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ReallyNeedHelpASAP68 t1_je8eqsh wrote

Do not read a guide. Play it blind and enjoy.


D1rTyK0r3a t1_je8w88n wrote



Sharkus1 t1_je9sek9 wrote

Yes and the remake can’t come soon enough. This game didn’t do it for me. Not enough combat and not being able to switch classes sucked.


buttslayer42069 t1_jeg2zwj wrote

One of my favorites of all time. I've done a run with almost every class. (Like unlock them asap and just use them for the whole game for all members)


mrhippoj t1_je8s9lr wrote

It's very wordy, but the story is good and the gameplay is brilliant. Every character brings something unique to battles so deciding who to bring can make a huge difference to the strategy you use. It has this cool elemental system where you can do things like melt kce with fire and then use lightning on it to damage everyone standing in the puddle. The story also has several branching paths, my playthrough ended up being totally different from my friend's. I'd definitely recommend it, even if it is a bit overwritten


haugen1632 t1_je9rk02 wrote

I played the demo and was thrown off by the in my view extremely trope heavy story and setting. Is it not that bad in the full game?


mrhippoj t1_jec0nbx wrote

There's definitely a LOT of plot so you might find it a bit overbearing. I'm quite into all that but at times I found it to be too wordy. The combat rules though


Backyard_wookiee t1_je9xfst wrote

I bought it but am having a hard time getting through the story... it's quite boring and text heavy. Battles are fun though.


fakiresky t1_je8jp5c wrote

It starts slow, with a lot of dialogue but these are almost all meaningful. Ye game does a good job explaining all the mechanics and the difficulty was right on point for me (I us know at strategy games). Music is very good too.


TheBobo1181 t1_je8fvyc wrote

a2 + b2 = c2

I just picked it up too. Apparently it gets quite difficult. My tips for these games is usually.. don't over extend.


ConfidentMongoose t1_je8xlgg wrote

Should have started with the best two tactics rpgs ever made instead of triangle strategy.

Final Fantasy tactics and Tactics Ogre.


Teddy_canuck t1_je9bqyf wrote

Did you play the Ogre remake yet?


Zudegia t1_je9j80b wrote

I've cleared all titles mentioned here. The remake is good, maybe even great, but not as good as the original. It's simplified a bit and some complex things are removed


Teddy_canuck t1_je9ksdh wrote

I liked the remake more but not tons more. SOme things were better and some worse but I think they improved more than they worsened.


Potencyyyyy t1_je9r4p5 wrote

Why did I love Triangle Strategy but can’t seem to enjoy Ogre at all? I really don’t get it


Teddy_canuck t1_je9v7wn wrote

I find them pretty different. I played both and enjoyed them both a lot but Triangle is much more story focussed with set characters/classes so you make what you have work while Ogre Battle has a lot more RPG elements.


ezio8133 OP t1_je9q3dj wrote

Tactics Ogre is on my bookshelf I'll play it at some point


scrubberduckymaster t1_je9x9nc wrote

I just never liked Tactics Ogre near as much as either FFT or Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen.


Furcas1234 t1_jeayx1b wrote

Still prefer ogre battle 64 over tactics ogre but yeah it was darn good. Everything else tends to feel kind of weak in comparison to those two.


Zorothegallade t1_je99mzz wrote

It's got a ton of characters, though the core of the few main protagonists are the ones with the most weight on the overall story.

It has VERY detailed wolrdbuilding and a complex plot that gets exposed bit by bit and you can only understand all of that if you replay the game and take different decisions leading to seeing different events. Be prepared to read a lot though, especially if you also want to play sidequests that involve the secondary characters.

The battle system is engaging with a lot of factors to consider when planning, including terrain effects, height and cover. It's also really unforgiving and putting yourself in a bad position can lead to someone in your group getting ganged upon and knocked out fast.


catharsis23 t1_je9ppxv wrote

Gameplay is soooo good. But soooo much dialogue


The_Elder_Jock t1_jeajsy5 wrote

If I could go back in time and give myself a tip for my first play through, it would be this;

Spend your money on a game that's actually good.


godsbrothernate t1_jeaus51 wrote

I turtled when I could and always kept the healer nearby low health people. People with bows are kinda OP in my opinion.


Room234 t1_jegc2h7 wrote

I like it a lot but I'm finding it pretty difficult, despite playing quite a few tactical RPGs in my day.