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throughthespillways t1_jdqc54g wrote

Not spoiler "culture", its people making content that happens to be a spoiler for you. Its not their responsibility to protect you.

Spoilers/leaks for things are that aren't out yet are bad, yes. But people on the internet talking about something that you haven't played/watched isn't their problem, sorry.


LoCaL_dRuNkArD OP t1_jdqcyhb wrote

It isn't their problem, but it's also common courtesy to not make spoiler thumbnail videos 1 day after a game gets released. For actually old games that nothing has been done to (i.e. no remakes or whatever) it's still annoying, but understandable. I just cant really understand why there has to flat out spoilers without warning. Maybe a 2 sec spoiler warning isnt too much to ask if possible?


Darth_Rutsula t1_jdsqoyd wrote

Not everyone will play a game themselves. It's not much different from a thumbnail that you'll see on the popular streaming services.


[deleted] t1_jdst1x0 wrote

Why are you seeking information about a game before it comes out if you know you hate spoilers? How hard is it to assume spoilers if there is no warning or mention of spoilers being present or not? I think you just like the drama of playing spoiler victim like most of the spoiler cult.