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AlcomIsst t1_je21cip wrote

Of course, they're keeping all references to Nintendo, its games, and official GC/Wii games off the Steam page.

The screenshots on the Steam page appear to only show a few homebrew games.


slayer828 t1_je3qlm8 wrote

if nintendo were smart they would have already hit the steam market themselves.


mothacluppa t1_je4k5ti wrote

Lol are you suggesting that Nintendo should make some consumer-friendly business decisions? Unlikely


[deleted] t1_je509m4 wrote

Why is that? They make so much money with selling games and Switches


slayer828 t1_je538i6 wrote

Why is Playstation doing it? If you release your older titles to new platforms, players will more likely buy your new console for the sequel. Look at horizon and God of War.


[deleted] t1_je53li9 wrote

Because play station is not the same as Nintendo.

Nintendo earns money from every Switch sold, Sony loses money on every ps5 Sold

And should I say something about sales? Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a wii u port sold 3x more copies than God of War 2018

Even in 2022, Pokemon Scarlet Violet sold twice the amount of copies compared to Gow Ragnarok


Kengfatv t1_je5ktbx wrote

Yeah? Are they making so much money off of the N64 game I downloaded? or the copy of BOTW I downloaded? I absolutely would have bought them. But there's no way I'm buying a console to play 2 games/console gen.


Aliusja1990 t1_je6si1i wrote

No but they are off all the other people who do. I didnt realize you were nintendo's sole customer lmao. Reddit gamers man. They think they are the majority lmao.


Kengfatv t1_je6su9w wrote

Oh shit are companies limited to selling their products to only a single person now? I didn't realize that. Sorry.


Aliusja1990 t1_je6tan1 wrote

Yea you should be sorry for making dumb comments lmao. Like this one too. You know what point is being made, stop evading.


Kengfatv t1_je6ujkn wrote

There is no point being made. There's no reason they can't sell games on PC and on their console, like every other company does. It makes no sense not to, they'd make millions more.

in fact consoles are even sold at a loss, specifically because they expect to make more off of individual game sales. So to have someone else emulate the console for free, and even act as a platform they could sell their games on without porting it over to PC would be nothing but beneficial to them.

You're basically trying to defend someone that goes "I have an infinite supply of icing that anyone can take from for free. I can give everybody the option of buying it if I want. But I'll only sell it to people that buy it with my cake mix. Everyone else gets it free."

like why? What's the purpose? You aren't preventing piracy, and you're losing money in the process. How does this help you?


[deleted] t1_je5ky5a wrote

They are not making games for you, you will probably just pirate the Steam version of Botw or N64, no hate but thats how it is


qrseek t1_je48gf7 wrote

They make their own emulators they have on the switch that you get free access to with a Nintendo online and online plus membership. They don't have wii and GameCube titles but they have nes, snes, n64, gameboy and gameboy advance.

edit: i dont know why yall are downvoting me for simply sharing what nintendo is doing. why would they put their emulators on steam if they want people to use their system? nintendo has never made their games cross-platform before. i said it's free bc people don't get Online to play the emulators probably, they get it to play their games online. also it's $20 a year, come on.


[deleted] t1_je4jihx wrote

>free access
>Nintendo online and online plus membership.

Not too bright.


Phantomdragon78 t1_je21p29 wrote

This has to be April fools.


Knightseason t1_je228v0 wrote


Phantomdragon78 t1_je22upl wrote

For some reason I thought all the roms would be on steam too lol. Obviously that’s illegal but the actual emulator is fine.


Rudy69 t1_je2yti5 wrote

Emulators are 100% legal as long as they don’t include bios etc


kerred t1_je3et55 wrote

On a side note RetroArch in steam worked quite well for me. The only downside so far was the default roms folder was in the usual crap folder steam games end up in by default


smatchimo t1_je42hd5 wrote

i hate their interface but i deal with it. I can't imagine what people with 1000s of games do though. probably not use it?

also this is a bit more than a side note. Title is pretty misleady. Or uninformed.


hiricinee t1_je3tb0x wrote

Emulators are easy to release. The actual roms (games) are not. Theres plenty of handheld emulation consoles released that will play those old games.


zachtheperson t1_je27kjz wrote

>We’re pleased to finally tell the world of our experiment

Was Dolphin a secret before?


MaD_JP t1_je3art4 wrote

Ive been launching dolphin through steam for years so i could use my steam controller. Is this news sposta be hype?


IllustriousEntity t1_je4268e wrote

Of course anyone could have run regular old Dolphin through steam by adding it as an external app. People have been doing that for years now.

This is a full blown steam release. And will have all the bells and whistles that come with running an app natively through steam that don't work with the old method. Retroarch did the same thing and launched a Steam version few years back. More options are better but for the most part, the standalone desktop version will still be the definite way to play.


DarthMill t1_je42a9m wrote

No. Definitely work involved with putting it on steam though.


K__Geedorah t1_je5d2s8 wrote

What would be the benefit of running dolphin through steam though? Genuinely curious why I would want to open it through steam when I can just click on the Dolphin icon that's on my desktop?


DarthMill t1_je5drxb wrote

I can’t figure that out either. Possibly steam cloud(not for Rom’s obviously) and steam input.


dr3wzy10 t1_je63whs wrote

I'm interested in the remote play and online features baked into steam. It may also be and easier way to remote play some of my GameCube library


Gorgon654 t1_je22yk7 wrote

People always joke about Nintendo going crazy over emulators and whilst I'm sure they'd like to be able to do something legally they can't since emulators don't use any of their assets or code.

So this isn't surprising at all. We'll be seeing plenty more emulators on Steam in the future I'm sure, would be different if roms were being provided as well of course.


Halvus_I t1_je2h825 wrote

Nintendo absolutely considered emulators as piracy and they are dicks about it.


OtakuMage t1_je2qr6x wrote

Would be nice to get a working Xbox (original) emulator.


RealisLit t1_je41jng wrote

Theres one called Xemu, last I checked it got a huge improvement 2 years ago so it might be better now


OtakuMage t1_je5g5gd wrote

I think that's the one I tried and the game I really wanted to play with it had the audio at normal speed but the video at 1.5x and i couldn't solve it


dr3wzy10 t1_je64742 wrote

What game was it? I have intentions of doing a big ol mod to my og Xbox so it's one of the few systems I've not delved into emulators for, well that and I know it's not quite at a state worth me checking out yet


OtakuMage t1_je6am3w wrote

Bloodwake, fun boat shooter game, no prequels or sequels.


dr3wzy10 t1_je6bb81 wrote

oh I'm very familiar with the game, I just played it with some friends last weekend actually lol good taste dude


OtakuMage t1_je6eti4 wrote

Then you can see why I want to get it working again, lol. Short of buying a used XB and the game again this is my only way, it wasn't a game that the 360 was reverse compatible for


dr3wzy10 t1_je6re15 wrote

never a bad idea to grab an og Xbox! Shout out to the r/originalxbox sub. I sorta collect for the system. There's an active project to get Xbox games back online and I feel like bloodwake is actually one of them. I plan on eventually upgrading my hard drive and installing an HDMI mod directly to my motherboard. Future proof the og lol


Killmumger t1_je2v7ym wrote

Nintendo won't rip them a new one for doing that ?


TheUmgawa t1_je3qdt7 wrote

As long as they don’t use any Nintendo trademarks, it’s very similar to the Bleem! case, and, even if they do, there’s precedent for that, but they’ll need to retain a few level 99 lawyer demons. But, in the case of Bleem!, the court found it was totally legal, because the people who made the emulator never saw the original code, as was the case in the Tengen trial.


EvilRayquaza t1_je2a70i wrote

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this, but considering even Nintendo themselves use emulators in their products, it makes sense why it'd obviously be completely fine having the dolphin emulator on steam.


alexanderpas t1_je3bjen wrote

Gamecube and Wii are the first Nintendo consoles where this can be done completely legally, as they use discs instead of cartridges, and the official controllers have official ways to connect them over USB or bluetooth.

Additionally, it's likely not a coincidence that this only will be released after the storefront on the Wii U is closed.


DarthMill t1_je42moq wrote

Unless you have evidence for cartridge being different you can legally dump them the same as the wii. Also this has no relation to the wii u as dolphin has been releasing for years perfectly fine. They even added wii support when the wii was only 2-3 years old.


ZenKoko t1_je4m8hz wrote

No lie if I were Nintendo, I’d drop something like super Mario 64 on steam and see what happens like what kind of reactions are Received.


[deleted] t1_je518ck wrote

They still drip feed online members with gameboy roms can you imagine porting Mario 64 to pc? Too much work


I_Marquosius t1_je27pmg wrote

I can understand Nintendo not being a fan of this, especially considering an emulator may have no way to discern between a legally purchased copy and an illegally pirated copy. I'm also guessing there are no laws in place of third party software providing an emulation service?

There are good things to take from this: the publicity of the decent games catalogue, discovering new games, or even being able to play games not accessible elsewhere.

Maybe Nintendo might find it better to use the emulator to identify what games from the GameCube era were popular and use that to either issue some re-releases on their modern platforms, or develop new games using feedback.


DarthMill t1_je43g37 wrote

There is no legal issues with this. Your computer doesn’t discern pirated software form non either. The law views it as the private company’s responsibility to enforce their copyright and gives them tools such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


I_Marquosius t1_je44cj5 wrote

That's what I thought. Especially concerning older games, there's nothing that would have been put in place to separate the original from other copies, so Nintendo cannot even prove what the emulated game is based on.


aaaaaa7755 t1_je3abd0 wrote

Does this mean you can play multiplayer on emulated nintedo games?


dr3wzy10 t1_je655p2 wrote

You can already do this with the stand alone emulator but I'm extremely interested to see if the process is simplified by being able to use steam features


Fujikawa1988 t1_je5pn5u wrote

Imagine if this is NOT a April fools joke


NO-MAD-CLAD t1_je5yod3 wrote

Fuck yeah. This means I can finally play some NHL hockey on steam.


LaserGadgets t1_je5zwtk wrote

Hard to understand why Nintendo never tried to take Metroid Prime to Steam. Would love to play the latest Metroid games!


AdSensitive5627 t1_jeed9fz wrote

If Nintendo started selling back catalogue games on Steam, i’d buy them.

But they want players to steal their games instead of buy them… so…


ArbitraryChaos13 t1_je35fxq wrote

Fascinating... I suppose emulators themselves aren't the issue. The real issue is where you get the games from.

Which... kind of makes getting an emulator for the Gamecube and Wii a bit odd, since the only way you could get the games is with... Gamecube or Wii discs.