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-GermanMasterRace- t1_iuj2qcm wrote

Its such a shame that you cant even buy it anymore. If one Game should get some form of Remaster it would be NOLF!


Cyshox t1_iuj3y17 wrote

It's abandonware. You can play them for free - just google NOLF revival.

But yeah, a remaster, remake or reboot would be awesome. The thing is, no one knows who actually owns the IP.


dccs120 OP t1_iuj36ek wrote

Exactly, but with the right mods like I used, you can get it running and looking just perfectly on modern hardware. You can't buy it anywhere cuz this and the first game are stuck on a legal limbo, no one really knows who owns the rights to the NOLF IP, can be Fox, Activision, Warner Bros, who knows.. the signed contract predates digital storage. So while the rightsholder isn't found, either games can't be re-released on digital storages or receive a remaster or remake, too sad.


Man_Derella_203 t1_iuj371g wrote

Never forgotten classic! NOLF NOLF NOLF NOLF!


dccs120 OP t1_iuj3kiv wrote

Yeah! NOLF is so underappreciated


rjcanty t1_iuj38hu wrote

Superb game as is the original. Still looks great 20 years on as well.


Data-Hungry t1_iujht4u wrote

Friend and I did tons of multiplay NOLF back around 1999-2000 real good times