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milkman1218 t1_je9xxg1 wrote

I will forever remember the night elf starting island. Such a great memory of a young me getting addicted to the most popular mmo at the time.


The-Cynicist t1_jea0y8j wrote

Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine Forest were always my starting areas (Undead). I loved those areas so much especially coming off the high of WC3. The early years of WoW really were something special.


milkman1218 t1_jea5r44 wrote

Tell me about it, I can still remember thinking how am I going to get 100 gold for my first mount! I remember it taking ages back in vanilla not only getting to level to 20 but grinding gold unless you were a high level crafter was such a pain. I was always jealous of druids, eventually made a druid tank for cata.