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hoodbobthugpants OP t1_j6d48qr wrote

my elbow <3


kain01able t1_j6d6f92 wrote

Least your honest.


hoodbobthugpants OP t1_j6d8cqa wrote

I didn’t take the picture lol so I’m not offended about it


CaptainPunch374 t1_j6dq2zy wrote

Easy mistake to make, tbh. I've done similar when I was trying to get a shot like this. Thought I had my depth of field longer than it was and that it would include the face, etc.

I almost always check and take an extra few, now, if I'm not getting candids. Was worse when dslr screens were smaller, harder to check in camera.


hoodbobthugpants OP t1_j6dr6vj wrote

It honestly doesn’t bother me in this instance. I think the shot looks cool, and to the untrained average eye it’s probably not a big deal either :p


CaptainPunch374 t1_j6drk8b wrote

You're not wrong. Even to my trained eye I didn't notice it until I expanded the photo.

Shots don't have to be perfect to be good, and this one is quite good.


CommunicationEast623 t1_j6h85i4 wrote

Also it is easy no mess up when shooting at wider aperture settings (assuming it is made with a camera, which I assume it is since there is not an aggressive and unrealistic bokeh)