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throughthespillways t1_j238g1r wrote

Of all the criticisms of Death Stranding you've picked "press x to continue" to tilt you.

You people have too much time to moan and complain. Take a breather.


wastingyourtimebud t1_j237ge6 wrote

i thought this was gonna be a discussion on all the creepy loli stuff and the fact all these gacha games are just a collect em all of underage girls.... but this is what you want to complain about?


Kylosaurelios t1_j238cs5 wrote

Are what you described really grotesque quirks? A bit fucking extreme isn’t it, you’re whining about having to press a button and saying it’s a grotesque quirk of Japanese games. I’d say it’s not even a Japanese thing at all, it’s a style of Kojima games, have you ever played Metal Gear Solid. What a strange old thing to say…


ElevateOof t1_j238r3t wrote

Nope, never desired to play it. I've always avoided Kojimas work because I find it satirical in nature almost like a parody. Death Stranding stuck out though. It seems more serious in nature than MGS. MGS comes off to me as the game equivalent of Adam Sandler movies. hurr durr fart joke, Cigars, FUCKING BALLOONS IN AN ADVANCED WORLD?, GiRL bReAtHes ThRoUgH hEr sKiN🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓


ImDoeTho t1_j23954l wrote

Yikes. You're a joy to be around, aren't you


Tekge3k t1_j23brk5 wrote

You missed out on some gems then snatcher and mgs1-3


StupidestGuyNominee t1_j237ium wrote

Sooo you don't like Death Stranding and that means all Japanese developers are incompetent?

Besides that, western rpgs, like.. other bioware games, are fuckin nuts with text boxes.


ElevateOof t1_j237vj1 wrote

Sure they got some text boxes, But not the 1995 Capcom styled press x to continue with a beep ones.


FunkyTown313 t1_j237cmp wrote

"I'm not a racist but..."


NaCl_Miner_ t1_j23exwk wrote


I mean I totally disagree with the OP's take here, but to equate it to racism of all things.



Bananaslamma24 t1_j23alsv wrote

Man, you were desperate to find anything to complain about, you could have at least made something up and made it entertaining, now it just seems random and sad.


ElevateOof t1_j23dqp5 wrote

You know what's really sad? Not being able to utilize Spotify because the entire game is supposedly a blocked scene, Vehicles not having a clearly defined weight limit displayed within the UI, The game insisting you entrust lost cargo instead of assuming you don't want to, Having monster energy advertising littered throughout the game, Having an AMC advertisement thrown into your face within the first 2 hours of playing. That's pretty sad.


DeathAlgorithm t1_j23pzhn wrote

I say! How can the weather be -20F then be 60F the next week..... im more worried about our planet trying to kill us then some video game. So go and smoke some good stuff while you sit in front of a screen friend..

Trust me any car that was built after 2010 is close to garbage. Just computers on wheels thst get totalled out by a raccoon... they sell jeeps for 40k all for a small animal to total it... so thats 40k gone. Back then you could take out your neighbors house with a jeep and still continue driving. 1994 jeep to be exact. Don't forget tires. Some tires you cant get more than 20 or 30k out of.

The quality of food has gone down but we pay double the amount. McDonald's is becoming fully automated. Which is great cuz no one should be getting paid $15 an hour to get orders wrong. Lol

Also game consoles are a waste of money. GAMES are made on computers... so why buyba plastic box that has limits when a laptop can exceed those limits or a desktop that last 10 years and continue on killing those said limits??? Hmmm

;) the world is dead mate. Open your eyes and see for what it's worth.