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Gilgamesh107 t1_j6fpa0u wrote

It's a league of legends character.

The character is league of legends.

What more needs to be said? Unless you agree with saying Naruto/kratos are Fortnite characters? And if that's the case feel free to block me


Seamakna t1_j6fqjlz wrote

If Kratos' outfit in Fortnite was different from his GoW outfit, and someone cosplayed as the Fortnite version and said "My Kratos (Fortnite) cosplay", then that situation is comparable. If his Fortnite skin was identical to his GoW skin, and her Arcane skin was identical to her LoL skin, you might have a point.


But her Arcane skin is different from her LoL skin and the outfit is clearly cosplaying the Arcane version. So you don't.


Gilgamesh107 t1_j6ge6ib wrote

You're making up an argument in your head and arguing with that instead of acknowledging what I'm saying

So this is pointless


Seamakna t1_j6ghlpf wrote

I think you're just caught in a situation where you were wrong in your initial post and unwilling to admit it. It's ok, that's hard to do sometimes.