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Shadowtirs t1_je4xv0y wrote

Gaming purgatory is the worst. Sometimes I'll use books/movies/tv shows to help nudge me into a direction. I'm on a rewatch of Netflix's The Last Kingdom for instance, historical fiction about 900 AD England involving the Viking invasions, so that made me dust off Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord.

Additionally sometimes you may just need to take a break, unplug and let inspiration find you.


Dragonbarry22 OP t1_je4y230 wrote

it the same for tv shows lol i had a burnt out from anime and havent found other stuff to watch lol im in the worst the patch here


Dragonbarry22 OP t1_je4ybfw wrote

i have been getting into archery recently as well it been really fun i also like bowling as well