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Chocolatemilkdog0120 t1_je4m31q wrote

We rented monopoly like 6 times at least! I remember because we all got Oasis Pizza and were allowed to drink Pepsi! Fucking epic before my parents got divorced and my life started to fall apart…


TheLordJames t1_je5syy9 wrote

we did too. Up to 8 people could play it. It was perfect for the family. One of the best Monopoly video games too. The way the cash register ate your money.


These-Conference-179 t1_je66g7b wrote

I came here to call BS on this list because of monopoly. but I guess I'm wrong.

battletoads or TMNT were EPIC games .


Alive-Line8810 t1_je6ev6p wrote

I swear I saw another comment almost exactly like this one a couple weeks ago but they were talking about a different video game but I swear it was the same pizza and they weren't allowed to have Pepsi normally either. I might be glitching I dunno


Chocolatemilkdog0120 t1_je6hgwf wrote

Well this isn’t plagiarism. This is what my brother and our friends did.

Edit: wow downvoted for this? Lol whatever.


Alive-Line8810 t1_je88m6i wrote

I wasn't accusing you of plagiarism I was just stating how crazy it was that I saw two unrelated post's comments about almost the exact same thing a couple weeks apart. Just nutty when the world works like that. Sorry for being downvoted. Wasn't me


Actual-Care t1_je43wuq wrote

Base wars was a lot of fun. Monopoly though, probably some parent trying to be cool and still have a family night.


Admirable__Stomach t1_je40159 wrote

TMNT2 the clear standout in the group.


vthings t1_je4j1ex wrote

Sometimes you rented a game because everything you really wanted was already rented out so you settled.


Musicman1972 t1_je42na2 wrote

I can imagine families renting it as a group activity?


I'm struggling..


Intermediate_beefs t1_je46odg wrote

When I was a child we would often play games as a family, platformers were a "give the controller to the next person when you die" affair.


EntertainmentCool292 t1_je4rc2a wrote

Baseball Stars was so much fun. You created your own team, all your players, as you won games to earn money you could level up your players skills for higher salary. It was way ahead of its time.


Shadowkiller00 t1_je41f30 wrote

The people who paid to get it to the to of the list.


DecoyMkhai t1_je4e943 wrote

I know I rented Monopoly. I was 9. It was great fun with me da.


Purplin t1_je4chc0 wrote

Renting games was more common than buying. It was cheap for kids to rent a game to play during the weekend with friends.


KnowNothing3888 t1_je4h8ps wrote

Renting the game was probably the only way for some siblings to avoid a broken board and cards thrown all over the place. lol


Larkson9999 t1_je4ig71 wrote

3/10 of these are baseball games... on the NES. NES Baseball sucked, who rented that much baseball?


PacManRandySavage t1_je4qxjy wrote

Better than buying for those ones.

That being said, Dusty Diamond All-Star Softball was amazing.


mvffin t1_je93xo2 wrote

Base Wars was very different from a typical sports game. You literally fight robots against each other over bases. Baseball Stars had rpg elements. Not sure about that 3rd game


thehilberteffect t1_je4pmmt wrote

Idk to this day it remains my favorite iteration of the game. I still pop it in from time to time when the right ppl are over. It’s super fast paced and the AI is extremely vicious at the higher levels to a comical degree. 10/10 great version of monopoly.


Ntwynn t1_je5ylzw wrote

That fucking Simpsons game. I still have PTSD from having to line up those bottle rockets


Prestigious-Yak4344 t1_jefn8cn wrote

How great is that! What a neat bit of perspective. I guess Monopoly and Family Feud were seen as fun for the kids and the parents too, maybe.


t3hd0n t1_je40p9f wrote

I played it with my mom once


Githzerai1984 t1_je4frmv wrote

Oh man I remember that simpsons game - lots of collectibles as you ride around town on your board. I think several of the people were actually aliens?


gfcurtis t1_je4li5i wrote

How do I not remember a G.I. Joe game?


HyperactiveLoner t1_je4n12z wrote

First off, I rented Monopoly. Why? I don't know—secondly, Bart vs. The Space Mutants gives me so much nostalgia I cannot cope.


Bullseye_Baugh t1_je4qa02 wrote

I totally rented almost this whole list and yes, I rented the shit out of monopoly.


Dr4zhar t1_je4rxsa wrote



HOLLOW-GOAT-96 t1_je4vzz5 wrote

I’d rather rent Super Mario Brothers 3


speedloafer t1_je4yx24 wrote

Mario 3 is the best game there. Battletoads was great. Bart vs was ok, but not a patch on the other 2.
Sonic 1 though, the first time I saw that I genuinely couldn't believe how fast he was moving and it looked nothing like I had ever seen before. Not as good as Mario though.


Standard_Show3481 t1_je4zwo2 wrote

Going as a kid to blockbuster in Argentina was like disney. I felt in love with BIONICLES toys there


Zee09 t1_je51nul wrote

This was one year prior to history being made.

The following year, a true champion graced their presence in the books of Blockbuster. Where speed, violence, and momentum collided and the world would never be the same again.


Innovictos t1_je53lqq wrote

Families. Also, with the rise of playing monopoly in video game form, people started to actually learn the real rules helping to push back on the age-old notion that monopoly was a never-ending slog because like NO ONE was playing it right for some reason.


throwaway120375 t1_je5amne wrote

It was also probably based on many days you kept it. And well, monopoly.


dmbwater0 t1_je5e7zm wrote

People rented monopoly, they bought the others.


Ustramage t1_je5kmya wrote

I rented Base Wars a lot


Ainwein t1_je5lykk wrote

I rented that shit on NES so much we eventually tried to buy it from the video store lol.


cyclonesworld t1_je5obfp wrote

Guilty. I rented it as a kid. I don’t recall it being very good.


lienmarine86 t1_je5uzi0 wrote

I rented all of those except TMNT 2 because I owned it. We used to rent Monopoly to play as a family.


marioc1981 t1_je63py9 wrote

Same people who is renting family feud


GroovyBaby13 t1_je6u41k wrote

Super Mario’s Bros and RBI Baseball baby. Cousin and I would play this all night. Throw some Jaws in there every once in a while.


GroovyBaby13 t1_je6u4pl wrote

Super Mario’s Bros and RBI Baseball baby. Cousin and I would play this all night. Throw some Jaws in there every once in a while.


Firingblind79 t1_je7gmvg wrote

Monopoly was amazing- how else would you easily create strife and lifelong enemies in life?


captryaansmythe t1_je81lmh wrote

Families. I mean, Family Feud is also right there at No. 6.


Angry_Chair1977 t1_je4id3j wrote

Elon Musk. He thought it was a complex business sim


Intermediate_beefs t1_je4087i wrote

There were easily many more great games out that year which were better than sonic tbf


jeremy-o t1_je40ode wrote

Sonic was lit. Incredible graphics, even better music and sound, high pace, iconic design. Tell me a console game better in 1991.