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Accurate-Owl4128 t1_je50rgt wrote

If you are going the right way, you are going the wrong way. Check the other areas first for loot before moving on


esgrove2 t1_je5ctdh wrote

I was going to say exactly this. Like word for word.


Blepharoptosis t1_je68jkg wrote

"If you only look forward, there is something you will miss seeing." - Vash the Stampede


Middcore t1_je58ezh wrote

No. Real talk, this is BS. This is the same as the dumb "If you're taking flak you must be over the target" thing that conspiracy theorists spout.

There are many ways to make enemies. Lots of people being pissed off at you doesn't necessarily mean you're a lone, courageous truth-teller. It could just mean you're a total jerk.


PM_ur_Rump t1_je5d987 wrote

Yes, thank you. OP's takeaway is the same as the people that think having "haters" means you are "doing it right."

Maybe you are. Maybe you're just a self centered ass.


79N0Bitches t1_je7c8wf wrote

I like to think OP means valuable lessons in video games that apply to video games. I don’t think he meant real life lessons, could be wrong.


Gooseloff t1_je7qa4x wrote

I get what you’re saying, but— I think in this case, OP just meant in video games, specifically.


DarkAlatreon t1_je54szz wrote

"If more enemies appear, you are going the right way"

Putin: Damn, I'm nailing it!


Projectdystopia t1_je52xjb wrote

Big open areas/rooms usually means bosses.


Trash-Jr t1_je5co83 wrote

Especially if there were a suspicious amount of ammo and healing items in the room before


HalfaDoodle t1_je5f33y wrote

Most important lesson of video games:

They are supposed to be fun, and if you are not having fun you should quit playing.

A video game is one of the few things in life you can quit with no negative consequences.


HumungusDeek t1_je51ipr wrote

I tend to ignore the area I'm supposed to go and check all other areas first before progressing.


Schulle2105 t1_je53two wrote

Area with a good amount of usable items+no enemies=Boss is coming

If you see huge ass Flies moving towards you then you took the wrong route


eawardie t1_je51vv7 wrote

Apart from the many silly stuff I can mention. I'm pretty convinced that games have either given or help develop my ability to fix stuff. E.g to be able to sit for hours and fuss over a problem until you can figure it out or fix it. Which is a very valuable skill to have as a software developer.


Trash-Jr t1_je5d504 wrote

"There's a lot of people that wants your ass whooped, your immeasurable dissapointment and your day ruined, and there are very few that wants your actual success and will offer help for that"

Thank you Dark Souls


[deleted] t1_je6djwt wrote

Yellow Chalk means you can climb things


Gaintastic t1_je527b3 wrote

When the music getting faster and heavier then yeah ya about to have a boss fight!


knighthawk0811 t1_je57ucs wrote

if a mushroom is moving toward you, eat it, you'll see massive gains, bro


Shadowtirs t1_je57vib wrote

Dialogue choices and relations. I've seen the practical effects of rolling a natural 20 on persuasion dice rolls in real life.


dracoolya t1_je5q733 wrote

A valuable lesson taught by video games: Walking in front of the TV when someone is playing a video game can potentially result in someone getting their ass kicked.


Wazula23 t1_je54xbi wrote

Or it means you've finally snapped.


ArchVyrthur t1_je57kxh wrote

Different strokes for different folks.

The neat part of gaming is that much like novels, there are so many different genres. The best part is when you think you dislike a particular genre, then you try a game out and discover how amazing it is.

(Edit: Typo)


Sabbathius t1_je617k5 wrote

Depends on the game.

In Metro series, for example, whenever the game (usually via NPC) tells you "Come this way!", the correct play is to turn 180 degrees, go around the corner and usually find a huge supply cache, new weapons, etc. The game was absolutely hilarious in this regard. By the end of Metro Last Light (second game in the series) it basically became automatic, whenever the game leads me left, I always go right.


Nyanderethal t1_je660jx wrote

Warframe would like a word with you.


Froggo-Brush1007 t1_je6hj5c wrote

Glowing mushrooms recharge your batteries! Thanks Metal Gear Solid 3!


~ Ugh, why does my stomach hurt so much? ~


AtrociousAK47 t1_je6qys4 wrote

then you have those games that throw fuck tons of of continuely respawning enemies at you, or alternatively 1 or two stupidly op enemies that may or may not be actually invincible and coded to always 1-tap you, as a way of saying "you arent supposed to go this way, go back"

or in other words, "beef gate" and "border patrol"


Gyerfry t1_je7uguq wrote

It is ideal when pools have ladders


Rukkman t1_je94tke wrote

Always check behind the waterfalls


Nyx_the_hexer t1_jebmyq1 wrote

If there are no enemies…it is a trap.


lookoutcomrade t1_je52u8h wrote

If you lay down in a corner eventually a victim will apear.