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LukasKhan_UK t1_j2fh32c wrote

I don't think there's any chance you can. You're much too alpha for gaming.


throughthespillways t1_j2fh576 wrote

Don’t check the post history


LukasKhan_UK t1_j2fhce4 wrote

Because it'll wreck the illusion that this guy wants to get into gaming?

The call out of the hot girlfriend gave him away


Odd-ShibaInu t1_j2fh8zy wrote

By the sounds of it you might want to checkout Tinder or pickup and old copy of Leisure Suit Larry - both should map to your personality.


zeez1011 t1_j2fhaig wrote

Step 1: Stop microwaving your fleshlight so it's not always so hot.


Cmdr_Seizures t1_j2fkgyq wrote

This is how Andrew Tate would ask for gaming advice.


Bigjoe_onthego t1_j2fh49l wrote

That depends on what you have to play games on, and If I where you I would find some cheap game to find out what you like. Hope this helps


TP_Thief OP t1_j2fh8nd wrote

any advice on what platforms to play games on? Whats best for your money?


NaturalNines t1_j2fj0td wrote

This is excellent parody. "working, working out, or with my hot girlfriend." Hahaha it's incredible.


NaughtiusMaximus22 t1_j2fh7x5 wrote

Just like... Get a device to play on and play whenever you want/cab


--burner-account-- t1_j2fp4rs wrote

You need to stop wasting time on working, working out and hanging with hot girlfriend. Gaming comes first, that is how you do it.


Yo_Wats_Good t1_j2fppsi wrote

Oh boy, still in that closet, huh?


dun-ado t1_j2fqvjf wrote

Get off reddit, make real friends and a real girl friend. Playing games is the last thing you should be worrying about.


Neccoyoyo t1_j2frssn wrote

This has gotta be a shitpost... surely?