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I suppose this goes for movies too, but ive noticed this is a far bigger problem for games. Surely I can't be the only one who thinks spoilers are bad, right? I constantly see thumbnail spoilers in my yt feed for games I havent had the time to play yet, and whenever I go to the comments to say something like: "Thanks for the spoilers", I get absolutely dogpiled on, with people defending the one who spoiled the game, ALWAYS.

The usual things people say are stuff like:

"Dude its been out for a week, if you cared you would have played it by now"

"Well here you are, clicking on the video whining. Boo hoo!" (Even when its a thumbnail spoiler.)

"Should have told YT to not recommend it!" (Which literally has never worked for me.)

"Just don't use the internet!"

I think the whole "its x years old" argument simply doesnt work, because things constantly get popular and un-popular again, not to mention the new generations of gamers who literally couldnt play the game when it came out. And even with remakes of games people should definetly realise that A LOT of brand new people want to play the game, but nooooo... Its Ok to spoil! These people basically say "F*** you for not being born 10 years earlier" or whatever, and im completely and utterly sick of it. But what do you think? Is spoiling really OK?



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TierneyV3 t1_jdqhad4 wrote

I don’t get why YouTubers have to put spoilers in their thumbnails, it spoiled the last boss of a game for me one time and really pissed me off. I did learn my lesson to stay off YouTube when a new game comes out but still think people don’t need to include spoilers for games in their thumbnails, if I’ve started looking up videos for a game YouTube will start recommending me videos of that game and many of the videos have titles that are spoilers.


Clicks_9852 t1_jdql700 wrote

Yup doing that now until Tears of the Kingdom comes out. I don’t even want to watch the official trailers.


Flanelman2 t1_jdv5kzs wrote

Reminded me of the Mafia 3 trailer, it shows you working with a dude for ages then him pulling a gun on you or something and I just said to my friend "oh, so he betrays you does he?" and neither of us could figure out why they put it in the trailer.


obvs_throwaway1 t1_jdsf8ve wrote

> I did learn my lesson to stay off YouTube when a new game comes out

Same with movies.


TierneyV3 t1_jdsphj5 wrote

Ya I stayed off everything until I finished god of war ragnarok to avoid spoilers, but I was recently playing through the dead space games and I was watching some tip videos for dead space 3 so videos with spoilers came up in my recommended. Kinda annoying but what can ya do.


Manoreded t1_jdt4d8y wrote


Keep telling Youtube to not recommend clickbaity youtubers and you will eventually stop getting that channel.


TierneyV3 t1_jdtat46 wrote

Yes the don’t recommend videos from this channel option helps a lot


Keksis_theBetrayed t1_jdqm2wn wrote

Because people like OP click on the video. They engage with the video by commenting. It feeds the cycle.


tvirustodd t1_jdqup1z wrote

It’s the exact same people who belong to the douchebag club


thesaltscribe t1_jdrevm5 wrote

I felt this way for some time and I've basically been told the same things. Apparently if I don't want to be spoiled by something then it's my responsibility to just isolate myself from every piece of media ever and not socialize with anyone until I experience the thing. It's too much to ask of people to just control themselves.

Once final fantasy 16 comes out I'm probably going to have to just delete my internet accounts because I work 40 hours a week and I do not have the time to beat that game in a single sitting, and I'm sure that because I've showed interest in it my YouTube is going to have all the spoilers endings and secrets within the first 48 hours of the game's release.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdrj8yt wrote

ikr? The people who say that are probably people who have nothing but free time, and then say ItS yOuR fAuLt. Its super infuriating.


thesaltscribe t1_jdrzpkn wrote

The people who say that have no self control and don't want to feel guilty over spoiling things.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 comes out in theaters and my discord friend is going to see it. I ask them, plead with them, to not spoil anything. "Seriously, don't. I can't see the movie right now like you." What do they do after they've seen it? Jump right into an ongoing voice call and begin talking about all the spoilers.

Later I was told I should've just avoided them because it's not their fault they got excited and wanted to talk about it. You cannot win with these people.


obvs_throwaway1 t1_jdsfiuq wrote

"I've no empathy or regard for other people but I don't wanna feel bad about it"


[deleted] t1_jdsqs57 wrote

So, instead of controlling yourself, you expect millions of randoms on the internet to control themselves? Most spoiler people just get worked up about the idea of spoilers and not the spoilers themselves. Taking on the journey yourself is completely different than viewing bits and pieces out of context, those bits and pieces are more likely to enhance the experience than to completely ruin it. That is unless a person is so bent out of shape that they've been soiled they can't enjoy all the parts that lead up to and follow the event.

Tldr, spoiler people are drama queens


Marka2333 t1_jdqczoj wrote

Spoiling a game is never ok unless it's pretty old and even then only when talking about the game in a constructive way and not just going out of your way to spoil it for people


Shittybuttholeman69 t1_jdrcqmv wrote

I’m still pissed about darth Vader being spoiled in a thumbnail a couple hours after fallen order came out


Zuam9 t1_jds17tt wrote

It’s just toxic people. They want to be annoying and the best way to be annoying is to spoil things for others.

Big movie releases are the worst. I’ve given up trying to not see spoilers anymore, it’s too much effort. If they’re gona spoil it let them. Im still gona either like the movie or dislike it regardless of the spoiler.


Jwhitey96 t1_jdsncjs wrote

Honestly I don’t think anyone is in the right here, there are two very valid sides to this argument. OP is correct they shouldn’t have to avoid all social media to avoid spoilers or a game as this is then punishment for them having other commitments. On the other hand people have careers on YouTube and social media, they rely on views to generate an income. No unfortunately a catchy thumbnail draws in more viewers, I don’t think content creators are doing it on purpose to spoil games for other people. It really comes down to shitty algorithms.

I was playing chained echoes and was online talking to people about it and this made YouTube recommend videos of the game to me, including videos whos thumbnails and titles were spoilers. It really sucks but that’s the nature of the beast. The content I accidentally saw couldn’t have done anything different. What’s was it meant to do? Have an obscure name? Then people seeking that content wouldn’t be able to find it and both creator and viewer lose out. Should the thumbnail have not had a boss in it? Sure, then it wouldn’t have generated interest in the video and again same scenario.

Unfortunately for you the responsibility falls to both parties and it is far from ideal. However if one is slightly more so in the right I would say it I actually the content creator, provided it is their job then sorry but they literally have too to make money.


Manoreded t1_jdt4ufr wrote

People want to discuss things and make references, though. That would be very difficult if people were always wary of bringing anything up from a game/movie no matter how old the thing was.

I think observing a "grace period" before spoilers are allowed is the best compromise, although its not as if we all agree on what that period should be.


TheRNGuy t1_jdqpfw7 wrote

I don't read reviews and rarely go to steam forum, usually after I beat the game.


Commercial_Durian149 t1_jdqpshs wrote

You dont need to see it, when kingdom hearts 3 take of the world eas with the hype, i didnt watch youtube for a week, thats all you need, hype dies fast, or in most cases you can even just close the tab when something you dont want to see appears


Toeachhisownopinion t1_jdqv7hf wrote

Yes,this sucks. Probably "new age gamers" assume that everbody need to preorder game and play 24/7.


EvilRo66 t1_jdr5x0n wrote

I swear by Luke's father's black helmet and red lightsaber, I hate spoilers!


thedoggydaddy t1_jdrc2og wrote

If a youtube channel puts spoilers in their thumbnail I instantly select do not recommend channel and personally shun them. It's about all you can do.


corinna_k t1_jds6y9u wrote

Yeah, it's annoying. When I first started Stardew Valley, I wanted to look up something on YouTube. Somehow, the algorithm knew that I was interested in the game and showed me the thumbnail of a video about Abigails >!possible father!<. See what I did there? I covered the spoiler. That way people who know the game and the character can make the choice to look at it and talk about it. But it is still respectful to others who haven't played that game yet. People can also post pics and just use the spoiler tag. How hard is it to avoid spoilers in the title? If you don't do that, you are either too stupid or an inconsiderate AH. Either way, I am quick with reporting spoiler posts.


Darth_Rutsula t1_jdsq71c wrote

>I think the whole "its x years old" argument simply doesnt work, because things constantly get popular and un-popular again, not to mention the new generations of gamers who literally couldnt play the game when it came out.

There comes a point where if you were going to play or watch something, you would have done it by now.

Take star wars for example, episode 5 came out in 1980, 40 years ago. If you didn't know that Vader is Luke's father and take a lot of issue with it, why in your whole life until now haven't you watched a movie you supposedly had interest in?

If we had to tiptoe around spoilers constantly, we may as well just hide all of the text that these subreddits get.

Personally I've never been bothered by spoilers, they don't add or take away from the media. Lack of spoilers never add enjoyment, spoilers don't take away. If anything, spoilers help drive the anticipation and excitement.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdtyz19 wrote

>Personally I've never been bothered by spoilers, they don't add or take away from the media.

So spoilers are okay because they don't bother you? Ok. What about most the people who hate spoilers? And also did you not read what I actually said?? You even quoted it, but you didn't debunk it in any way.


Darth_Rutsula t1_jdvdw2p wrote

I'd argue that most people aren't bothered by spoilers, just that those who are bothered by them are extremely vocal about it.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdvfirc wrote

I know literally no one who "doesnt mind spoilers." I just know people who hate them, it seems that all the people here arguing for spoilers are the loud minority.


Darth_Rutsula t1_jdvgdqj wrote

Look to YouTube and Twitch, a new game comes out and droves of people are watching them. Reviewers do their thing for publications. There are millions of people worldwide who will watch or read about a new game (or movie).

Last of Us 2 famously had Joel's death shared before the game came out and it still became a massive success.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdvicsc wrote

Joel dies at the start, and TLOU is still a game, so while spoilers could ruin stories of games, I could see myself buying a game either way even if something gets spoiled. And ppl watching their favourite streamers play a game proves nothing, because they could have already played the game (some people have A LOT of free time), or they simply don't care about the game. I know I wouldnt be upset if my little pony got spoiled for me. And even I myself might watch ending scenes of movies that im interested in, but not enough to watch it properly, like the trap scenes in saw movies because of morbid curiosity.


KingPotato93 t1_jdtr54k wrote

Why haven't I played X game? I'm sorry I have a job, bills to pay, a significant other to hang out with, a decent sleep schedule, and have to cook my own food. Let me just put everything "unimportant" down so I can play this game.

Spoiler culture is honestly terrible and there should honestly be like a statute of limitations on how quick you can pay spoilers for any kind of media.


Briar_Knight t1_jdtyzsa wrote

At a certain point with things that are big in pop culture and old you can't really expect to avoid spoilers. People aren't going to tip toe around that forever.

But yeah, it is common courtesy to avoid spoilers in titles and thumbnails and use spoiler tags unless it's a thread that is obviously going to be full of spoilers.

I saw one recently where someone was like "wow, I just started the game and I'm hyped X character is in this" and then immediately people started replying with how cool the boss fight where they get turned into a demon is. (-‸ლ)


MrBurns1619 t1_jdqczqk wrote

An honest answer is I think games stress the story less then the experience. And so does the community at large. A lot of games have a story only as an excuse to play the game(gta, saints row, far cry) that isnt always the case some games are heavily reliant on the story (last of us) but it's much harder to stumble across spoilers for games like that. The feeling of going though the story is better for me personally if I know the ending or how my choices affect that ending. I don't like surprises.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdqddsw wrote

For me it's the opposite. I got an merciless never-ending barrage of spoilers for red dead redemption 2, even after telling youtube to not recommend ANYTHING related to the wild west or whatever. I actually almost never finished it because of it, and to this day I can't enjoy that game because im always reminded about how that games story was robbed from me.


MrBurns1619 t1_jdqe85y wrote

Maybe it was my adhd but I never finished the game either. I got caught up hunting for hours on end and making a nuisance of myself until I burned myself out. But you're right there is an issue with how loose lipped people can be with games. Couldn't tell you how to fix it outside of taking breaks from social media while playing.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdqf341 wrote

I know social media breaks is the awnser, but the point here is that spolier culture seems to favor people who spoil stuff.


MrBurns1619 t1_jdqg5fd wrote

gaming culture favors people who play games, gym culture favors those who are athletic, car culture favors mechanics, and so on and so on and so on... if you aren't a mechanic, why go to a car meet? If you aren't interested in being athletic, why go to a gym? My point is you've entered into a culture you don't like and then question why you're there. Sure, I get that it leaks on to gaming culture more heavily than movies or books, but it's each of our own obligations to avoid spoilers for ourselves. It's rough, but it's the life we live.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdqicml wrote

That doesnt really work. I play plenty of games, i just dont want to get spoiled.


MrBurns1619 t1_jdqjhl5 wrote

You're saying they are the same culture. They aren't. It's more like a vinn diagram they intersect but are not the same. Spoiler culture also intersects with books as I know too well and with movie culture, as I also know too well. And youtube thumbnails spoil as many movies as they do games. We all remember the endgame fiasco, I'm sure. Books are mostly immune from digital spoilers but aunt Margaret is a bitch and hates me so I usually hear the end of some books before I read them and book clubs suffer from at least one mouthy member or two that read faster than the rest of us.


SloppySouvlaki t1_jdr6jad wrote

Can you give an example of one of these details that was spoiled for you? I’m not trying to offend you, but based on reading the other comments and your replies, you might just have a VERY broad definition of what a spoiler is. I think the problem is that you care a lot about something that most people care very little about and you’re asking “why doesn’t everyone take this as seriously as I do?”


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdr7bu9 wrote

The spoiler I had recently that made me write this was when in RE4 remake someone did a spoiler thumbnail where they showed >!Luis' death.!<


Fangscale40K t1_jds7kho wrote

People on the internet will twist your words & personify you to be who they want to attack, not who you are or what you’re saying.


bingbongbungbeng t1_je1izi5 wrote

If spoilers ruin your enjoyment of something, you never really liked it to begin with ✌️


Pokesamus217 t1_jdrxkz6 wrote

The thing about spoilers is that in the end how much do they matter?

The only thing that gets ruined is the sense of surprise from learning about it for the first time. Everything else is still there and provided it’s good enough then the sense of surprise isn’t needed to enjoy it.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdrxuv6 wrote

For me spoilers can utterly ruin games. I try not to care, but cant.


Pokesamus217 t1_jdryllu wrote

Ok can you please elaborate for me how spoilers can ruin games? Sorry if this sounds dickish by but I do want to try and understand where you’re coming from.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdrys49 wrote

Because whats the point of "experiencing" something if theres nothing to "experience" because it got spoiled?


Pokesamus217 t1_jds1swd wrote

Ok gonna be honest. That’s hot garbage in terms of reasoning.

What’s the point of enjoying your favorite food if you’ve already had it? What’s the point of rereading or rewatching anything if you already experienced it before?

There’s plenty of things that are immensely enjoyable even if we know what the end result is. Prequels wouldn’t exist if that wasn’t the case


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdug2a7 wrote

Garbage reasoning? Youre literally comparing movies to a burger. Youre the one whos not making any sense at all. Visually and audibly maybe, but story wise? Nope. You have no idea what youre talking about.

It bothers me how shitty that take is.


StranglesMcWhiskey t1_jdqh4sc wrote

Are you suggesting that people never make any public commentary about anything?

I get it, I don't want to see a big spoiler about a show a day or two after it comes out on Twitter or whatever, but if I'm interested in something I avoid the topic. I managed to avoid spoilers about every Star Wars movie and show, because I care about that. Andor has been out for how long and all I know about it is that it's very good and I need to get around to watching it.

I played about 15 hours of rdr2, and never finished but always thought I might go back. I never encountered an accidental spoiler for it. I eventually realized I'd never get back to it and watched a let's play to intentionally find out the rest of the story.

I'm on YouTube a lot. I work from home and have ample time to watch videos, and I don't find avoiding spoilers that hard, it just takes a littler effort on my part.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdqi6kz wrote

Im suggestin people be a little more considerate about others. Youre lucky to not be spoiled, but not everyone. Saying "spoilers ahead" isnt that hard I dont think.


StranglesMcWhiskey t1_jdqnfuo wrote

Sure, and people intentionally spoiling things are assholes, but you have to take some personal responsibility on the internet too.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_je4mxrj wrote

You all keep saying personal responsibility. What do you mean?? There is no "personal responsibility" on the net, its all algorythms and if the algorythm decides to show you a spoiler (wheter or not you say dont recommend) theres nothing you can do. And the "dont use social media" thing is bs. Im not going to change my way of life because someone with too much free time wants to be an asshole. All I want is no spoiler thumbnails right after something comes out, and just a quick "spoiler alert." Ppl these days seem to be so ADHD even that seems to be too much to ask.


throughthespillways t1_jdqc54g wrote

Not spoiler "culture", its people making content that happens to be a spoiler for you. Its not their responsibility to protect you.

Spoilers/leaks for things are that aren't out yet are bad, yes. But people on the internet talking about something that you haven't played/watched isn't their problem, sorry.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdqcyhb wrote

It isn't their problem, but it's also common courtesy to not make spoiler thumbnail videos 1 day after a game gets released. For actually old games that nothing has been done to (i.e. no remakes or whatever) it's still annoying, but understandable. I just cant really understand why there has to flat out spoilers without warning. Maybe a 2 sec spoiler warning isnt too much to ask if possible?


Darth_Rutsula t1_jdsqoyd wrote

Not everyone will play a game themselves. It's not much different from a thumbnail that you'll see on the popular streaming services.


[deleted] t1_jdst1x0 wrote

Why are you seeking information about a game before it comes out if you know you hate spoilers? How hard is it to assume spoilers if there is no warning or mention of spoilers being present or not? I think you just like the drama of playing spoiler victim like most of the spoiler cult.


Notnowcmg t1_jdqd0i9 wrote

Tend to agree with the first few comments here, essentially you need to take responsibility yourself as it’s not up to other people to protect you from spoilers. If you haven’t had chance to play the latest game yet but you want to avoid spoilers then simply stay off social media/YouTube, you can’t expect the world to stop for you.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdqdprp wrote


But the question is are spoilers ok? Do you think it's ok to spoil things? Id rather not live like a caveman, just because someone with too much free time feels like ruining games for others. And it doesnt matter that you tell YT to not recommend you stuff. The universe always finds a way to spoil you somehow.


Notnowcmg t1_jdqe3xu wrote

Just stay off YouTube until you’ve played? I don’t really use it so I don’t know how it works but I imagine when a new game is released videos pop up everywhere. People are entitled to make videos. Also, where does it stop? Like is the threshold when YOU personally have played the game, then it’s ok? Because there will always be someone who hasn’t got around to playing it yet - but that’s on them and that’s why they have to take responsibility themselves if they want to avoid spoilers.

Are spoilers ok? No, not really. But you’re never going to avoid them because between people genuinely making content and just idiots who make it their goal to post spoilers everywhere to purposely upset people you’re never going to escape them completely unless you take responsibility.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdqek7d wrote

If you think that to avoid spoilers you have to get out of yt, at that point you should just not use an internet connection, because its not just YT. Its all social media. What I wanted to say is basically that surely it isn't that hard to say "spoilers btw," because just as you also said, new people are constantly playing things and I don't think it's too much work to warn people of spoilers. But im just a fool who doesnt take responsibility I guess. Curse me for suggesting people be just a weensy teensy bit more thoughtful of others. I mean this whole post got even downvoted.


Notnowcmg t1_jdqevef wrote

Aside from when someone posted a spoiler on a thread about football about a game I was playing I’ve managed to avoid spoilers for both tv shows and games. In my first comment I mentioned avoiding both social media and YouTube as I would personally avoid both if actively trying to avoid spoilers for something - you however have stated on two separate occasions that YouTube has spoiled things for you both in your original post and about red dead 2. It seems your problem is predominantly YouTube and actually staying off it or not using it so much might actually be beneficial in your case?


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdqf7t0 wrote

It's because I really only use YT. But that doesn't mean that other social medias would be different. They wouldn't. It's the same people there aswell.


MediumBeam t1_jdqihsy wrote

It is different though lmao. In the past year I finally played Skyrim, Fallout 4, Fallout NV, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, as well as watched Game of Thrones as well as Prison Break. And guess what, I had never been spoiled about anything in these games/tv shows. It’s on you to avoid spoilers, if you expect the world to cater to your needs, then you got a lot of growing up to do bud


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_je4mi4q wrote

Omg, you people are a hivemind but you don't listen. Im tired of saying the same thing on every comment. And dont say "Bud", its extremely cringe worthy.


imjustamazing t1_jdqy8ec wrote

I don't know which ones are the best nowadays, but there are browser extensions that will automatically block youtube videos with certain keywords. I used it a few times in the past right before game releases. Do some research.


body_slam_poet t1_jdr5n4x wrote

People want to talk about it and post about it. "Local Drunkard hasn't played it yet" isn't a realistic standard to go by. If Local Drunkard is so worried about spoilers, Local Drunkard needs to hurry up and play the game. The rule needs to be something in the range of months. We can't not talk about games for years because children are constantly being born and may want to play Skyrim some day.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdr7mie wrote

Ok, but if it's too hard to say "Spoilers btw" and to literally not include someones death in a thumbnail, I can't help but wonder how they manage to wipe their own asses without assistance.


[deleted] t1_jdqc6lm wrote



LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdqd1cl wrote

Believe me, I stay as far away as I can from stuff that could get spoiled for me. But it doesn't matter. Really the only way for spoiling to stop is that people wouldnt be such a-holes. (which is to say spoiling stuff wont stop unfortunately)