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I play using the controller on both; on the same TV.

PC (with an xbox controller) with a 3080 and Ryzen 5900 or a Steam Deck

I am considering the play station because of the more comfortable controller and the haptic feedback.


Most likely will be playing the campaign only.



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6363tagoshi t1_iujqbhq wrote

PS5 and turn off crossplay. Played that game for a day on PC and gave up its madness not for casual people. But noticed few cheaters already people were raving about.


[deleted] t1_iuja1sg wrote



No_Mix7381 OP t1_iujbxyc wrote

I'm a retired old man, I broke my back as a peon for 40 years, what am I supposed to spend your taxes on?


Crimsonclaw111 t1_iujbxi7 wrote

The game won't play on Steam Deck unless you install Windows on it


lordraiden007 t1_iuj9bue wrote

Just use a PlayStation controller on PC


No_Mix7381 OP t1_iujbsw4 wrote

I thought the haptic feedback was specific for the PS5, that's the case with Resident Evil 8 at least


strongr_togethr t1_iujbrg1 wrote

Well if you buy on PC with steam that means PC and steam deck so I’d just buy it there plus you’ll get way more frames on there than on PS5. I have it for both and I enjoy it more on PC because of high frames + better visuals but it’s fun on my PS5 too just 60fps seems ancient compared to the 200fps I get on PC


aksdb t1_iujhpqh wrote

Steam Deck will likely not play it, due to the kernel mode anti cheat.


No_Mix7381 OP t1_iujkdup wrote

what about the PS5 adaptive triggers and haptic feedback? I loved them on RE8 and Returnal on the PS5, would I be missing on them?