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logicality77 t1_iuekc4k wrote

Holy hell, Adrian Carmack must have been the first to sign. His autograph takes up a quarter of the disc!


SirRedRising t1_iueuo0k wrote

Or the last to sign and had to fill in all that empty real estate.


MiniITXEconomy t1_iug8kl6 wrote

It's well known that programmers have the tiniest writing.


gdmzhlzhiv t1_iugfckx wrote

If I were JC I would have made a funny by just blacking out the V on the disc and calling the remaining letters my signature, but Bobby already stole that joke from me by signing over the letters.


JamieDB95 t1_iuf2ij5 wrote

Glad you enjoyed! One of my favourite objects of ours too, along with the timesplitters dev kit


kriskirby86 OP t1_iuf2qas wrote

First time I've visited damn I didn't notice the timesplitters kit


JamieDB95 t1_iuf304a wrote

It's right underneath the doom disk :')

The blue gamecube above it was also used for the first lego star wars


TG-Sucks t1_iufmlpb wrote

Do you know if the disc still works? Aren’t they all destined to eventually degrade? Some of my game discs from the mid 90’s started to become corrupted already after ten years or so.


JamieDB95 t1_iufmt0i wrote

Must admit I have no idea.

We have plenty of disks from that period that do work but that one is very precious too us so I can't imagine it even leaving the case


CocodaMonkey t1_iufv7u8 wrote

CD's can last for decades or even centuries if kept in good condition. I still have actual floppy disks from the 80's and 90's that read just fine and they deteriorate much faster.


Abnmlguru t1_iuh7l0h wrote

Because it's a pet peeve of mine:

Something can't be "highly" unique. Unique is a binary state, it is or is not unique. On or off, there are no degrees of uniqueness. Highly unusual? Sure. Extremely rare? That too. Very unique? Nope.

Normally, I'd seethe with internet annoyance quietly to myself, but I expect better from a museum.


JamieDB95 t1_iuh8v30 wrote

I'll pass it on to the team :)

But most museums are full of spelling/grammar mistakes, easy to miss when you have hundreds of bits out


Derc_on_Reddit t1_iuedgmu wrote

A video game museum? Such a thing exists? Where?


kriskirby86 OP t1_iueesw5 wrote

National video game museum in Sheffield England


superbario-64 t1_iuejljf wrote

Oh god am just waiting for the “British museum stole it” brigade.


punnotfound t1_iuet5kl wrote

Great, now I have images in my head of Brits in tropical uniforms storming into the id Software HQ in Texas, clubbing everyone and stealing the CD.


Significant_Walk_664 t1_iufgsbp wrote

Wtf, in Sheffield? That's next door to me, how have I not heard of this?


kriskirby86 OP t1_iufhpi3 wrote

It's been there a while it's right in the middle of the city centre


mowinski t1_iuf9b18 wrote

There is also the Home Computer Museum in Helmond, Netherlands which is more of a general computer museum but does have the largest collection of game boxes in the world.


roguerose t1_iufiica wrote

Ive been meaning to go there for a while, defo on my wish list as a Donny lad.


kriskirby86 OP t1_iufimzv wrote

They have some great stuff and tons of arcade machines


Imposseeblip t1_iug1xqf wrote

Holy shit it's in England!

3 hours, might take a trip.


FNC_Spicy t1_iuephxn wrote

Rochester, New York has the Strong Museum of Play has the National Video Game Hall of Fame and its 4th floor is just a gigantic arcade.


BSA_DEMAX51 t1_iui0dzb wrote

There's also the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, which is the home of the World Video Game Hall of Fame.


-Great-Scott- t1_iuedpul wrote

One of the best games ever made in my opinion. Top 5 for me.


BodybuildingNerd t1_iuetv7v wrote

I still have my two floppy discs of Doom II…


Jeevess83 t1_iufo4c1 wrote

I've still got my shareware floppy of Doom... and Wolfenstine.


thelonioussphere t1_iuftm5k wrote

Why do I feel the need to own this for my own collection!!?

Is this how Art collectors feel?!


555886 t1_iui323y wrote

Because it would be seen as a collectors item. It's in an actual museum and is the master copy of one of the most known video games of all time. Maybe that's why you would want it for your collection, just maybe.


gincecko t1_iug3t70 wrote

AVGN just did a new episode on Doom!


hdcase1 t1_iug5dla wrote

I have a gold master for Bungie's Myth II. Think it could be worth anything?


Banxier t1_iug66t4 wrote

I can smell it.


ckbrom t1_iuhht5n wrote

Ayyy I work here, awesome to see it on here and I hope you had a good time!


kriskirby86 OP t1_iuhhwho wrote

First time I've been ill definitely be coming again


[deleted] t1_iuhtlmz wrote

Cool! Anyone who dares steal this artifact... I will go full cenobite on you!1


Luckboy28 t1_iuixh4f wrote

Wouldn't this have been floppies originally?


lovepuppy31 t1_iuizjqt wrote

Doom II introduced us to the workhorse weapon of the series, the super shotgun


budyll66 t1_iuicrpl wrote

You go to a museum and they have a pirate disc on show. What a joke!


Jayian1890 t1_iuhjtaj wrote

Millennials: what’s a disc?