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Phantomdragon78 t1_je21p29 wrote

This has to be April fools.


Knightseason t1_je228v0 wrote


Phantomdragon78 t1_je22upl wrote

For some reason I thought all the roms would be on steam too lol. Obviously that’s illegal but the actual emulator is fine.


Rudy69 t1_je2yti5 wrote

Emulators are 100% legal as long as they don’t include bios etc


kerred t1_je3et55 wrote

On a side note RetroArch in steam worked quite well for me. The only downside so far was the default roms folder was in the usual crap folder steam games end up in by default


smatchimo t1_je42hd5 wrote

i hate their interface but i deal with it. I can't imagine what people with 1000s of games do though. probably not use it?

also this is a bit more than a side note. Title is pretty misleady. Or uninformed.


hiricinee t1_je3tb0x wrote

Emulators are easy to release. The actual roms (games) are not. Theres plenty of handheld emulation consoles released that will play those old games.