Submitted by Ordinary-Flounder675 t3_z8ifyu in gaming

For me it has to be Resident Evil Biohazard. I had scene tons of stuff from the game. I watch horror movies all the time. I pretty much knew the whole story and everything. That game scared me good. It’s a hell of a ride. I definitely recommend it.

I have also played Alien Isolation for a while. It was good. I’m a big Aliens fan. I got about ten hours before I got bored. It was a bit too slow paced but I’ll probably try it again in a year. I’m open to more games like it.

I wanna hear other people’s scariest games. I am curious on other people’s opinions and just want some good recommendations. Preferably games on Xbox gamepass.



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Shingaion t1_iybrq0y wrote

The first FEAR on PS3. I returned it one day after buying it, and exchanged it for Gears of War (I also owned a 360 at the time).


Ordinary-Flounder675 OP t1_iybse0f wrote

Why did you return it, though? Too scary? Did you just want Gears of War instead? I’ve heard good things about FEAR.


Shingaion t1_iybshqq wrote

At the time I did find it very creepy.


UnluckyBot47 t1_iyddjjv wrote

Didn’t the little girl end up being pregnant at the end? I remember that game was hella creepy.


theironlotus429 t1_iybs7db wrote

Condemned: Criminal Origins, FEAR and Dead Space all messed me up when I was younger.

That generation had some excellent horror titles


Ordinary-Flounder675 OP t1_iybspbj wrote

I know a ton about Dead Space but I’m waiting on the remake to play it. It looks amazing. The original games look great but I figured I might as well just wait a little while longer since it’s just a better version of the original.


Live_Builder_4076 t1_iydfwzl wrote

I would say you might not need to wait if you didn’t want to. The remake seems kind of unnecessary bc the original dead space holds up very well


TheKennman t1_iybs3a6 wrote

All Silent Hill Games for PS1/2 and Parasite Eve 2


Ordinary-Flounder675 OP t1_iybsjd0 wrote

I am extremely hyped for Silent Hill 2 remake. It looks amazing. My next goal is to get a Pc so I can play next-gen, current gen, and Steam.


JustSmileHaHa t1_iybun8f wrote

Nothing beats the grainy quality of Silent Hill on the PS1 with that crude animation style. SOMA gave a good modern try from an existential front.


WestEmbarrassed5183 t1_iyc3i32 wrote

Aliens vs. Predators 2 - the Marine campaign traumatized me for life. Those god damn facehuggers.


Alucard12203 t1_iybrqzs wrote

yeah. re7 biohazard fux me up.


Critical-Ad-7094 t1_iybsol8 wrote

The original Resident Evil messed me up when I was 12. Since then I stay away from the horror genre lmao I've bought RE 1 and 2 on steam in hopes to overcome shenanigans that zombie dog did to younger me.


Kafke t1_iybtw6h wrote

I generally try to avoid scary games, but the scariest one I've played tbh has been Red Matter on oculus quest 2. There's nothing overtly scary about it, but it has a damn creepy vibe to it.


Ordinary-Flounder675 OP t1_iybut7y wrote

The first one or the second one. I’ve played both. Never found it scary but is definitely mysterious. It feels like your a detective. The main character in the second one being voiced kinda sucked but I think the second one is much better in all ways. I did get that vibe that it could’ve easily been a horror game. Like they could’ve had the fungus plant turn the other astronauts into zombies or something.


Kafke t1_iybyavh wrote

I've only played the first one. I've been kinda hesitating to get the second one since I heard there's some shooter mechanics and I feel like it might be a bit too much for me. I could hardly stomach the first one, even though it was a fantastic game.


Ordinary-Flounder675 OP t1_iybzt0v wrote

You mean like from a motion sickness standpoint?


Kafke t1_iyc067n wrote

No I mean in terms of how scary it is haha. The first one was already to the point where I had to be reassured that nothing was gonna jump at me lol. Hearing there's action and possibly being able to die and such in the second one I think that would be too much for me.

Though, I definitely did get a bit motion sickness with the default movement option...


Ordinary-Flounder675 OP t1_iyc0pey wrote

Yah the movement sucked in Red Matter 1. I got motion sick and I usually don’t. Red Matter 2 isn’t even close to horror. There are attack drones that you have to shoot at but it’s in the second half of the game and they are more annoying than scary. Overall Red Matter two is a way better in story, movement, physics, puzzles, and graphics. Everything is better actually. I would check it out. It’s the most immersive VR game I’ve ever played. It looks almost like real life. I would just play through Red Matter 1 to get the story and search for all the lore. It will help better understand Red Matter 2.


Kafke t1_iyc0x27 wrote

I see. I'll have to check it out then. Red matter 1 is easily one of my favorite vr games even though I was a bit uneasy with it. It's good to hear a lot of the stuff I liked about the first one got even better.


Ordinary-Flounder675 OP t1_iyc1ca3 wrote

Red matter 1 and 2 are games that I think are a must play for any VR owner. Red Matter 2 really set the bar for graphics of a standalone quest 2 games.


Sabbathius t1_iybuqae wrote

Dead Space for me, followed closely by F.E.A.R. The latter really creeped me out at times. There was a moment where a light broke and shadows shifted, and I jumped and emptied half a mag into my own shadow on the wall, before I realized that's what it was. No other game came even close to getting me to jump at my own shadow. Dead Space still wins though, by sheer volume of scares, the Jaws-like sense of isolation and loneliness, excellent sound design (and how it propagated through vibrations in vacuum portions of the game).

I also quite liked Alien Isolation, a few of the Resident Evils, and even Alone in the Dark (A New Nightmare was my favourite). But none of these were too scary. I saw people mention Silent Hill series, I really liked Silent Hill 2, but it was just creepy, not scary to me. Almost melancholy, like Alan Wake.

There were moments in Dying Light that were friggin' terrifying (night time missions vs volatiles when you were still undergeared, or the scripted escape sequences where if you slow down or stop you die). Evil Within had its moments also, but felt too reminiscent of other games to really stand out. Good, but somewhat derivative.

I think the next level of horror will come from Virtual Reality. VR adds a sense of presence and scale that you just don't get on flat screen. Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is a much more visceral experience when it looks and feels like it's your forwearm a zombie is trying to bite. Alien Isolation VR port, though quite weak, makes it much scarier. And port of RE7 and 8 in VR were superb, if a little jarring. Whenever Dead Space comes out for VR, I'm pretty sure I'll literally poop my pants from fear. VR just takes gaming to a whole new level, and will do marvels for horror genre.


Ordinary-Flounder675 OP t1_iybw677 wrote

I agree that VR is the future of horror games. I loved Saints and Sinners. The feeling of lodging the axe in th zombies’ heads and then yanking it out was so nice. The whole game felt very visceral. I also liked that even at the end of the game where you are basically unstoppable, you’re not all powerful. Your weapons still break rather fast. That game really did scare me good quite a few times Especially when you play like 1:00am and everything is silent except the game. I can’t wait for chapter 2 and I really want an Alien VR game or a better Predator VR game.


SepticKnave39 t1_iybyjl5 wrote

>Whenever Dead Space comes out for VR, I'm pretty sure I'll literally poop my pants from fear.

That's not anything that's ever been mentioned right?

I found f.e.a.r I think a little better with the jump scares, dead space had better tension/atmosphere.

I'm refusing to play Visage on flat screen in the hopes they bring that to VR (it was part of their Kickstarter campaign, and the goal was met...but dead silence about it).


koscheiskowska t1_iyby1cr wrote

I'm not usually scared by videogames, but I'd say the one that actually scared me was Dreadout's demo. Couldn't get past the first 10 min lol, fricking Asian ghost stories dude


JJohnson25 t1_iyc03fl wrote

It’s crazy I love scary movies but I can’t do scary games I tried to play outlast when it came out I never finished it


smj11699 t1_iyc616r wrote

I don’t know if this really counts but the most terrifying game I’ve experienced was playing P.T. For the very first time. That was a fucking scary game in every way. It’s a damn shame what happened to it


Ordinary-Flounder675 OP t1_iyc8w70 wrote

I’m actually confused what happened to it. I have seen gameplay and I know it was meant to be a demo for a silent hill game but what happened? I know it’s super rare or something like that but why? It looks great and I wanna play it so is there a way?


smj11699 t1_iyc981b wrote

Konami cut ties with the dev, Hideo Kojima and canceled the game because of that


Difficult-Pick4048 t1_iycarpd wrote

Recently started playing the original silent hill on an emulator. The low-fi sounds and graphics leave a lot to the imagination and adds to the unexplainable horror. Dead Space series was like a cake walk horror-wise once I got used to the jump scares but I was never fond of supernatural horror


Pretend_Object_2093 t1_iycdx08 wrote

I played a lot of horror games, but they were only making me anxious, for few years there was no game that could truly scare me... and then I played Visage and I was terrified. Everything is scary there, from jumpscares to this weird feeling when you're walking


benjamino8690 t1_iydo52t wrote

Darkwood. It’s a survival horror masterpiece. Not a single jumpscare in the whole game, but it’s terrifying through its on point atmosphere and setting.


VergilVDante t1_iybsa4v wrote

I will say Omori cause it psychologically tortures your mind with different routes , should i do this or not i and the sounds THE NORMAL EVERYDAY SOUNDS just really hits you


Ordinary-Flounder675 OP t1_iybsuh3 wrote

I have actually never heard of this game. What is the gameplay like?


VergilVDante t1_iybt7t7 wrote

It’s a turn base JRPG with most enemies and characters look like hand drawn by a kid imaginary mind and it’s really beautiful and quite hard some times but I enjoy the hell out of it watch this if that’s kinda horror you want to experience “ it’s not spoily cause it happens in the beginning


Ordinary-Flounder675 OP t1_iybuzng wrote

What is the platforms. If it is on Xbox one I’ll check it out but otherwise I’ll have to wait a bit. I’ll definitely check it out eventually.


AspenF1 t1_iybsw9e wrote

Little Nightmares II


DANGERBLOOM t1_iybt72e wrote

I was in Grade 8 when Dead Space came out and it gave me Ravenholm kind of scares


Schulle2105 t1_iybtd0i wrote

This is probably just because I was relatively young when I played it and it isn't even a horror game but for me it was vagrant Story something with the enemies and atmosphere felt dreadful for me as child


ivthreadp110 t1_iybvndt wrote

I want to say are you afraid of the dark but that was a Nickelodeon show it was like this puzzle game shareware back in the '90s I can't remember the name of it but it was like a horror puzzle game


Jettx02 t1_iyc2xp4 wrote

For some reason Biohazard just didn’t hit it for me. Great game, just wasn’t scary to me specifically, I even played through it all in VR. Outlast is probably the scariest game I’ve played, but after about three 1 hour long sessions I was acclimated and it wasn’t that bad. Alien Isolation and SOMA are also really good, but I still think Outlast is scarier


Ineedanswers1211 t1_iyc53sw wrote

Dead Space, but I don't play horror games much. The game was stressful, honestly. Still fun too.


Dox_Equis t1_iycim5v wrote

F.E.A.R definitely. And a great game too.

Also perhaps Area-51


yakory t1_iydlk64 wrote

I tried playing fnaf in vr, I noped out after 10min


Stunning_Delay9811 t1_iyeizmu wrote

Hexen, that game was absolutely brutal for young me to play.