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MindfulSmile t1_iujc5kh wrote

Only the price of gamepass every month


Nomadic_View t1_iujin0k wrote

Me too.

I also bought WWE2k22 at the beginning of the year too though. But gamepass is amazing.


HansVonWurscht t1_iujcs7w wrote

Save your money and do the conversion. You can get gamepass for around 4 bucks a month


lexluger420 OP t1_iujbw23 wrote

Tonsils consoles all the same right


cosaboladh t1_iujd4y8 wrote

In the last calendar year, I've spent

$39 on a new wireless controller for my PC.

$80 on a new joy con set for my Switch.

$14 for a USB to Ethernet adapter for my Switch. There's lots of wireless interferency near my TV.

~ $200 on games (switch, and PC).

My kids love the switch. It's fun to play with them, but I've always been a PC gamer.

I built my gaming PC just over a year ago. Literally 395 days ago and altogether that cost around $1,500. Technically I didn't spend that in the last year, but thought it might be relevant anyway.


Herpalism123 t1_iujd50s wrote


10$ for Slay the Spire on iOS.
5$ for Papers Please on iOS.
27$ for Red Dead Redemption on PS4.


MajaMystic256 t1_iujd5nf wrote

I can only afford to spend 100$ on games twice a year (June and December) so 100$ so far


cosaboladh t1_iujzo4v wrote

Steam sales? That's when I buy most of my games.


robert43s t1_iujdpfx wrote

About £115.43. I bought game pass a while ago for 3 years so that keeps me busy on XSX. I bought HZ:FW this years for PS5.


Celtic_Crown t1_iuje6h1 wrote

Between 3 Fire Emblem games and DLC for all, Kid Icarus Uprising, Sonic Frontiers, the nearly 90 bucks I just spent on Steam sales today, plus Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and it's DLC.... Maybe near 400 bucks?


King_Artis t1_iujfa7l wrote

  • $300 on series S
  • $60 for a years worth of game pass
  • bought hitman trilogy for $30
  • bought xenoblade chronicles 3 for $60
  • bought Splatoon 3 for $60
  • bought a new fight stick for $100
  • bought Elden ring for $60
  • bought dying light 2 for $60

Unless I missed a number I've spent about $700 on gaming this year before taxes. No regrets here I've enjoyed everything I purchase

Oh wait I bought the booster pass for Mario kart so that's another $25


Kindly_Ticket428 t1_iujfv1h wrote

1500€ - hardware
Not sure about games, i think about 400€


BigCO9 t1_iujg2iz wrote

PS5 Controller - $74.99

Guardians of the Galaxy Deluxe Edition on sale - $39.99

Gamestop had Buy 3 Get 3 Free on used PS4/PS5 games - Around $60.

God Of War Ragnarök - $69.99


So, less than $250. Been a slow year compared to normal. Had a large back log of games. Been waiting for some others to go on Sale before scooping them up.


maxwms t1_iujhlqq wrote

70€ for Elden ring. 32€ for RE, RE2, RE3 and HollowKnight on sale

Will get GoW so I’ll end up around 180€


nonideal02 t1_iujior5 wrote

0, was studying abroad earlier this year and now I’m at school and my pc is collecting dust back home


Witch_of_Dunwich t1_iujisou wrote

Between £500 and £1000.

I do one every console and a pc though, it’s spread across multiple platforms


LuneBlu t1_iujj2xh wrote


I buy most games on sales.


Kurotan t1_iujniga wrote

Simultaneously too much and not enough.


THATDUDEROBO t1_iujprnk wrote

Only $59.99 for a Xbox controller


Kushlore t1_iujr2r2 wrote

Almost 5k :/. Built a new computer for 4k 144hz gaming.


ButterscotchLow8950 t1_iujwh08 wrote

Plenty. I already have a PS5 and a PC, I don’t want an Xbox, and the state of AAA gaming means I only need to buy like 3-4 new games next year, because that’s all they are going to release in the genre that I play.

So money wise, I’m all set.

Which is sad.


T-DOGg3333 t1_iuk4mo4 wrote

$40 on Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed and $70 on Call Of Duty MW2


SamForeverFluffy t1_iuk8xz7 wrote

Less than previous years. I'd say maybe $200 max.

Some years it would be up to $500.