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CutterEye t1_jds9yrd wrote

Most of videogames shouldn't have multiplayer, just a wasted effort and devs should focus more to make single-player campaign better


JackSpill11 t1_jdsdc5m wrote

Popular opinion


CutterEye t1_jdsdur7 wrote

Is it? Gamers (especially young) are playing mostly multiplayer games these days so wasn't sure.


JackSpill11 t1_jdsednd wrote

I prefer playing single player games and I am young. I think games are better if they have a great story, take RDR2 or The Last Of Us has an example, yes, they both have multiplayer, but the story mode is better.


Zeshui0 t1_jdsdfgi wrote

Seconded, if you want multiplayer games then play the ones that are specifically designed to be that way.


The_MoBiz t1_jdsgey7 wrote

yeah, growing up in the 90s, I miss the days when the emphasis was on single player, rather than multiplayer a lot of the time now...


Dobbyyy94 t1_jds7r68 wrote

Skyrim was overrated af


bingbongbungbeng t1_jdsh4yh wrote

Yeah, it gets boring really fast. It's also the most drab, dreary looking game I've ever seen. It's actually exhausting to look at imo


thaneros2 t1_jds79uh wrote

Most of the people in this sub have basic taste in games.


Excellent_Routine589 t1_jdsb84n wrote

With a sub size of almost 37m.... do people really expect everyone here to have deeply profound or esoteric tastes in the hobby of gaming?


doominfinityfan1 t1_jdsa5y4 wrote

Eh nothing wrong with that. As long as they're having fun on what they're playing.


nyghtrite t1_jdse81u wrote

Judging from all of those mundane collage posts they love to post so much about, yeah I'd say so.


TheDarkCaptain t1_jds8ksd wrote

People get too worked up over graphics.


AdEmpty8174 t1_jdsc7yr wrote

Good graphics don't make a game good bad graphics don't always make a game bad


nyghtrite t1_jdsed1u wrote



idispensemeds2 t1_jds9cb2 wrote

Not every single new AAA game needs to be "open world"


PsychologicalBad7443 t1_jds8yvm wrote

99% of Games that come out now are neither good nor bad. It’s just personal preference and we needn’t argue.


asunamyag t1_jdsc4ax wrote

The influence of Dark Souls is a plague on single player video games. Crossing anything with Dark Souls always makes it worse.


JohnLocke815 t1_jdsckki wrote

Based on this sub, my unpopular opinion is that games are fun


ShawshankException t1_jds95uf wrote

If you buy on day one you have zero right to criticize people who preorder.


moreat10 t1_jds7h9j wrote

Gamers (with all the associated connotations of the word) are their own worst enemies most of the time.


Snatuu t1_jdsdbot wrote

Witcher 3 is overrated.

Don’t get me wrong the game IS good and all that but it’s not the second coming of Christ like most people make it out to be


The_MoBiz t1_jdsgnsk wrote

I loved Witcher 3, but yeah, if you've played enough RPGs, it is somewhat formulaic...


asunamyag t1_jdszwgh wrote

I think the main thing that sets it apart is that the visual novel portion is very well-written and well-acted, similar to Mass Effect.


nyghtrite t1_jdsero2 wrote

Epic Games did one thing right for their store - no user reviews.

I mean, look at Steam reviewers and try to tell me that Epic needs them to look more presentable.


throughthespillways t1_jdsfwdh wrote

Steam reviews were ruined, as usual, by people trying to be funny.

"My wife and kids left me.. 10/10 would buy again 🤪🤪🤪🤪"


carnalcouple5280 t1_jds72hp wrote

God of War is meh...


ProtestTheGyro2112 t1_jdsi4q9 wrote

Apparently right now it's that the Resident Evil 4 Remake isn't as good as the reviews make it out to be.

I've played the original RE4 more times than I can count across three generations of systems, one of my favorite games of all time. But for the life of me I just can't get into this remake. Movement and aiming feel off, staggering enemies seems like random chance. Updated graphics and strafe aiming (in line with Dead Space) is what I would've expected.


Zeshui0 t1_jdscwtz wrote

Overall community has become too biased on each of their own opinions. It negatively impacts the creative process for gaming as a whole.


Parry_-Hotter t1_jdscxq4 wrote

I feel parrying is easier than to dodge


Memetic1 t1_jdsd9c2 wrote

That we should pay attention to how long covid is impacting people's ability to game. That this impact might expose something about where we are headed as a whole. That the stats that are collected could be used to monitor public health as long as privacy protections are in place.


throughthespillways t1_jdsfo62 wrote

Live service is a good thing for a lot of games. Some of my favourite games are from years ago that frequently come out with new updates and seasonal content to keep it fresh.

It's forced into some games that don't need it but think it's a net positive in the industry.


Wheel_N_Deal_Spheal t1_jdsfrqt wrote

PC gaming is not grossly superior to consoles, or at least nowadays.

I feel a lot of people say that to cope with paying $2000+ to play slightly better than today's consoles do.


LillePipp t1_jdshxk2 wrote

We need LESS games.

Don’t get me wrong, the gaming market is a lot more diverse now, and the plethora of options is a good thing. However, with the eight generation of video games, more and more games started releasing in unfinished states, because developers have realized they can prey upon the naïveté of the consumer with the vague promise that the games they make may or may not be fixed half a year after release.

Think about it, you almost never saw AAA games release in such unfinished states prior to the PS4 Or Xbox One. Games need more time to be developed, and I don’t understand why consumers are in such a huge rush to play the next big thing, when the vast majority of gamers haven’t even played the classics.

That’s how I see it anyway, my backlog of games I have bought but not played yet is so large that the gaming industry could probably come to a screeching half for three years, and I in those three years I probably still wouldn’t have gotten through all the games I have


[deleted] t1_jdsiaq2 wrote

Sonic Rush's soundtrack is complete shit


Catty_C t1_jdso41p wrote

RPGs straying from the tabletop roots is a good thing so they can evolve as a genre.


uphill-bothways t1_jds7w27 wrote

Mario is terrible

(Edit: in response to several questions, re which games - all of em kinda. They're all just middle of the road filler games, and there's better contemporary examples of everything Mario games do. Better platformers, better racers, better brawlers. It's such a legendary franchise, but it's not particularly good at anything. It's just an anchor Nintendo product. Like a controller.)


MichaelRoco1 t1_jdsca9e wrote

Which Mario game(s) in particular? That’s such a broad range.


Questar18 t1_jdsbh0p wrote

VR Gaming >>>>>>> normal gaming


firey21 t1_jds8go7 wrote

Lore is overhyped. If I wanted to read I’d read a book. I haven’t read a book in like 20 years.


NarcissusBaz t1_jdsa69n wrote

You seem to wear it like a badge of honor. It's embarassing.


firey21 t1_jdsat9n wrote

Is it? How so?

I would rather watch a movie or a show or play a game than sit and read.


asunamyag t1_jdsbt7y wrote

“Lore” is terrible. “Lore” is a deliberately obscure mediocre backstory novel, usually in tiny text whose font size cannot be increased. If I wanted to read a deliberately obscure novel I’d read Joyce on my Kindle.

If you want to tell a story, use the actual mechanics of a video game to do it.


[deleted] t1_jds987a wrote

found the trump voter


firey21 t1_jdsax6c wrote

Or you found the person who plays games for the game play not the story.


asunamyag t1_jdsdfrk wrote

I love it when games have a story integrated into the game, like Celeste or Stray.

I do not like it when they have a huge backstory text dump, like the Skyrim books or the Elden Ring item descriptions.