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killsforsporks t1_jecz29w wrote

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's one of those games that I wish I could erase from my memory and start exploring the solar system again.


jackknoops t1_jeczhdq wrote

Yes. The whole experience to me was just different from most games. Only one I thought was similar was Return of the Obra Dinn.


hjsniper t1_jed06cd wrote

It's not for everyone, but it is one of my top 5 games of all time. If you like puzzles, exploration, and a beautiful world, it's probably worth a shot.


Rayeon-XXX t1_jed11qb wrote

I just couldn't get into it.

Doesn't mean you won't tho


StoryAndAHalf t1_jed0ghm wrote

I think it’s a polarizing game. It looked interesting. I came in not knowing anything about it. 2 loops in, I was done. I think it gives you a certain amount of time before it resets. I just simply didn’t enjoy enough to put up with that. YMMV.


Fit-Matter9837 t1_jed39lt wrote

It's one of those "people either love it or hate it, no in between" games. Don't expect seat-gripping, action-packed excitement. If you want to experience some chill, creative, aesthetically-pleasing exploration, you'll probably enjoy it. If you usually stick to fast-paced, combat-focused games, there's a good chance you won't like it.


Smart-Button-3221 t1_jed6r1c wrote

Great game for many. Specifically if you:

  • Don't mind when a game has a lot of text
  • Enjoy when a game does not give you direct goals, but gives you "ways to find the interesting stuff".
  • Are not easily frustrated by things that you can fail, given that you can attempt them again quickly, or move on to something else
  • Enjoy sticking with/returning to puzzles, even if you don't know when you might be able to solve them
  • Are excited by the idea of getting in a spaceship, taking off, and a minute later landing on another planet and walking around

It's hard to talk about Outer Wilds without spoiling anything. It's a mystery game, but you might not know that even within a few hours of play. Do you like solving mysteries?

Honestly is in my top 3, but I have understood why some people have bounced off of it.


WriterWri t1_jeczu5a wrote

If nothing else, it is clever.

It didn't grab me, but I don't like the resetting loop mechanic.

The game is fun and pretty, though.

Was free on GamePass


GreedyDiceGoblin t1_jed8ots wrote

It's funny. I thought the loop was... Not great, the first time I tried Outer Wilds.

Maybe I was at a weird point in my life then, but when I tried it for the second time, something about that just hooked me.

WHY was this happening?

HOW is this happening?

Can I stop this from happening?

And those questions just led to more questions, and my curiosity went crazy.

I get that the game isnt for everyone, but I always tell people that the game is worth a second shot if it's been a while.


PogTuber t1_jed46uj wrote

I had to change the way jumping worked in the settings but yeah I loved it. Great story and puzzles.


utegardloki t1_jed8xu7 wrote

Fantastic game, especially if you can laugh at yourself dying horribly XD

At one point, I forgot that the building I was exploring was only sporadically gravity-influenced. I spent a period of time floating, then got stuck on the floor, then splattered across the ceiling. When I figured out what the deuce happened (my next run, where I was able to watch the entire exchange from the OUTSIDE), I couldn't stop laughing!

Gravity and soft physics play a big part of this game. You won't figure out the mysteries in one life, but you'll have a hell of a lot of fun once you recognize that you are a very small thing in a great big (yet shockingly small) solar system.


Grogu918 t1_jeddlon wrote

Some people like it. Some people don’t.


ThereIsNoAnyKey t1_jedko24 wrote

I liked it. But to get the best experience from it you HAVE to go in blind and be VERY patient with it. As a result, it is a very polarizing game.


hail_goku t1_jee0rpy wrote

Yes! One of the best exploration games ever!


Sabbathius t1_jeek47x wrote

It's an acquired taste. Some absolutely love it, for others it just didn't work at all thematically or mechanically.


majesticx_luk t1_jeexzq8 wrote

Very unique experience. Solid and crafted with love.


SatouSan94 t1_jefnsrc wrote

One of the best games of all time.


GrimFaye t1_jeh1y2k wrote

If you like an on screen arrow pointing you to the next quest objective, you won't like it.

You will like the game if you like exploring, learning about your surroundings, and figuring out puzzles/mysteries with little to no help. It helps to move on to a new area and come back later if you get stuck.


GreedyDiceGoblin t1_jed8754 wrote

It's quite simply the best game that you haven't played.

It is one of those few games that if it clicks with you, it will be an experience that you carey with you for a long time -- and that will be both a blessing and a curse, as there is no way to put the genie back in the bottle once you've finished the game.

If you're on the fence, I'll offer you a teat as to whether or not you'd be the type of person who is likely or not to enjoy the game:

>Spend the money. Download the game and press play. Do not look any information up outside the synopsis on the game's page. Do not go to youtube when you're unsure of what to do. Let your curiosity spark imagination and lead you as to what you'd like to see or understand about the game/setting.

Now there are typically two general types of responses to this:

  • "You're crazy. I'm not spending money on this game just to find out that it isnt any good. I don't like not knowing what I'm heading in to."

>This game probably isnt for you.

  • "Don't look up anything? What kinds of mysteries are hiding in this game waiting to be discovered? I'm so intrigued.."

>This burning curiosity is integral to one's enjoyment of Outer Wilds, I think. You should get this game.

Last note is that I'm quite biased, and this game currently reigns as my favorite.


SteveIsScuba t1_jeczz8i wrote

If you like relying on YouTube tutorials


GreedyDiceGoblin t1_jed7enk wrote

Zero youtube tutorials are needed to get through the game.

Patience and an insatiable curiosity are what is necessary. If you are lacking in those, it may just not be the game for you.


PogTuber t1_jed43yz wrote

There are better written guides that lead you through the game without immediately spoiling it.