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SableHalloway t1_je14gxl wrote

Loved this game.


cesil99 t1_je1waev wrote

Every time people talk about Vampire The Masquerade is because of Bloodlines, but my heart is always with this one.


Gloofa08 t1_je31icy wrote

I didn’t even know there were other games….


Winterplatypus t1_je3qlco wrote

Redemption is much better but has a dated game engine. Bloodlines was on the source engine so it stayed relevant and scaled up to modern pcs.

Don't google any info on the game, just get the game, the latest patch, and go get one of the fan made hi-res texture packs. There are major spoilers that will ruin one of the best parts about the game if you read too much about it (including in the comments here). Try to play it completely blind as a medieval vampire slaying game.

It's a bit like KOTOR1, it has a lot of flaws (janky movement/combat) but there are some amazing moments that just wouldn't be the same if you knew about them before they happen. KOTOR2 and bloodlines are good games but they are just standard games, kotor1 & redemption have some "holy shit" story moments.


Gloofa08 t1_je3ztkg wrote

Where can I even buy it? I don’t think it’s on Steam.


Gloofa08 t1_je404y2 wrote

Never mind I’m an idiot. It’s on steam. It’s cheap enough I’ll blind buy it. Thanks!


Winterplatypus t1_je4hsoc wrote

Awesome! I hope you like it. It's so tempting to talk about it but that would defeat the purpose of going in blind.


jeanborrero t1_je2eskk wrote

Same! I’d love to play through again but last time I tried it felt dated. Still worth a few hours IMO


PapaProto t1_je1adnk wrote

Every time I see a post about Vampire, any entry, I just lament the fact that Bloodlines2 is in purgatory… if not downright cancelled.


ZiggysStarman t1_je1bqpq wrote

You are not alone friend, we were so close.

On the other hand, the game that was being developed looked like it had some major issues. I am glad it is not canceled, but I was hoping to get some news by now.


k1ng_bl0tt0 t1_je1jr28 wrote

Major issues, just like the first one. Those were eventually patched over by fans (10 years later)


ZiggysStarman t1_je1kkir wrote

Yes, I feel you. I would have taken that game broken over it not being released at all. Hell, they could just release some modding tools and the community would have picked it up.


PapaProto t1_je1cbhs wrote

Yeah, anything at this point would be appreciated. Further delay, but still definitely coming is more welcome news than no news at all.

Even just a drop.


laineDdednaHdeR t1_je1el7x wrote

This and Betrayal at Krondor.


Drusgar t1_je1t5u6 wrote

That's a blast from the past. Ravenloft, too. That midi music.


r0gue007 t1_je2dsx9 wrote

For sure!

Was such a Feist fan as well, his Magician books were the perfect trope for a jr high kid like me


minmixmax t1_je2jxh5 wrote

seeing this name in the wild just SENT me, thank you


Kyrkby t1_je1930f wrote

Cool game, but I remember it being frustrating as hell, atleast the combat.

It also came with a editor where you could make your own stuff. I believe you could have a player acting as a DM and have a tabletop style campaign. No idea how indepth it was though as I only toyed around with it a little.


UrDaD728 t1_je1jz8x wrote

RuneScape is still around


callum354625 t1_je2s78j wrote

And if you want some of the nostalgia OldSchool RuneScape is getting more content updates fairly regularly.


Alucard-VS-Artorias t1_je1gg3r wrote

Loved that game. Really wild how half-way into it you fast forward to the 20th century too. Would really love a remake on this gem.


VeverkoMracni t1_je15o0d wrote

Man! I got that game in some italian gaming magazine that I couldn't understand at all because I'm from Serbia. The game was awesome.


e_di_pensier t1_je1hdsl wrote

Have you tried Old School RuneScape?


Angus_Ripper t1_je26xiy wrote

Get Serena, turn the volume up and and start feeding each other.


varukimm t1_je1p9vz wrote

I love this game, so many memories


ACorania t1_je21jgf wrote

Great story line. I love this game.


crissan79 t1_je2uqjm wrote

It had a fantastic OST that really improved the overall experience!


larsonbp t1_je38kff wrote

I loved this game so much. Especially the multiplayer component where you could host a server and act as a DM linking rooms and deciding on enemies/quests/treasure on the fly.


Kazu88 t1_je437vz wrote

Does it run well on Win 10 ?


dccs120 OP t1_je46o6b wrote

Yup, I'm running it on Windows 10, using dgVoodoo2 and a FOV fix. Runs perfectly without lagging.


maknathal t1_je479zh wrote

Sorry OP, just wanted to say try Arcanum of Steamworks and Magic Obscura. Great underrated game, best story ever


yama1291 t1_je175v0 wrote

Loved it when it came out, would surely buy it again if it ever got a remake.


ReturnOfSuperman t1_je1palt wrote

Good times! I've got my CDs around here somewhere, I think I might have to fire it up again one day.


Ryrishman t1_je1puwv wrote

I used to watch my dad play this and thief all the time on the PC. I would love to play these games myself ! Don’t have a PC yet


bobisz t1_je1sapy wrote

classic, one of my all time fav! incredible atmosphere


hagg3n t1_je1xys9 wrote

The multiplayer with campaign builder in this game was fantastic and blew my young mind away.


Jigensama t1_je2eqyt wrote

I really enjoyed that one. Also the sword was stupidly overpowered if you brought it to the modern age.


Pigs_in_the_Porridge t1_je2grd2 wrote

My buddy's company made this game. Cool to see it getting some love still.


PinkamenaVTR2 t1_je2ixhr wrote

I really need to finish this game...and Bloodlines


Darqologist t1_je2krxb wrote

Feral Claws all the way for combat.


ZenKoko t1_je2ug4r wrote

I bought this game a few weeks ago, but I would enjoy some tips from


Far_Sided t1_je30kjl wrote

Get the mods so you can enjoy it in 16:9. It took me half an hour of tweaking to get everything to where I wanted it.


Chernobog3 t1_je3ds4k wrote

If I recall, you want to keep your eye out later in the game for some hidden vault that contains the frost magic thaumaturgy. I remember the final boss being a pain in the ass without it.


Far_Sided t1_je30brn wrote

Loved this game, and the mods are great for playing it today. I just wish every other line wasn't about his darling Anneska. Like, build a bridge dude.


eriathorn t1_je32qo2 wrote

Damn, i really loved that game, but im petrified seeing the graphics now, in my memory it looked a lot better


Bob_Juan_Santos t1_je3bn9i wrote

game was decent, the UI, slightly less so.

though it's always fun chop gun wielding goons with a sword in modern london and new york


danrod17 t1_je3q1d0 wrote

Holy shit. I played this game with my brother. I could never remember what it was. Thank you.


Ninetynineups t1_je4l2cx wrote

When I played this, I got my hands on some life gain weapon that was a femur very early on. It was better than anything else I found till the final part. So strange running around smacking people with a big bone.


ibadlyneedhelp t1_je1m9k4 wrote

I liked it at the time, but now I think it's way too much Diablo and not enough Bloodlines.


PopDatSkooma t1_je4gmbw wrote

This pic made me miss playing Dungeon Siege


PG2009 t1_je5tdpf wrote

Wow, this is giving me Witcher 1 vibs, especially the face at the bottom. Was there any shared development? I know Witcher came much later...


Serafiel0705 t1_je6ix0h wrote

This is one of the best games ever made and one of two alonside with Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines the best games about vampires.

I also played book rpg version of this when I was young. It was great times.

Tremere clan the best because mages ftw!