the exact same game.


JonS90_ t1_jebz1xf wrote

I honestly have thought for years that a game about how podracing was forced underground after the empire outlawed it would slap so fucking hard.

Building your own pods and modding them and having tracks that are grungey swamps or tighter back streets of slum towns would be great.

Hell even have it as a cross-league racing game with speeder bikes and people riding single pods like Rey did in Force Awakens. Would be great.


Darth_Rutsula t1_jeal9xf wrote

I would LOVE a vr remake of this game.


FireZord25 t1_jeasf2v wrote

I want a Riot Racing game. In the honor of my boy Tech.


PrincessHootHoot t1_jed3bex wrote



TheTyGoss OP t1_jed7oet wrote

Can you imagine a modern adaptation of this game, in Unreal Engine, pod racer cosmetic customization, across a diverse array of planets, online multiplayer, tons of new on track power ups and challenges, crazy vehicle weapons, traps, and destruction, dynamic maps that change as you race on them... it could be amazing.


tigerf117 t1_jed7uxd wrote

They are making one, we’ll an indie dev is and it’s good so far. Join the play test and buy it when it releases!


SD456 t1_jedm24r wrote

No way!!! Thanks for the share!


xH0LLYW000Dx t1_jeaduxk wrote

Would love to see the arcade version be ported to console or PC 😑 never got to play it because no one had it around me...


ForestFairyForestFun t1_jeafzq1 wrote

i love fantasy racers, Red Out was the best title in recent years imo. Im anxiously awaiting a new generation of Wipeout.


Gods_chosen_dildo t1_jeavnw6 wrote

A modern pod racing game? Nah, just thinking about the crazy amount of micro transactions that would have makes me cringe.


3PumpMcCringleberry t1_jeawzmx wrote

Absolutely loved this game as a kid. Thanks for the blast from the past.


fred_llma t1_jeayp93 wrote

That fucking lego Star Wars tcs pod racing level


Drenoneath t1_jeb2uoy wrote

Are they secretly making one? I haven't seen podracer content anywhere and I've seen 2 posts about it today


charlesbronZon t1_jeb806x wrote

You can spend very little money and get exactly that podracing game on modern platforms  🤣


AJWrecks t1_jeb8x99 wrote

I want rogue squadron 2 remastered.


almighty_smiley t1_jeb967j wrote

Racer Revenge was better and I will die on this hill.


Darkseid_88 t1_jeben05 wrote

You all know this in on PS4, right?


Sole8Dispatch t1_jebg9sg wrote

Someone made an Unreal demo of this game remastered i think but it was very simplistic, i would love a full on game with new graphics and more customisation etc


uhhhhuhuhhuh t1_jebh9xk wrote

What you want is to have that feeling again of playing this as a kid, a new pod racing game won’t give you that.


BlueColtex t1_jebkapk wrote

EA will be taking your request for consideration.


Tone_Bone_123 t1_jebld92 wrote

First FAST game my pc at the time ran and oh.. I ran. Good variety of tracks. And (I might be wrong) it didn't cheat by NPC no reason catchup like some racing games. Maybe I just slayed back in the day.


Platybear_OG t1_jeblm3r wrote

I don't have fond memories of this game but your post title is making me think I should give it another shot. Maybe I was just bad at it as a kid.


SkoopleFloop t1_jebm7nx wrote

Maaaaan I fucking loved this game. I loved that you could “repair” your engines on the fly if you were hitting the corners too hard. everything was SO damn fast paced. Loved it. I’d play it right now if I had my n64


Grouchy_Donut_3800 t1_jebmsk0 wrote

So many old Star Wars games that need a remaster… I remember playing almost exclusively Star Wars games in the 2000s as a kid.


jbeck26 t1_jebo2dw wrote

I remember when that one guy made a remake of the first track in unreal engine 3 I think and it was pretty sick. Not sure if you could still find it anywhere though, it immediately got shut down by the mouse of course.


polkemans t1_jebotgb wrote

I would pay money just to never go back to Tattooine at this point.


farcry15 t1_jebr097 wrote

just play the old one, a new game they would put >80% of their effort into battle pass, skins, and other live service shit


SpectralMagic t1_jebu8ze wrote

Star wars fan boys and their bottomless wallets 🕳️


Sigmafightx t1_jebuedx wrote

Oh hell yeah, a big multiplayer one where you can upgrade and customize your own pod racer would be fucking litty


Nelnamara t1_jebvpwu wrote

Sebulba laughs at this.


ztubbs11 t1_jec2ldt wrote

I would spend hundreds for a top to bottom remake of kotor and kotor 2


deadinside1996 t1_jec4sks wrote

I was just talking about this the other day. One of my all time fav racing games and a lot of memories and time spent from my childhood.


zzKURUPTzz t1_jecby3h wrote

Extreme G would be sick with modern graphics.


ironfunk67 t1_jecijjf wrote

I got excited at first glance!


Sir_M0nk t1_jecw7a7 wrote


In 1999 a very young me go with my cousin in his friend's house and saw a very nice looking PC, in that time the "gamer" doesn't have RGB lol, i saw the very nice looking action figures and my cousin's friend was playing THIS game, in that moment i saw the most amazing thing i ever did in my life, that is the life lasting moment.


Corleone648 t1_jeczucl wrote

This game is so good good, I have both on Nintendo 64 and Steam.


OkBed9701 t1_jeda34h wrote

Wasn’t this an arcade game at Chuck E. Cheese’s??!


hannahsmetana t1_jedut7v wrote

It was an arcade game at many places. We had it in my uni hall. You literally sat in a pod seat with dual handles to steer. My favourite arcade game ever.


itsiceyo t1_jedgghc wrote

this would be awesome.

but how many people would complain about the PodPass, and the cost of skins per podracer? People would flip out and complain about all those things that they'd put in the game to make money.


GoatInMotion t1_jedhxjn wrote

Oh no please I already played that in Lego star wars on the D.S


collyQually t1_jediw88 wrote

There was an arcade when I was a young kid that had a pod racing game. The feeling of pulling the left and right sticks back to turn, or pulling both back and shoving them forward to boost was the coolest thing ever


llubdr t1_jedmkmn wrote

New game yes please - mega cost no thanks.

Give us a custom map builder and multiple environments, fully customisable pods, day/night cycles, arcade and "realistic" mode (tune the engines mid race for tight corners or shortcuts?), warehouse of parts to find and buy, a story mode with interesting and diverse characters, droids, maybe things like sand worms mid race or a form of sabotage but implementation needs care there.

As long as they can capture the speed and control of the original it could work. Can't see it being too popular of an (online) game long term so maybe they'll be inclined to add microtransactions... lets hope that if they would it'll be limited and don't take away from the game.


HungryNoodle t1_jedmv35 wrote

Playing the arcade version of this game was so surreal. I'll never forget sitting in the the podracer chair and feeling fully immersed.


Kizenny t1_jednaqg wrote

This game was so much better than the movie. A remaster with VR support would be really awesome.


Limonade6 t1_jeds3h0 wrote

Podracing cart game 😍


FreeMetal t1_jedt5km wrote

I dream about Ord Ibanna or Oovo IV in modern-day graphics


MINIMAN10001 t1_jee2p7d wrote

With a title like that all I could think of

>Imagine how much pride and accomplishment unlocks and upgrades he could buy


yaosio t1_jee82cv wrote

What if somebody makes a podracer in Fortnite creative?


thunderchild120 t1_jeedn3h wrote

If you have a PS4 you can buy the PS2 sequel "Racer Revenge" on the PS store.


LaserGadgets t1_jeedrjt wrote

I would love to be the raider dude sniping people from above...somewhere on a desertcliff.


Just like the hackers in Watchdogs 2 invading your game. Could be fun actually. Ok, more fun for me than the victims, but still!


ihartvideogames t1_jeem56r wrote

Did they ever let you pod race through the death star I never played the PS2 version star wars racer revenge


133742069x t1_jefxs2b wrote

yes you would pay a lot of money because of all the micro transactions and season passes and loot boxes the remake would have, not to mention less features than the original for some reason


MistaWolf t1_jeg8xd1 wrote

Well since we wont see one for another 10 Years, id suggest Readout. It's not very forgiving racer, so if taking one spot to tight and hitting the wall causing you to lose isn't your thing... avoid.


TehErk t1_jeak1yz wrote

As long as they fixed the network code and allowed more than one person to use the same racer (or ban certain racers). There were certain racers that were a guaranteed win if you had two functional brain cells.