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doctorhino t1_je6tlav wrote

You can't have a system that supports payments and run on systems that are EOL. If there is a vulnerability that Microsoft does not support fixing and it allows people to break into your steam account they could be liable.


Kola18_97 t1_je6t0sw wrote

It's because 7 and 8.1 aren't supported by Microsoft anymore; it's foolish of those who are still on those systems to still be using them because of how unsafe they can potentially be after they've been made unsupported.

However, I do agree that we should be owning these games due to the fact that we install them onto our PCs and have them in our game libraries, there's no better way to state that.


Diabolikal1 t1_je6se65 wrote

But like, why not just do windows 10? There is literally no difference from 7/8.1 to 10.


Martipar t1_je6w7pt wrote

There's tons of differences. There's plenty of games that run fine on Windows 7 that won't run on Windows 10. I have a Windows 7 laptop for older games purely because Windows 10 isn't suitable for all the games I play. Windows 7 also supports SecuROM which isn't supported in Windows 10 at all so older disc based games that won't run on Windows 10 will also run on my "gaming" laptop.

Windows 7 also has a different Samba version and can connect to XP machines for file sharing which Windows 10 can't do. In fact there's lots of differences I can list, the differences are far from cosmetic.


Diabolikal1 t1_je6x2s9 wrote

Right we were talking strictly steam here, as far as that goes, there is no difference.


Martipar t1_je6ybgu wrote

There are, for example GTA 1 and 2 work just fine on Windows 7 but won't run on Windows 10, I have them both on Steam and while i wouldn't say I play them much (usually loading them up to remind myself how far we've come) it is a difference. I am sure other games have similar problems but most of my old games are on my GOG account and they do things differently.


Diabolikal1 t1_je6yv67 wrote

Fair enough, I was not aware of these problems. Is it not possible to just play in offline mode after they drop support?


Martipar t1_je70efm wrote

Maybe, we'll have to wait to find out. Personally it's not a huge problem as I have another computer and most of the games I play on my laptop are via GOG but there will be times when I want to play a game I own on Steam and I can't unless i'm at home.


rct1 t1_je6yw3g wrote

Make a VM.


Martipar t1_je714vh wrote

For what? A Windows 7 VM on one of my more modern PCs would still have problems logging into Steam after the end of this year. A Windows 10 VM on Windows 7 would be worse than using Windows 10 natively on one of my other PCs.

I don't get your comment.


[deleted] OP t1_je6tjbg wrote



Diabolikal1 t1_je6tzrt wrote

Doesn't bother me a bit, Microsoft dropped support for these OSes. So it makes sense that the further out their security gets, software are less likely to continue support because they are no longer deemed safe to be online.


lordraiden007 t1_je6tnfq wrote

You realize you can run Win 7, 8 (and earlier) in a VM with little to no issues when gaming right? You can even run DOS games with fully emulated hardware, drivers, displays... basically everything. Steam "cutting off support" doesn't mean you can't play your games anymore, just run an offline client.

It is an issue that you don't own an actual copy of your game though. We definitely need reform in that area for games.


Sabetha1183 t1_je6uj68 wrote

It's the nature of technology. It moves ever onward.

It's not an issue that people want to game on an older version of Windows but we do expect Steam to be updated and updating it requires stuff that doesn't work in those versions of Windows.

If Valve wants to make a version of Steam for each OS that their main branch doesn't support, that's mostly a matter that's up to them. I'm not gonna say they shouldn't do it, but neither am I invested enough in old operating systems to care much about trying to get them to do it.


PoliticalThrowawayy t1_je6vem2 wrote

Steam actually kept support for windows 7 three years after Microsoft itself ended it's own support of the operating system. I can't fault them for finally calling it quits. There are no more official patches for these operating systems.

Games that worked on Windows 7 will continue to work on windows 10/11.

SteamOS is also a thing. And free I think. You might be able to limp by on that. I'm using the steam deck and pretty much my entire library is playable on whatever OS they are using.


certifiedintelligent t1_je6vs9n wrote

> Do we not have a right anymore over what we pay when it comes to copies of games?

You have the rights you get when you agree to the terms of service. The alternative is taking your money elsewhere or not getting the thing, because it's more profitable for game distributors to operate this way.

The only way to change it is for gamers at large to refuse to participate in the system, which the majority don't really care about.

Do I care about it? Nope. Do I know people who do? Sure. I know a guy whose hobby includes collecting old hardware, like pentium 2 hardware, for the truly authentic retro gaming experience. I know others who run vms or make patches for old games to work on modern systems.

You're not gonna stop the machine, may as well get on the one that offers/creates solutions, even if you have to run it.


DasGhost94 t1_je6twfn wrote

Personally im a bit mixed about this. Loosing support for things like old hardware is bad. Still windows 7 support is dropped my Microsoft it's self. Together with 8.1 on 2020.

Microsoft is offering free upgrades to windows 10 and now windows 11. (Wondering how bad it's going to be when they cut win10 support)

So if you have an retro gaming pc it's sould be better be offline. So as the games etc.

It's probably costing the company money. And in the decline we are in they probably cut cost. Probably a few dusty servers and some space may even a full building they pay rent for.


Hood_Mobbin t1_je6uyzq wrote

If you buy a game digitally you will never own it you are just renting it. READ TOS


GreyLordQueekual t1_je6v7di wrote

Large corporations have to follow what they'll be sued for, unsupported OS will be unsecured making theft and other fraud potentials too high for liability to cover. This is present in every industry.


throughthespillways t1_je70js9 wrote

This is some of the most ridiculous, clutching at straws, faux outrage I've seen on here in a while.


Beginning_Ad_2992 t1_je72iff wrote

You can run applications in compatibility mode for older versions of windows. So what's the issue?


ccmg12 t1_je72j6u wrote

No. If you read the Eula’s, what you’re paying for is a license to play the game. Those licenses can be revoked at any time for any reason. We’re just lucky that they really haven’t. Even with blu-rays - you don’t own the movie. You own the right to watch the movie. I agree it sucks, but I’ve accepted that this is part of my favorite hobby.


HolokaustT t1_je6wjzn wrote

Valve is just annoying now, half life wasn’t even that good lol 😂