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Due_Project_5380 t1_j2ep4mi wrote

I definitely prefer steam, but i will always choose price over launcher. So wherever it’s cheaper I’m getting it.


DerRoger t1_j2eafjm wrote

I'm not even using the launcher. I just log in weekly (daily around X-mas time) to grab the free game,


DroneRtx t1_j2eed8m wrote

It’s me. I just go to there website on my mobile device and acquire the games. Even ones I already have on other platforms.


DerRoger t1_j2efl9q wrote

you mean their website (Epic's), I guess


R0STBRKR t1_j2fpijn wrote

What is there to guess captain obvious?


BigJJsWillie t1_j2egffm wrote

It's true that I never would have started using Epic Games if it wasn't for the free games. Pretty good business move on their part I suppose.

But the thing is, even if the free games dried up I still like having the option of a game store where I can typically get bigger discounts on games, and the service just serves me the game as opposed to having all the extra bells and whistles.

Now if the game is the same price on Epic or Steam, I'll buy it on Steam every time. But it seems it very rarely is, because often during big sales, the listed price will be the same for big games, but then Epic applies a 25% discount on top of that. Honestly, this right here is the bigger deal to me than the free games. I don't use Epic Games because they gave me Dishonored for free. I use Epic because I just got Cyberpunk 2077 for $22.50 instead of $30.

And of course, now I have a library built up. Lots of free games and heavily discounted games in it, so obviously even if Epic announced tomorrow that all free games were going away, I'd still need the launcher to play my games I already have.


munitionchipsintoys t1_j2edtm0 wrote

yes because the coupons give an insane price for games.


glonq t1_j2epgck wrote

ditto. I buy stuff for whatever store has the best deal. lotta guys simping for valve in this thread, but personally I hold allegiance to no corporation. competition is good for the consumer.


glonq t1_j2eoijk wrote

Epic's launcher succeeds at letting me launch games. I'm not really looking for much more from a launcher.

I mostly drop icons onto my desktop so I don't really care what store a game came from.


Atom_52 t1_j2eb77r wrote

Yes, games are games.


throughthespillways t1_j2eq5rt wrote

Yes a game is a game. I click an icon and it launches. Epic sales are very good and the coupons they give too. If it's cheaper on Epic I buy it there.

I can't believe there is actual fandom over an application that is used to launch games.


because_of_ghosts t1_j2eaasp wrote

Not even for the free games. Not everyone needs their own launcher. Like every broadcast channel under the sun making their own streaming service for you to subscribe to..


Darkchyylde t1_j2e9yu1 wrote

How is it slow/feature poor?


allinoneman t1_j2efss0 wrote

It is extremely slow on a HDD.

It lacks many features that Steam has, such as a proper store page with reviews, community hub, mod workshop, sending gift cards, etc. It doesn't even has a mobile app afaik.

I don't mind using it, but it's undoubtedly missing a lot of features.


Darkchyylde t1_j2esx4z wrote

It also has had over a decade less time to develop features than Steam has. Steam didn’t have all of that when it first started either


Chocolate-Biscuits26 OP t1_j2eha1m wrote

I’d blame it on my wifi—and I have before—but the launcher genuinely takes ages to start up or to click anything. Pictures/videos take forever to load etc. But literally any other app works like a charm though, and Epic just takes so long it genuinely frustrates me. I’ve found other people have the same problem to, so yeah. I cannot stress enough how slow logging in/loading up/downloads/getting ANYTHING to load is.

As for features, imo user reviews are a huge thing for me. I’ve only ever seen brief critic ones on there. So needing to go to Steam to find these in itself makes me like it much more than Epic. And I think it’s missing a lot of other features that add up for a better consumer experience.

Also more of a personal gripe, but I just don’t like the interface as much rip. Paired with how long it takes to go through anything I just give up before I start. Like, I’d go to Steam to find new games I’d be interested in, and only ever use Epic if I already have a specific game in mind so I can get there with as few clicks as possible.

Sorry if I sound overly critical or rude or something, I’m just kind of pissed at Epic rn. Ah impulsivity, my old friend


suns2312 t1_j2eaafw wrote

Yes, because I use unreal engine


Swift_42690 t1_j2f9uwc wrote

It’s literally just a launcher lol, idc for any other feature besides it launching the game since I don’t play with friends on PC, I have my console for that.


xPanaisx t1_j2ef61z wrote

Yes, I m playing kingdom hearts at the moment


Mr_Ear t1_j2f3al5 wrote

To be devoted to one store/launcher this day and age is hard to imagine.

I even used zloemu at one point


DrachenofIron t1_j2eb6yx wrote

I use playnite to launch all my games, but I never had issues with the epic launcher when I didn't use playnite. I just hate having so many launchers to deal with. It makes it hard to just scroll through my collection without a 3rd party app


Exlibro t1_j2edesh wrote

Yup, I end up getting games cheaper.


Vann_Tango t1_j2eerp0 wrote

I mean, I started my Steam account back in the day because they were giving away Portal for free...


Stik_Bloom t1_j2eh0n7 wrote

Yes ,sometimes games in epic are cheaper than steam ,like the current coupon


Frankiesales_ t1_j2fdga6 wrote

Couldnt care less about the launcher I use anything as long as it has a game I want


8itmap_k1d t1_j2fmirh wrote

Between Epic, Prime and GOG it seems like I have a constant stream of free games on PC, so I'm happy to have multiple launchers. Plus they're all collated on GOG Galaxy so I can see my absurd backlog in one place.


Once_Again_Etrigan t1_j2ehjhz wrote

I dont have crippling autism like most of reddit, so using something new doesn't make me piss my pants. I have no issue using new clients for games. It's like at maximum a few extra clicks and maybe 45 seconds of waiting. Steam has like 2 or 3 different pop ups for game ads you have to click and there's always a new client update.


BoZNiko663 t1_j2ejg9w wrote

Nope, I have GTA V, HITMAN, Just Cause 4, WATCH_DOGS, WATCH_DOGS 2, Tomb Raider Games and plenty more all thanks to Epic.

There would be no point for me to use it otherwise, as I don't play any of their games


Briar_Knight t1_j2f4xw9 wrote

Yes, because they often haves sales that are cheaper than Steam because of the coupon or just happen to have the game I want to buy at a discount when I want to buy it.

That I can buy and play the game and it's a safe store that does not sell keys obtained through shady means are the only things I really care about.


AsstDepUnderlord t1_j2f5kqf wrote

I play fortnite every so often if a friend wants to play for a bit. Honestly I didn’t even know that there were free games on it until recently.


SUPRVLLAN t1_j2fadrc wrote

It launches games. It doesn’t need any more features.


Chocolate-Biscuits26 OP t1_j2fbzxc wrote

I’d agree except it does its job as a launcher poorly. It takes way too long (at least in my experience, and apparently a lot of other people’s)


ComedyStudios_ t1_j2faux4 wrote

Nope it is slow as shit and takes up more recourses than some small games and it doesnt work in offline for some reason and steam has more features


mistdemon69 t1_j2efup5 wrote

Even with free games, I don't use it.

I'd honestly rather just buy it on Steam because it is just THAT MUCH better.


throughthespillways t1_j2eqegb wrote

Such a weird concept to me that people would miss out on good deals over fandom for an application you use for 10 seconds to launch a game.


mpt11 t1_j2fek0n wrote

Even weirder is when the have it for free on epic but then pay for it on Steam...


mistdemon69 t1_j2exxpg wrote

Steam has features that I use. I'm also an achievement hunter, and like when all my achievements are in the same place.

I also like all the Steam community features too.

Steam is a community, EGS is a launcher.

They're really not comparable unless you're trying to see the obvious reasons why Steam is better.


warrenva t1_j2eo5sh wrote

I’ve gotten free copies on epic that I purchased on steam sales solely because epic sucks so hard.


Fluid-Drummer274 t1_j2ejly3 wrote

The download speed is sooo much faster with Epic than Steam.


AsstDepUnderlord t1_j2f592u wrote

For real? I routinely max out a gigabit connection on steam, but it took me 45 minutes to download fortnite.


xmaken t1_j2elfaa wrote

I think I bought it just the walking dead series 2 when it was exclusive , nothing more. Got more than 100 games now, rotfl


Madmonkeman t1_j2err7n wrote

At first no until I started using Unreal Engine. I have bought games on there because of the coupons.


DDuolingoBird t1_j2fi8o8 wrote

The only game I use it for is rocket league and I'm still pissed I didn't buy it on Steam, steam users get to change their name to whatever they want and they can pick whichever profile pic they desire.


pizza_lover_234 t1_j2fnhq5 wrote

The only reason I ever use it is for games I shouldn't have bought on there. Steam will always be my preferred and go yo


honeybunches123 t1_j2fnst6 wrote

I used to also buy games there for the deals, but ever since I got my Steam deck I’ve stopped buying games for the better deals on Epic, the coupons are awesome, but the performance playing games on Epic on the Steam deck is pretty bad, so now I prefer to have everything on Steam


R0STBRKR t1_j2fpri0 wrote

I would totally switch to epic if it weren't for the exclusive bullshit. It doesn't really make sense on console and it for sure is bs for pc gaming so nope. If valve starts it one day I might just go gog and say fuck it


Hobotango t1_j2frx13 wrote

I use steam the same way I use Epic or GoG or any others. To get games, put game icon on desktop and never open them again.


Celtic_Crown t1_j2eay9v wrote

I only used it for school because I was learning Unreal Engine. No lie, never once claimed a free game.


Witch_of_Dunwich t1_j2edlc4 wrote

I don’t even use it with the free games.

  • open launcher
  • claim free game
  • close launcher

I have 150+ free games and I haven’t played one of them yet


dat_potatoe t1_j2ef0t7 wrote

They have given away some pretty surprising and worthwhile games. Like Wolfenstein New Order, Supraland, Control, all three Bioshocks, Darkest Dungeon...

Though yeah it feels like most of the time it's just obscure filler that I don't even know why I bother even grabbing aside from being a loot goblin. Not like I'm ever going to actually play them.


Kelpy_w_ t1_j2fh9t8 wrote

Lol you don't even need to open it. I claim em via their Website.


NineIntsNails t1_j2ee7yn wrote

i use it to play THPS 1+2 and i never take these free games, fuck this


Reppotimus t1_j2egyvx wrote

Rocket League only. Have a bunch of free games I'll never play


KishMishShishkebab t1_j2eiyrb wrote

No. I stopped using it even with free games, because I realised I just hoard games and almost never play them. Instead I play my favourite online ones....


ParenGbyan t1_j2ejfrh wrote

I have to use it for unreal engine and it’s shocking how poorly it performs. I prefer it’s simpler design and a lot of features it lacks over stream are actually a selling point for me (idgaf about all the community crap in steam) but a simple launcher should be a fast launcher.


Grimnir28 t1_j2el70w wrote

I don't use it as it stands. I check in for the free games, then when I want to play them, I usually buy those games on steam.

The UI is so FUCKING TERRIBLE, that I do not think there is a shot I would ever use it for my daily gaming needs. Just kind of a cool collection of games I will never even download, lol.


mighty1993 t1_j2evt06 wrote

Not even with the free games. Needing to have this thing running in the background and everything connected to it is just such a bad experience for the user. Also even without using it actively it just makes everything sluggish and basically gives your PC a horrible illness. There is a big difference between using a good deal or being unnecessarily cheap. Epic is the second.


mpt11 t1_j2fexia wrote

You've literally described steam and all other launchers there


Chocolate-Biscuits26 OP t1_j2ewzg9 wrote

It is SO unbearably slow right?? I can’t tell if the people who don’t bring this up either Actually don’t experience this (in which case: lucky) or just don’t mind


silver2k5 t1_j2f97wk wrote


The entire purpose of it on my hard drive is to collect games I've got a 50/50 shot


brian11e3 t1_j2fdvdb wrote

Still not worth downloading Epic.


MiniCactpotBroker t1_j2ff23o wrote

No. I don't support companies using aggressive anti-consumer business practices. Epic Games bribes publishers to put games exclusively in their store both temporary and permanently. Boderlands 3 deal is the main example. Epic Games Launcher was spying Steam friends back when it was released and they way they justified was cringe. They also started to buy smaller studios and withdrew their games from Steam. The last reason is that I dislike their ceo.


Kelpy_w_ t1_j2fgxmf wrote


My list goes Steam > Xbox > Ubisoft > EPIC.

As far as I can tell Steam and Xbox move the fastest and don't mess with my framerate if I accidentally forget to close them after launching a game. The Ubisoft Launcher is fine but it causes quite a dip (about 20 frames) and in general uses up more system resources for me. The EPIC Launcher is just clunky overall. It's the only launcher on my system that I disable at startup.

Also, Steam has the fastest servers when it comes to downloading games in my opinion, followed by Ubisoft, EPIC then Xbox.


Hugokarenque t1_j2fjgq9 wrote

No. Its only on my machine because of the free games.


Weebounet t1_j2edoa7 wrote

I take the free game but don't play them.


TheGoldenDragon0 t1_j2eeevr wrote

No. Its one of the better launchers, but it still sucks. The only reason I use it is because of sales and free games


dat_potatoe t1_j2ea8n1 wrote

No. Because like you said, from a functionality standpoint it does virtually nothing better than Steam.


Darkchyylde t1_j2eczej wrote

Why does it need to do it better?


dat_potatoe t1_j2edntz wrote

...because why would I use over Steam it if it doesn't?


Darkchyylde t1_j2edt6o wrote

Different game availability?


dat_potatoe t1_j2eejcy wrote

OP said there's no more free games in this hypothetical.

I'm not particularly interested in most of the (typically temporary) exclusives either.

So functionality is the only thing left for me. And it's functionally worse.


Alyssra1 t1_j2edyde wrote

Steam is fairly widespread and established, so any launchers released after it are directly competing with them for people’s purchases/attention


jimbowolf t1_j2eeqzl wrote

No, not even once. It's an inferior launcher to Steam in literally every single way.


Darkchyylde t1_j2ef5wx wrote

Well considering Steam has been around for a long ass time, and in its early days was a buggy pile of dog shit, I’m not sure why people keep comparing them.


jimbowolf t1_j2efjdm wrote

I'm not sure why you wouldn't compare them. They have no competition except each other. They're the exact same product, except one has been curated and polished over decades, and the other was seemingly designed by someone who's never used a piece of software before.


Darkchyylde t1_j2esze2 wrote

How user friendly was Steam in its first couple years?


jimbowolf t1_j2eyg0d wrote

It doesn't matter. Steam is good NOW and Epic isn't, and that's all that matters to a consumer. Epic had all of Steam's history to look at for inspiration and learning so they don't repeat the same mistakes, and then they proceeded to just make all of the mistakes anyways.


vodamark t1_j2efcti wrote

I don't even bother getting the free games.


aramis604 t1_j2egkkc wrote

I don’t use it now even with free games. By all accounts they seem to run a sleazy company, and I think many of the choices they have made are bad for consumers.


mafagafe12345 t1_j2eifub wrote

I don't use it even with the Free games. lol


YouAStinky t1_j2ek4wz wrote

Fuck no, steam the GOAT


TheLongBlueFace t1_j2ef0l9 wrote

Yeah I wouldn't touch it if not for the free games. It's honestly pretty cruddy


Cute-Cucumber320 t1_j2elnu1 wrote

Even with their prices and free games I don’t use epic!


Gambit2422 t1_j2ej225 wrote

i dont even use it for free games