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dodomatveev t1_j2dgkvi wrote

Yes but story is worse


AdEmpty8174 t1_j2dh5ul wrote

That true in most sequels the first one mostly has a better story


Next_Kaleidoscope323 t1_j2fdlzw wrote

Yes especially ending is not finished which will continue on next game or might not and have a feeling next game is PS5 only and don't like they way company choose to follow which will benefit Sony as well


monkeydace t1_j2fv2l8 wrote

Oh man the story of the first was already a snooze fest, especially the side quests. This is tragic to hear.


antitheta t1_j2dqs90 wrote

So, the first one is my favorite game of all time. Loved it. This game could not probably meet my expectations from the start, so that is my caveat.

The second is good, not great. The graphics, control, world, dinos, voice acting and story are all great. The massive learning curve and deviance from the first gameplay on weapons and such is HORRIBLE. Like, in game 1, the spear was awesome. Get close, stealth strike, kill/massive damage. This game, spear, nothing, like, you can't one-shot the lowest level dino from stealth until end-game. Don't get me started on the WWE type melee combos you have to do in some scenarios - just totally stupid. They could have added 20% of the neew mechanics and it would have been sweet.

That was more of a rant than I expected, sorry. Fun game, worth playing, but disappointing overall.


idontevenlikebeer t1_j2ftopg wrote

That's very surprising. I already felt like the spear was difficult to use in most fights outside of stealth kills and unusable in most major fights with large machines.


StolzHound t1_j2dfqjj wrote

You’re going to get two answers here, yes and no. Which one is true for you will take you playing the game.


GroundbreakingSir42 t1_j2djhnl wrote

Yeah.i actually dont understand why people ask this on reddit instead of figuring their own opinion by seeing youtube gameplays


GermanGregS t1_j2dfsl2 wrote

It’s an excellent game! I enjoyed the first one but my wife LOVED the first one so she we got the game and played it on release and was playing it during her free time for months, I only recently got around to playing it all the way through and I think it’s great, the gameplay loop is really fun, maybe some minor annoyances/inconveniences but nothing major imo, and the story I think is really solid for the most part! If you liked the first one you’ll really love the sequel!


ShallotLegitimate574 t1_j2dhyd9 wrote

I hate this game. I loved the first though.

Aloy also doesn't shut the fuck up... it's like that Days Gone game, she is constantly talking and she is so smarmy and sanctimonious now when she interacts with the NPCs.

The difficulty is all over the place, typically I play in the hardest settings and I love the soulsborne games but the game difficulty is not very well implemented and can result in you wasting a lot of time, painstakingly picking off components only to be one shot and have to do it all over again.

Worst is probably that the components you knock off will disappear after the battle, Wild animals you hunt too disappear.

The skill trees don’t really feel that impactful or tailored to any specific bonuses and the multitude of weapons and their upgrades are kind of tedious to go grinding to upgrade, only to progress further and find something much better that throws all your time out the window.

The story is painfully boring too.

On the plus side the new area is prettier and the graphics are amazing.


darkfalzx t1_j2drv6i wrote

Woudn’t say I “hated” it, but def liked it WAY less than the original Horizon. Mechanically, they made it feel much more like a looter-shooter/live-service game, where no matter how much you upgrade your weapons, the enemies just keep getting spongier and spongier, and your reward for exploration is never anything good - just a bunch of crafting crap.

Your gear starts off nearly useless, and to level it up you have to grind tons of ultra-rare materials. As a result I finished the game with unabgraded gear. I also made it all the way to the end without understanding how those damn stash chests work - the interface on those is just busted!

The story is far less interesting too. It goes in a direction you might’ve predicted in part 1, but the tone changes completely. Though I liked some of the new and returning secondary characters, I really didn’t like the new Aloy - she’s just SOOO sanctimonious and unpleasant now!


Fleabagx35 t1_j2dqnz3 wrote

I don’t think you enjoyed it, which is okay. I thought it was just as good as the first with improvements to the animated scenes, etc.


NachoDildo t1_j2dw9li wrote

I can agree with Aloy being a condescending bitch, especially early in the game. She just wasn't likeable as in the first game, all because she found out she's a Great Value version of a smarter person.


_NiohZA t1_j2e21nt wrote

i wonder when we will get the pc version, i like the story of the first game


1mStillStanding t1_j2ftxfm wrote

It's prettier but that's about it. The story is worse, the characters and pacing is worse, the puzzles being auto solved by bitches who can't shut up is pretty bad. I didn't even like the first one that much but this was just too much.


Pr0blemHaver t1_j2dtln0 wrote

In my opinion, if you liked the first one, I can't see any reason why you wouldn't like this one.


NL25N t1_j2dfuck wrote

It's good, bigger in scope. Worth completing for sure.


Huge_Presentation_85 t1_j2dkw3u wrote

It’s a great game. Only games I have liked better than Forbidden west during this current new gen, is Elden ring and God of war which is pretty darn impressive to me


Ousantacruz t1_j2dh62v wrote

I thought it was great BUT the end part of the game isn’t as epic as the end part of the original in my opinion.


Socks_0 t1_j2dh8wh wrote


Loved the first, hated the second


ShallotLegitimate574 t1_j2dhioi wrote

Came here to say this. I loved the first one… I don’t understand why this game is so highly rated..


Prestigious-Band-818 t1_j2difz2 wrote

if you liked the first,you will like the second one.There are alot of improvements,tho the story was underwhelming imo and upgrading stuff was very grindy.


S7hapaa t1_j2dpjpk wrote

I recommend it. The story isn’t going to take your breath away or anything but it definitely has its moments and is rich enough to keep you engaged. The interactions with other characters feel a lot more natural. Overall, It’s super fun and the graphics are absolutely unreal - like seriously! Impossibly gorgeous! Mechanics are fun too and very satisfying! Id say it’s worth the sale price it’s on right now


Altered_Course_05 t1_j2duw6g wrote

Yes, if you like the first one, you'll like the second one. Story expands further and there's more interesting things you can do you couldn't in the first. Well worth it.


AuxillarySkammy t1_j2dws19 wrote

I thought the first one was better... But it looks amazing... Worth the play


SnutchyM t1_j2e6zbv wrote

I really enjoyed the game but it was too big of that makes sense? About halfway through I started focussing only on the story and skipped all the side content, it took too much time and quality varied a lot.


WhatsHeBuilding t1_j2ee6e4 wrote

Ehh i didn't like it. Most of the new mechanics feels unnecessary, there's way too many different skill trees to worry about and tons of boring collect artifacts-stuff going on. And the story is absolute shit and ruins what made the first part so great. I wish they never made this tbf. It looks pretty though


SourcePlus4719 t1_j2epccy wrote

Many things in this game are an improvement over the original. However there are many things that make the original better… I almost had to put it down with some of the studios choices on the story and some quests being ridiculously questionable 🤨

But with all that aside it’s a beautiful game, at least rent it or find a friend who has a copy you can try


Mr_Ear t1_j2f41r7 wrote

Currently waiting on pc release, I'm in it for the exploring and battles...and skip dialogue


HiveTyrant81 t1_j2f8nio wrote

Its good. Not amazing, but very good.


YAOIbitch t1_j2dhkn1 wrote

Prettier definitely, more customization, more things to kill and more stuff to collect, but the story isn't as good.


remtemp t1_j2dhkub wrote

If you like the first you would like this one as well. Both games are pretty mediocre imo