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It seems like these days we’re constantly bombarded with articles and forum posts about how downhill the modern gaming industry has gone. I would like to change that by asking about some good to come from modern gaming. I will start first.

Modern gaming has given indie devs so much more reach than they had years ago. Seeing games made by small teams, or even one person, become so successful fills me with a sense of joy.



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PrescientPotato t1_j2feyv9 wrote

Post-launch support.

Many games get patches months, if not years after their release.

Back then bugs were just something you had to deal with on your own.

Unfortunately some developers abuse this by releasing half-baked games full of bugs.


breadexpert69 t1_j2fep1r wrote

I can just download games digitally instead of having to go all the way to the store and interact with people.


PrescientPotato t1_j2ff5b2 wrote

I'd add to this - digital distribution is basically reason why have indie games taken off so much


Hamza9575 t1_j2fezom wrote

Faster hardware, error correcting software so game copy can be kept exact over decades, drm free game store like GoG, Linux gaming via steamdeck.


throughthespillways t1_j2ffueb wrote

Digital downloads.

Frequent patching.

New content and DLC means games can last longer.

Free to play games open games to a wider audience who can’t afford full priced games frequently.

VR is incredible.

Innovation in graphics means some of the cutting edge games look stunning.


actuallyZiggyZagga t1_j2fey5j wrote

Big studios genuinely have the potential to create mind-bogglingly amazing things, their creative potential is only dragged dow by their corporate higher-ups...


TiredHappyDad t1_j2ffiqj wrote

I fully agree with this. It sucks for the stores that everything is going digital, but it's great for the small developers. Even sites like this are part of modern gaming. Every few days, there will be someone on here starting to develop their own project, and they are looking for feedback.

And because a game doesn't need to pass through some executive boardroom for approval, we are able to see what the version the developer imagined. And some of it is just pure beautiful art.


PugTales_ t1_j2forb9 wrote

Graphics. Can't wait for some games with UE5.

Indie games, award winning and innovative. I don't think I have ever bought so many Indie games.

Character interactions, they are more detailed.