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Martipar t1_je6ybgu wrote

There are, for example GTA 1 and 2 work just fine on Windows 7 but won't run on Windows 10, I have them both on Steam and while i wouldn't say I play them much (usually loading them up to remind myself how far we've come) it is a difference. I am sure other games have similar problems but most of my old games are on my GOG account and they do things differently.


Diabolikal1 t1_je6yv67 wrote

Fair enough, I was not aware of these problems. Is it not possible to just play in offline mode after they drop support?


Martipar t1_je70efm wrote

Maybe, we'll have to wait to find out. Personally it's not a huge problem as I have another computer and most of the games I play on my laptop are via GOG but there will be times when I want to play a game I own on Steam and I can't unless i'm at home.