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risen_peanutbutter t1_j2fwf1l wrote

Very messy, but charming and enjoyable.

Mods are awesome


WolfPaw90 t1_j2fx3d1 wrote

They brought the JRPG titans to their knees, I'll take the latest ES or Fallout over FF15 anytime.


Kris-p- t1_j2fw9q7 wrote

Good concepts but bad executions


throughthespillways t1_j2fx0kz wrote

They havent been able to keep up with the tech. They're still developing on an old engine and it really shows in their most recent games.

I don't find the bugs as charming as everyone else seems to, just annoying.

The starfall gameplay reveal was just sad and I worry for ES6.


puddingdemon t1_j2fxden wrote

Lame main stories, but great side stories. Skyrim needed mods unless you want to only play as stealth archer.