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FandomMenace t1_j27lwt4 wrote if you click on the individual games it shows you trends, sold listings (and for how much), and the prices for how much of the game you have (e.g. loose disc vs full case with instructions, box, inserts, feelies, etc). You can also price the system (filter for systems) or accessories.


TycoBrahe OP t1_j27ns75 wrote

I love this! Thanks so much for linking FM! Really dig that they have comics and trading cards too. The one game out of these I really want to play again is Dr Mario Tetris mix. I can’t imagine an OG SNES is cheap these days :/


FandomMenace t1_j27uwdc wrote

If you adjust for inflation, most of these things are worth far less than what our parents paid for them. However, your symphony was $20 ($37.42) and is now worth almost 3x that.