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Middcore t1_je008w8 wrote

Don't do that. Don't give me hope.


GwerigTheTroll t1_je22f0q wrote

I remember reading an article from just a couple of years ago that the original creator would love to revisit the game and work on a sequel, but Sega wasn’t interested. I dare to hope Sega has changed its mind.


TheGreatOneSea t1_je2esvw wrote

It'll probably be some Monkey's Paw thing, like being only for Switch, and the monster encounter rate is doubled to punish us for asking so much.


Middcore t1_je2p1m6 wrote

I've always assumed the Switch is the best chance for a remake.


hisshame t1_je0ba0g wrote

Honestly just fix the random battle frequency and press send


pipboy_warrior t1_je0d8ze wrote

The Gamecube port went a long way towards addressing that.


GulesArgentAzure t1_je18d7f wrote

Indeed! A shame the audio was more compressed, they didn't incorporate the DLC and couldn't incorporate the Pinta's Quest VMU minigame in some way.


pipboy_warrior t1_je1972c wrote

The audio compression was the one main drawback to the Gamecube port. However I didn't really mind missing Pinta's quest, and all the other changes for the port were good imo. The bounties especially were a nice touch.


Thumper7878 t1_jdzxly4 wrote

Holy hell finally a game worth the pre order.


DarkStarClassicNL t1_jdzxwip wrote

Stil got it on my Dreamcast which still runs perfectly.


lmhTimberwolves t1_je03jrm wrote

I got two random encounters in the time it took to read this sentence


Garlador t1_je0d6vb wrote

“How to spot a genuine SoA player”. That encounter rate was WILD.


pipboy_warrior t1_je0iv1q wrote

You could always just pause the game as soon as you heard your Dreamcast starting to screech.


LivelyZebra t1_je2mxq7 wrote

Best thing ever.

Reminds me of opening the ps1 disc when regen was cast in ff7. Full heal baby.


hexrx t1_je0zftp wrote

Yeah, and running from battle lowered your stats or rating, I dont remember exactly but it was annoying.


ZorkNemesis t1_je1h67u wrote

Run from too many fights and your title becomes "Vyse the Coward". It makes running from fights easier (they intentionally do this in the speedrun) but it makes it harder overall for things like shopping or recruiting some crewmembers since you're not worthy of respect.


SouLDraGooN44 t1_je1l41s wrote

This is why I hope they can make some QoL changes since this was one of the reasons I gave up.


KokonutMonkey t1_je40src wrote

Yup. SOA is great, but reading about the encounter rate inspired younger than me pick up Grandia first.


Boing26 t1_je2d62g wrote

less complaining more collecting that graper meat!


EarlGrey_Picard t1_jdzyhrh wrote

And the little VMU mini game is a nice little bonus I don't think other versions have.


Equal_Position7219 t1_je0ajj6 wrote

This is one of those games I try talking to people about and no one has ever heard of it.

Remaster would be awesome!


pipboy_warrior t1_jdzxbfq wrote

Fantastic, one of my favorite JRPGs ever. I love the characters, the design, the music. It's a pretty straight forward story but handled so well.


FalconLurk t1_je02hx4 wrote

Beat this on game cube multiple times, idk if it will age well honestly


bufftbone t1_jdzwpff wrote

Good. I played it on my Dreamcast. Such a great game.


DailyWCReforged t1_jdzwyxo wrote

Old JRPGs are ao awesome I hope we see more remasters.


bufftbone t1_jdzx6ot wrote

I’m hoping for a remaster of the original Wild Arms and Alundra


YeOldSpacePope t1_je0x6je wrote

They already did a remake of the original Wild Arms on PS2


bufftbone t1_je0yfmi wrote

I did not know that.


YeOldSpacePope t1_je16atl wrote

It is called Wild Arms Alter Code: F

They added a bunch of changes to it like new party members.


LivelyZebra t1_je2n3cr wrote

Give me grandia 2


Sieghardt t1_jeesmwf wrote

That already got a HD remaster, only on switch and steam for some reason though


Bunny_Ashley t1_je02dwo wrote

It would be fun seeing that on modern consoles, I traded in my copy recently along with all my Dreamcast collection, but would be fin to pick that back up if it comes out.


vkstagn t1_je03hoj wrote

I have been thinking about hooking up my GC and playing it, now I might just wait for this.


thesaltscribe t1_je0mriv wrote

I'm gonna say fake for now. Guys claims to have screenshots but won't show them or describe anything in them? Ok, sure thing.


VegasDezertRat t1_je1fqlo wrote

Some folks in r/skiesofarcadia are debunking this. Sad because this was probably my favorite game growing up :(


Gbone307 t1_je016ve wrote

Maybe it will be a part 2, so I can replay the original again.


jl_theprofessor t1_je19ldl wrote

Man there was something special about this game. All the characters just made you feel so... happy.


Xano74 t1_je1aeer wrote

Between Tales of Symphonia being remastered, Baten Kaitos remastered, and now potentially Skies!? These are my top 3 RPGs of all time of that era. The only games that come close are the Xenoblade series.

It's like the gaming gods are finally answering all of my prayers. I've been wanting to show my wife this game for YEARS because I literally never stop talking about it.

Ramirez is easily one of my favorite villains of all time. The gameplay is awesome and the story is great. It also has one of the best and fun open worlds to explore of all time.

I just hope they reduce random encounter rates.


Xero_id t1_je1jl0h wrote

I hope it's a remake and not just a graphical update remaster.


JGDesignsBK t1_je1pmp5 wrote

Great game for it's time. It was the first JRPG I ever played!


Vulrin t1_je1s81p wrote



TheSyhr t1_je27nb1 wrote

I remember playing this on the GameCube I think, absolutely loved it when I was younger, really hope this is true


AntlerStorm t1_je27uy5 wrote

Please let this be true. Please.


nealmb t1_je2fum3 wrote

A remaster or a “remaster” if it’s like those pixel remasters I’ll pass and just dig out my gc.


prinnydewd6 t1_jecnh6z wrote

Yes. No more paying 200+ for the GameCube game