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CawCawDumDum t1_je8o2vg wrote

Macros and grip training.

Start with an adjustable grip trainer you can buy for like $10 on amazon.

Buy like a $3 pack of hair ties with it to use for extensor exercises.

Keep it simple at 3x20 reps, once a week. Keep the reps really slow and controlled.

Go up when it becomes too easy.

Use macros for any game where you have to left click excessively.


dark_LUEshi t1_je94glu wrote

Man when I used to work a lot with my hands, chopping high power copper cable, I built a bit of muscle mass and I guess got a bit stronger in the wrists, playing dota 2 got so bad, both my hands would become fully numb after just a few minutes on the keyboard and would take a good 5 minutes to come back to normal. Thank god it came back to normal when I quit doing that work. Perhaps i'm dumb but I think it's something to do with your wrists and bones compressing nerves or something. was no bueno :(


CawCawDumDum t1_jea1inf wrote

That's why the volume I suggested is extremely low.

Forearms are a muscle that respond very well to high volume. We aren't really looking for them to get bigger so much as strengthen them against repetitive strain.


dark_LUEshi t1_jebs53e wrote

I see, maybe I will look into this. Thank you for the explanation.