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Edit: I realize now there is dlc with the knife so nvm

I must be the only one that finds the limited ammo mechanic super annoying. Recently started playing the RE2 remake and it makes me not want to play with how many bullets it takes to eliminated regular zombies. I already know "yOu dOnT hAvE tO kiLl aLl tHe zOmBiEs" still you shoot a zombie in the head once and they should die. Nothing can survive their brains going out the back of their skull I'm in the sewers and have no bullets and have to start a new game and not kill any zombies pretty much to save ammo which is so stupid and doesn't make the game more difficult for the sake of skill but just to be annoying. Kinda like giving the bosses more health doesn't add to the challenge in other games it's a fake way to make games seem like they have "higher difficulty settings"



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SgtWaffleSound t1_jebv6lb wrote

There's a million games where you have effectively infinite ammo. The RE series specifically avoids this so that shooting everything isn't a viable option.


RejectedInfant OP t1_jebvess wrote

Yeah but in the original you had an unbreakable knife...... Now you have to find all the stupid ass statues to unlock it


SynthV t1_jebwdfj wrote

Thats... literally the point of survival horror


eawardie t1_jebvpn7 wrote

TLDR; It's not meant to be a shooter.

I think you're confusing or missing the actual point of the game. The limited ammo mechanic isn't just a difficulty modifier, it part of RE's DNA. That's how survival horror works. Now whether zombies should die with one headshot or not is probably a lore discussion. But I think it might just not be "your kind of game". As cliché as that might sound.

Personally, I have tried multiple times to play and enjoy Souls-Bourne games. But I just can't. Doesn't mean the games are bad or have dumb mechanics. It's just not a genre I enjoy. So I just watch other people finish them in ever more impossible ways.


RejectedInfant OP t1_jebw0cx wrote

If they kept the unbreakable knife in the game without having to unlock it this wouldn't bother me as much. I enjoyed the first game


eawardie t1_jebw6lw wrote

Can't speak out of experience myself. But the first game will always be there, no?


RejectedInfant OP t1_jebwe46 wrote

Yeah the graphics are godawful I enjoyed it for what it was at the time but can't deal with it now personally so I was excited when this came out


smadajosh t1_jec2uq2 wrote

I played through the RE2R like 5 times on all difficulty settings and even on firt playthough never had any problems with knife or ammo

also if knife bothers you that much just pay £1 for the unbreakable knife....


RejectedInfant OP t1_jec8hob wrote

You can fucking buy it? Wow wish I knew that before I made this post


smadajosh t1_jec8lms wrote

yeah man check the addons its literally like 1-2 pounds you get the infinite knife and a couple other bits


Sabetha1183 t1_jebw37c wrote

Resident Evil 2 is survival horror, which is a genre that really only works by making the player have to worry about resources like ammo and meds. Otherwise you have just another zombie shooter which is fine, but not what Resident Evil original set out to be.

At least until you get more practiced at the game, anyway. It's very possible to kill every zombie in RE2 remake and still have tons of ammo left over by the end of it, even without relying on the infinite knife.


RejectedInfant OP t1_jebwxlc wrote

Last of us did a much better job


Sabetha1183 t1_jec0fxj wrote

Good for TLOU. It's not really trying to be the same thing as a Resident Evil game.

Even if you made fun of the sentiment, the point literally is "you don't have to kill them all". You're supposed to consider if it's worth burning up the ammo to fully clear that hallway or if you can get by just staggering them with 1-2 shots and sprinting past.

Knife durability likely came about as an idea because an infinite knife runs counter to that philosophy. Especially given how powerful the knife in RE2 remake actually is, even the non infinite variant.

Of course, Resident Evil has a history of letting players unlock infinite weapons so they can go nuts on future playthroughs so we get the infinite knife(and infinite ammo weapons) via an unlock.


itsmyfirsttimegoeasy t1_jebvtpb wrote

Limited resources are a staple of the series, it forces the player to be more strategic.

Resident Evil ain't cod.


RejectedInfant OP t1_jebwt3r wrote

The first last of us blows re out of the water by miles that's not cod either


itsmyfirsttimegoeasy t1_jebx01a wrote

Terrible comparison.


RejectedInfant OP t1_jebx3oy wrote

That's also the same exact genre as RE2


XZamusX t1_jeccmrx wrote

It also came years after RE2, while RE2Remake is a new game they had to stay within the confines of the original game.

Also for what I remember you get enough ammo even on hardcore to kill almost everything you come across, once you learn to abuse the stagger on zombies you save so much ammo that it was honestly one of the last concerns when I was speedrunning for the unlocks.


RejectedInfant OP t1_jecrver wrote

The original had the unbreakable combat knife from the beginning of the game which made it way easier. I didn't realize there was dlc until after this post


XZamusX t1_jecw0pw wrote

Never used the knife on OG the damage was garbage, Re2Re knife is actually a powerful tool which can be used to escape grabs if I remember correctly, it trivializes lickers and I think it can kill Birkin 1 faster than a gun.


FierceDeityGabe t1_jec65ji wrote

One of the biggest skill issues I've seen in a while


RejectedInfant OP t1_jec8ctn wrote

Never had this problem in the original when they had the fucking UNBREAKABLE KNIFE from the start


FierceDeityGabe t1_jecby4u wrote

Who asked about a knife? I left nothing alive in the remake and never struggled with ammo. Play Roblox?


Neon_Ramen_Sign t1_jebxckp wrote

I like It, It’s immersive and makes everything that much more intense. Like someone else said there’s a million games where your character is holding millions of rounds in invisible storage.


RejectedInfant OP t1_jebxfkm wrote

If they kept the unbreakable knife at the start there would be no issue


djr7 t1_jebx99q wrote

limited ammo mechanic?

you mean reloading?

having limited resources is not a mechanic, that's more of a feature.

either way it just sounds like the game isn't for you


RejectedInfant OP t1_jebxcus wrote

I played the original where you had the unbreakable knife the remake is trash


M1de23 t1_jec6kgi wrote

It’s not for you, put it down and play something else. Call of Duty sounds more your thing.


RejectedInfant OP t1_jec896q wrote

Last of us is a much better zombie game its not the genre it's the shitty remake


M1de23 t1_jech4rl wrote

Last of Us isn’t fit to lace Resident Evil’s boots.


RejectedInfant OP t1_jecq4li wrote

Lmao that's like saying a Brazilian steakhouse taste mediocre compared to steak'n'shake


herpderpomygerp t1_jechuo3 wrote

Ya know ya don't have to be a daft asshole in the comments but ......comparing the last of us to resident evil of all things is a disgrace (rant over) ,

, if you have that much of an issue with survival horror dayz, it'll give you your zombie killing survival fix without any horror and you can find plenty of ammo or melee weapons to kill them with ,

, ya know since dayz, the last of us and resident evil are all the same type of game you'd probably enjoy dying light or dead island as well for your ammo and weapon option fix and unlimited ammo fix as well


RejectedInfant OP t1_jecrlzv wrote

I like the story of resident evil and the original had the unbreakable knife which made the game way more manageable. I didn't know you could get it in a dlc until after I made this post


herpderpomygerp t1_jefb25j wrote

Go play raccoon city then it's basically a l Squad shooter with barely any ammo limitations instead of survival horror


dracoolya t1_jecl8ug wrote

> -60 comment karma

Damn, homie!


greeder41 t1_jecn8n5 wrote

Yep, out of billions and billions of people, you must be the only one


Waste-Reception5297 t1_jedsqh9 wrote

Actual skull issue


RejectedInfant OP t1_jeed38c wrote

Yeah I have an actual life so I don't get a lot of time to play video games


Waste-Reception5297 t1_jef44n9 wrote

Me too, I still really think it's super tuned and we'll designed to keep the right amount of tension


RejectedInfant OP t1_jef4fc6 wrote

I got the dlc but I'm only using the knife and pistol so as it's not super easy. I only use the pistol when I run out of regular ammo it's not something that's an issue in any other zombie game I've ever played


Waste-Reception5297 t1_jefurfd wrote

You're not really meant to be able to kill zombies, especially early in the game. Guns are used to stagger them, not straight up kill them. You can't beat them really, you gotta survive them


[deleted] t1_jebyhvb wrote



RejectedInfant OP t1_jebyqt0 wrote

I'm on Xbox I'm just gonna try and unlock the unbreakable knife and start a new game


Tencho2010 t1_jechtpi wrote

For recent RE titles, there are paid DLC that unlocks unlimited ammo and extra weapon (which is rewarded for beating game on high difficulty), I just buy those and have a good time, Tyrant BOW, no prob, I've got unlimited rockets....

Wait for this to come out for RE4 remake, and then I will buy the game.


NoFuture1703 t1_jechz0u wrote

I’ve played those games and you can still definitely kill everything. Don’t be bad and it’s doable, you can literally just buy OP games in-game… idk what the issue is here


nyghtrite t1_jeci3pj wrote

Wah, managing is too hard. /s

Reminds me of people complaining on a multiplayer free game called No More Room in Hell where vanilla mode is where you have to manage your ammo wisely because it's finite. People bitched because they couldn't go around shooting thousands of rounds into zombies so they'd be douchebags and waste all of the ammo in a normal game before quitting.


Wolfenstein2021 t1_jef3b3q wrote

Nah man look resident evil games are not some easy walk through and one tap zombies games. It’s like 4 or 5 shots to the head in every game. With a pistol. Shotgun is 1 or 2. The games are very hard. I shoot them pretty much every time , to death, cause I don’t want them coming back for me. In re 2 when down you can burn them so they dont get up. Also shoot the head till a puddle of blood grows. Now it’s ok to complain, but this is the way it is. I’m a good gamer and I’ve tried hard to get like an A grade on a play through and I can’t do it. It goes up to S. I got a B tho which I’m satisfied with. There’s enough ammo. The ammo isn’t the problem. You gotta go the right way and all that. Watch some walkthroughs. And yeah a zombie you shoot their head but the brain is kinda big like a roast beef the little bullet doesn’t destroy it, 4 or 5 sure now you’ve Swiss cheesed that brain. It’s not a human that needs it’s frontal loab to think or something. It needs like 2 brain cells to limp toward you and go Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


RejectedInfant OP t1_jef3ipd wrote

I got the dlc so I'm not worried about ammo. I'm only using the knife and pistol though because it can't be too easy


Wolfenstein2021 t1_jef50eg wrote

Nice nice. Yeah the whole RE series can be frustrating. I loved the first one the most. I painfully beat the games but it is way more fun to play once you unlock some unlimited ammo gun for sure. Just try and have fun. I would use ign walkthroughs when I got lost but not the videos, the text ones so I don’t spoil it. They’re pretty good cause they won’t tell you what exactly is going to happen so you still get surprised. Enjoy.


TwanToni t1_jec9301 wrote

yeah... It feel like the default difficulty never has enough ammo or health and when you get to a boss you gotta restart. Stupid design imo, they can add something so you don't have to restart the whole game if you run out of everything


RejectedInfant OP t1_jecfsol wrote

Unfortunately this is the minority opinion there are other zombie survival games that do it a lot better


Sweatty-LittleFatty t1_jedhn9a wrote

There is always enought ammo to kill the bosses IN THE BOSS ARENA, It is a design choice from RE since the early days, and was kept in all Remakes so far. If there isn't enought ammo, than the Boss is not mandatory at that point.


RejectedInfant OP t1_jeedm6r wrote

I figured that out when I knocked William Birkin off the, I guess it's kinda like a bridge, with the shipping container