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smurfy107 t1_jeadf1v wrote

I wouldn’t sell those gems


odowd222 t1_jeac2jk wrote

Judging by how much attention anything involving Simpson’s Hit and Run receives on here. I’ll see you guys on the popular page.


Rhayco t1_jeaeif7 wrote

Remember me too!


garry4321 t1_jebfos5 wrote



Rhayco t1_jecgzy4 wrote

Redditors are regarded I barely use this app


garry4321 t1_jef8f4f wrote

Lmao, how regarded are they?


Rhayco t1_jefbayf wrote

I guess enough to care about reddit karma because it's the only "valuable" thing they have in life. Karma makes regards feel special and it keeps them coming back to the app for more of it.


ThatGamerMoshpit t1_jeawxyc wrote

I’ve been hunting for the Futurama game for ages!

When I was a kid, I went into GameStop and they told me the game didn’t exist although I already played half it 😂


_Didds_ t1_jebty8a wrote

For some reason they made a very limited number of copies for what was a perfectly normal comercial game. It's not like it's rare or anything, but stores received at the time very few copies.

When it released I had to wait 3 months for a copy to reach my local store. A friend of mine loved the game and tried to buy one as well and never got out of the waiting list.


BearSSBM t1_jeardn9 wrote

I am a massive futurama fan and im just now learning they had a game made?


wekilledbambi03 t1_jeclcdf wrote

One of the more expensive games of the era now. ~$220 in box currently


Cadian609 t1_jeacl3i wrote

Jesus, there's a lot of nostalgia there


glennous t1_jeabxxg wrote

I'll buy the Simpsons and Futurama! How much!


TheRealZllim t1_jeblp8w wrote

Don't do it! Keep them. Trust me, I regret selling all my old consoles and games.


GalacticDystopia t1_jeajrz7 wrote

That Futurama is worth some serious loot. Price it accordingly


Dabkota1 t1_jebc3l5 wrote

Futurama game is worth some money and barely find them ps2 or Xbox I’d not let that go haha


Reece3144 t1_jeah50c wrote

No way Simpsons hit and run I loved getting my ps2 out to play that.


chevyguyjoe t1_jeakmjf wrote

Instead of selling, make a museum type display in your house


GammyToaster t1_jeans7x wrote

If you're selling the original Xbox, and are willing to ship it, I'm totally interested if the price is right! The original Xbox is the only generation I'm missing for my future display of all the generations.


Character_Time5025 t1_jeapvd5 wrote

Do you have Jets vs ufos 2 game pc, or anybody know where to get it



vietcong420 t1_jebnon9 wrote

My childhood in a photo! Serious flashbacks


EeveeonE- t1_jebrfvi wrote

There was a Futurama game?


RatLord47 t1_jec7ow6 wrote

I would buy your collection if i could. So beautiful.


munkee_dont t1_jec7tr9 wrote

That there is one big box o' fun. Amped and Deadly Alliance were good games too.


chaingun_samurai t1_jeckamk wrote

Hit & Run was highly enjoyable. That one's a classic.


Crusher876 t1_jedkb93 wrote

Dang I would definitely go to that garage sale


downonthesecond t1_jedl99m wrote

The games weren't great, but I always liked the cel-shaded graphics of Family Guy, Futurama, and The Simpsons Game.

Surprising to see they were all developed and published by different companies, besides 20th Century Fox.


SheepWolves t1_jedr51x wrote

isn't the Futurama game kinda collectable now days?


xTrollhunter t1_jedvgl0 wrote

Can't fathom how there's been not been a proper simpsons game since 2007. I kinda regret selling my old consoles now. Oh well, I barely have time to play my new games anyway...


lumbirdjack t1_jeeek6p wrote

Don’t you get to ride chinchillas in Futurama???


Notcreative-number t1_jeezx5r wrote

I was so pissed back in the day that there was no Gamecube version of Futurama.

We had Hit & Run on Gamecube but I believe my brother traded it in towards a Wii while I was away at college, damn him.


Maverick916 t1_jeftruo wrote

How old are you? I sold a lot of my old my games in my teens and early 20s and i super regret it now at 35.


bensisland OP t1_jefv3h7 wrote

My friend, I am you. But why the regret? Won’t this stuff stop working eventually? And I’m sure the cash came in handy when it did.


Maverick916 t1_jefvhjq wrote

I think its nice to look back at the stuff you enjoyed as a kid. I have a big tub with my xbox, gamecube, n64 and their peripherals/controllers. I wish I still had my SNES, Gameboy and GBA, and the games. I think this stuff is just timeless, even though they may not work after a while.


bensisland OP t1_jefw1xq wrote

I am all for marvelling at things from the past. It’s like staring into a camp fire.


Maverick916 t1_jefwnhw wrote

I did get rid of all of my game cases, and have all the discs in a binder, but yeah, nostalgia is powerful