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thewalkindude t1_iyf893p wrote

We don't even know if there's going to be another GoW game, let alone where it might be set. Kratos could get dumped into modern day LA for all we know


Alco_god t1_iyfb84x wrote

> Kratos could get dumped into modern day LA for all we know

Funnily enough I was kind of hoping that is what happens at the end of GOW2018. That all the realms were in a fantasy setting but it was actually modern day, which is why the Norse gods were so different from the actual mythology.


Leisure_suit_guy OP t1_iyf90it wrote

I know that, and I'm not even saying that I wouldn't like an Egyptian setting. The point of this post was to highlight the exceptionally bad take of the journalist.


JustSmileHaHa t1_iyf949a wrote

Could be in Egypt. Could also be a more Civ-esque game of >!rebuilding the Nine Realms with Kratos as the new All Father/Protector of peace!< Akthough I imagine we'll someday see the death of Kratos, I think it's also very possible the last shrine was the end of Kratos' arc and we start new next time.

Who knows?


Leisure_suit_guy OP t1_iyf9h4r wrote

I agree, the point is that Egyptian mythology is one of the more overused in Western media (it comes right after the Greek one). How could this journalist not have realized this?


JustSmileHaHa t1_iyfa4p3 wrote

I work as a freelance writer and have been recruited for ScreenRant before (I declined). ScreenRant despite its visibility pays an incredibly pathetic scale that's minuscule in base and mostly traffic based. Most writers there are either just starting their portfolio, writing for published leisure, or simply are low-level.


Which-Palpitation t1_iyfaeku wrote

It also seems like the author is saying Egyptian mythology in gaming as opposed to it being used in all forms of media


Leisure_suit_guy OP t1_iyf7yft wrote

Egyptian mythology not overused? Do I live in the same planet as this guy? I'm pretty confident that most of the people reading this could name more Egyptian gods than Norse ones.


Verick808 t1_iyfe3s6 wrote

Not me. I know Ra, Anubis, and Osiris. When it comes to Norse gods pretty much everyone know's who Thor, Odin, and Loki are. Off the top of my head I also know Baldur, Tyr, Freya, Hel, Heimdall, Vidar, and Sol and quite a few other mythological figures that weren't gods. People are not all that familiar with Egyptian gods.