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Splyce123 t1_j29ibuz wrote

If you have a decent PC it was working perfectly fine on launch.


throughthespillways t1_j29jnp1 wrote

I have a high end PC and had to refund after 2 hours at launch. Performance wasn't the issue for me it was the bugs.


RefrigeratedTP t1_j29jet1 wrote

Game worked fairly well at launch until it killed the VRAM in my 2080 Super lmao

Edit: lmao why would I lie? I have the RMA receipts. EVGA sent me a new one. r/nothingeverhappens

Oh he deleted his comment and I’m still getting downvoted. Lmao brain dead redditors


Null-Ex3 t1_j2axxxp wrote

You cannot convince me that these people didnt come from an alternate universe. Not only were the bugs rampant and game breaking (although more manageable on pcs) but the npcs genuinely had no ai and the upgrades legit did nothing. How do you convince yourself that this was a great game? Most of my massive glaring issues with the game have been more or less fixed and with mods, the game is decent. But like there are still a ton of issues. Like many of the cybernetics feel janky. Gun combat while not terrible can feel clunky. Many promised features that are already found in other games, like random events are very limited to nonexistent. And i know im going to be downvoted on all the comments i make criticizing this game because somehow the cyberpunk fandom has convinced themselves that not only was this game always good, but its actually one of the best games ever made. Now, if somehow it really was the most enjoyable game you ever played cool. Have fun. But you simply cant convince me that it somehow has better mechanics than idk stalker gamma and was also always a masterpiece from day one.


RefrigeratedTP t1_j2ay8z3 wrote

Bro… I was just talking about how it killed my 2080 Super. I didn’t even say anything about liking the game.


Null-Ex3 t1_j2aygfb wrote

I thought i was responding to spicy tequila or something