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TheMatthattanProject t1_j261t5s wrote

Well thanks, now I've got the Night Trap song in my head...

Any interest in selling that Dr Mario Cart?


eggsssssssss t1_j261wht wrote

And Batman Returns!

Yo, trauma center games were the shit. I actually only got to play Under the Knife and UtK2 on the DS, but I think the wii games were supposed to be even better. I so wish they would bring them to switch or something, or even better, make a new one with a new coat of technical polish.


MiztorWool t1_j262k1g wrote

Timesplitters! Best fps series ever made!


TycoBrahe OP t1_j263a5h wrote

I wish I still had my mega to play it again :) I was looking through the book and totally forgot I tried to write down the time stamps each of the monsters would come in from (my handwriting was pretty bad)

I think i probably still hold on to these, but if I do change my mind I’ll definitely come back and let you know. 🤘


TheMatthattanProject t1_j2641ff wrote

Hahahaha that's awesome! I had something similar. I'm sure it's still with my giant sheet of Mortal Kombat moves and finishers.

No problem, figured I'd ask! It's one I definitely wanna add to my collection eventually and your box looked in great condition.

...also respect for Time Splitters 2, might actually be time for another playthrough lol


TycoBrahe OP t1_j2642s8 wrote

Oh nice! I loved these games too. I also noticed Atlus made these, which makes sense why I love them. I played Persona 5 for the first time a couple years back and fell in love with that one too.


Trainwreck1000 t1_j26495s wrote

He’s on fire!!! Me after the Bill Clinton code!!! Lol


TheThirdStrike t1_j264g61 wrote

Best game there (after GOAT - SotN)

Batman Returns.

Go into the options menu, select driving only... And Boom best game on the Sega-CD... Even the soundtrack is to die for.


swbooking t1_j264g97 wrote

That OG Crash Bandicoot was such an amazing game! Good times


MaximumNecessary t1_j264i2b wrote

I can still hear the announcer on Joe Montana Football whenever you attempted a fake punt. "It's a fake punt and I can't believe it!"


cheemeechang0 t1_j265m3e wrote

I miss 'Champions'...too bad the latest Dark Alliance remake is not so good. DnD action games have so much potential when done right.

SoTN is classic.

Also, seeing Parapa made me remember "Kick! Punch!/It's all in the mind/If you wanna test me, I'm sure you'll find..."


TycoBrahe OP t1_j267fer wrote

I loved Champions and Baldurs! My ex and I would play couch co-op all the time. Not overly complex and fairly linear too. I’d love to get back into a game like that sometime be it couch co-op or single as long as it’s not a major time suck :)


Fathoms77 t1_j267ro0 wrote

I probably played Dark Alliance and CoN through a dozen times each. And another ten times with friends. Those games were SO much fun.

I miss TimeSplitters like crazy...

And Katamari Damacy remains one of my best "what the fu** is this.....wait, this is awesome" moments.


Top-Development-5585 t1_j268m1z wrote

wow ive never seen game for the sega or the snes before but i hear they are worth a significant amount in good condition


barbarkbarkov t1_j26a6jd wrote

Dude. Me and my friends played the shit out of champions 1 and 2. They were so addicting.


vermilionpulseSFW t1_j26cbf9 wrote

Shout out to UN Squadron. I used to play the shit out of that game, had to cheat to beat it though.


robotgore t1_j26cmar wrote

Bro I’m so happy to see another person with a copy of UN squadron. That game was so dope


BigUpYourChest t1_j26e736 wrote

You can get £20 or so for Norrath on eBay, harder to get hold of than you'd expect as I found out a while ago when itching to play it!


Elevario t1_j26edqz wrote

Dude, Bust A Groove and intelligent Qube? That was my childhood! Great find!


sharksnut t1_j26f2lx wrote

"I was cleaning my basement and found my first iPhone"

God I'm old


Banewaffles t1_j26f97s wrote

You have very interesting and diverse tastes


lexilogo t1_j26k1s8 wrote

+1 for Elebits. (though I knew it as Eledees, due to localisation weirdness)

A bizarre mix of FPS and Katamari-esque gameplay that makes for a really solid game.


The_onlyPope t1_j26p1kk wrote

Castlevania SotN. One of the best games ever made.


Early_Gold t1_j26pkij wrote

Champions was criminally underrated. Also, RIP Chester


RenzoAC t1_j26poqu wrote

Bust a Groove!! So many fun times


Prostock26 t1_j26t2pg wrote

Frequency. I had a demo or something of that. Basically Guitar hero without the guitars if I remember right. While the demo was fun enough I remember thinking,, "who would buy a full game of this?"


Listan83 t1_j26ukyj wrote

Man I wish they would rerelease champions of norrath. I used to play that and eqoa all the time


jhwalk09 t1_j26vev8 wrote

Would definitely bust out katamari damacy, timesplitters 2, manhunt, baldurs gate, and crash bandicoot. Not a horrible desert island disk


BenjaStark t1_j26vtik wrote

Indeed was a very controversial game on its day that even today it still banned in some countrie. Even tho, a Rockstar Game without being that is kinda rare, so at least they did a great job for the tone they wanted to express


funkify2018 t1_j26wgj7 wrote

We had a demo disc that had intelligence qube on it and I always wanted to play the full game but never did get to


TycoBrahe OP t1_j26ydmq wrote

To be fair, the games were the older part. I didn’t realize I stowed away my old iPhone 3 in the box. My first phone was a brick Nokia which my kid likes to play with.


TycoBrahe OP t1_j26z6r2 wrote

Thank you. I think my favorite types of games in general are puzzle and platformer. But if there’s some fun relaxing co-op games or interesting mechanics (that aren’t too intense) I’m interested to try. I’m playing Ender Lilies and It Takes Two now which are both pretty fun!


TycoBrahe OP t1_j26zn6x wrote

It was pretty fun! I was never good at the higher levels of Guitar Hero so this was my fallback. I also liked the electronic music aspect of it back in the day. I should see if somebody has made a compilation of the songs on Spotify.


neuronamously t1_j26zqp2 wrote

You have fantastic taste. Frequency and Time Splitters 2.


x925 t1_j26zuwn wrote

From my experience, and I have a lot, champions is a major time sink. I remember I used to play 4 player with a couple friends. I also remember the stealth section in return to arms and just brute forcing it with fire, poison, disease, and ice damage to keep the enemies stunned and slow. Trying to go with 4 people just wasn't working for us.


Cool_Help8256 t1_j270suy wrote

Bust a groove is such a good game, wish I still had mine.


fordette t1_j273zb5 wrote

You’re missing Die Hard Trilogy for Playstation.


Tifoid t1_j27733e wrote

Wow night trap … one of the best worst games right there


FandomMenace t1_j277one wrote

Those champions of norrath games are amazing. The first one is worth about $25. A complete return to arms sells for $45. Night trap is worth around $100 complete in box. So is that symphony of the night.


sneakerpimps85 t1_j27826j wrote

I would have visited your house every chance I got if we were friends as kids. Owning a Sega CD was pretty baller given how expensive it was. That and Saturn.


RicrosPegason t1_j279e1r wrote

If you had the headset that came with socom, you could have the guy telling you what to do in manhunt talk into the earpiece.... i never felt so uncomfortable as having a guy sounding like he's getting off to me murdering folks playing directly in my ear.


TycoBrahe OP t1_j27b9rx wrote

It’s so good! Loved the details like the cockpit avatar animation of the pilot when you would take damage. Makes me want to see if there’s any modern versions of platform style flying like this.


Lost-Cantaloupe-6739 t1_j27bqk4 wrote

You have night trap! I’ve heard so much about that game but never played it. I spent so many hours playing NBA Jam on genesis though.

What a nostalgic box.


TycoBrahe OP t1_j27cloz wrote

Thank you! After seeing this, there’s a few games that came back to me that I remember having that I wish I would have held on to for nostalgia purposes like Sim City (SNES) and Windwaker. I did find a few more GameCube games in another box bundled with my old PS1

Pretty sure aside from my small batch of PS4 games that sums up my random basement trove.


Simon_787 t1_j27csw1 wrote

Dump the disc games and keep playing on emulators


Goldelux t1_j27d5mg wrote

Champions RTA with four people was the only way to go. We did that campaign three times over, unfortunately we didn’t make it through the last one.


TycoBrahe OP t1_j27dmbs wrote

Thanks! It was a full summer of saving up for me :) I had also sold my SNES (to help pay for some). I remember Playing ‘Willy Beamish’ of all things on it at Sears or JCPenney back in the day and knew I had to save for it.

Edit: Love your handle! 6 Underground is amazing :)


2DollarHamjob t1_j27e4b8 wrote

I remember playing the Intelligent Qube demo as a kid and being so fucking lost. Good times.


TycoBrahe OP t1_j27eqei wrote

Oh damn! Thank you! I had linked an image (in another reply) to a small handful of other games I had found in a separate box and somebody IM’d and said one was worth a good amount of money. Chibi Robo. My ex used to play that one a lot on our Game Cube but I didn’t get a chance to play much. I remember it being/looking fun tho!


sivablue t1_j27g7ph wrote

House of the dead was awesome!!


saveroom4jesus t1_j27idw3 wrote

I’ve looked for the Linkin Park… am I going crazy?? Can’t find it..


NCC74656 t1_j27j60q wrote

omg, this just brought back memories of those discount game bins at game stop and other 2nd hand stores. kids today will never know the joy of seeing those jewl cases and discovering some new game...

destruction derby 2

warcraft II

vietnam black ops

swat 3

all games that i discovered from those discount bins....


Tough_Farm266 t1_j27jvpd wrote

Katamari & Trauma center were the games for me in middle school.


Deman-dred t1_j27ke1d wrote

Eternal darkness was such a rad game. Valuable nowadays too


JCTrick t1_j27m5j5 wrote

Champions… Return to Arms. 🫵😳 What. There was a sequel to Champions of Norrath?



TycoBrahe OP t1_j27ns75 wrote

I love this! Thanks so much for linking FM! Really dig that they have comics and trading cards too. The one game out of these I really want to play again is Dr Mario Tetris mix. I can’t imagine an OG SNES is cheap these days :/


KooshIsKing t1_j27nx7j wrote

Champions of Norrath was so good. Damn I miss playing that with my neighbor.


CallingOutFrmScatlnd t1_j27of9n wrote

I have beaten SOTN on the PS, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, XBOX one and the Xbox series s/x.

Still haven’t gotten 200+% tho :/


KooshIsKing t1_j27plj8 wrote

We got one of our friend's dad's to buy us that for Halloween one year. We were not prepared haha. We played for about 2 hours and then just decided to walk away forever and watch Scrubs for the rest of the night :)


afxfan t1_j27r7r3 wrote

If your willing to sell, I got my eye on 3 items you have. Dm if interested.


doc_holliday112 t1_j27w31c wrote

Little kid me fondly remembers pixelated full motion video boobies in night trap.


Alucard661 t1_j27ywe8 wrote

Castlevania SOTN is my favorite game of all time.


BuckRogers87 t1_j27zhbu wrote

Seeing champions of norrath makes me think how good of a rpg series they could do based off the EverQuest ip.


TheHollowBard t1_j280mcv wrote

Man, Crash Bandicoot is the best of all Linkin Park's albums.


truthpooper t1_j282xr5 wrote

Night Trap, what a crazy janky ass game that was!


ragtev t1_j2842xi wrote

Some legit valuable games in there nobody is mentioning. Eternal Darkness, SOTN, even RE1 is worth a pretty penny.


TotalNo6237 t1_j28f9pl wrote

Katamari Damacy is a goated game, I love that fever dream so much as a kid


Kazu88 t1_j28h9yb wrote

Time Splitters 2 , Symphony of Night here !


Subject-Disk-1352 t1_j28j5op wrote

Well none of that should bother you... as far as your concerned, they're meat!


reload2456 t1_j28tg6c wrote

Can't believe I had to scroll so far to find a comment about that game. I liked several of these games but eternal darkness left a huge impression on me. I loved the sanity system and the way the game fucked with you if you were going crazy.


Dawnfreak t1_j28wdd1 wrote

Love night Trap. I'll be picking that up on switch soon. Just got corpse killer and double switch


NastyByNature68 t1_j28ylfa wrote

I'm amazed this box didn't burn your house down there's some serious fire in there.


ekso69 t1_j290jl3 wrote

Sega CD? This guy is rich!


xblgrant t1_j290qzk wrote

Time splitters 2 for GameCube is peak gaming


Covfefe_is_over_9000 t1_j292v29 wrote

Playing Champions of Norath for hours with my good friend I had when I was in my early 20s is a core memory. Her becoming my other half over a decade later is the best thing ever. We still pick this up every so often and dust off the old reliable ps2 to drop in some gametime.


Lord_iL_Palazo t1_j29i0ob wrote

Manhunt was amazing, wish they still made games like it


alec2026 t1_j29kh21 wrote

Amazing the things we find that we forgot we ever had.


Patzilla13013 t1_j2ajkdc wrote

is that an unopened pack of garbage pail kid cards? :)


Interesting_Tie_2271 t1_j2ay3dm wrote

Hybrid theory and meteora were their best albums. They were in their prime around that time