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Njyyrikki t1_j6d0hyl wrote

Can anyone figure out where exactly the camera is focused?


hoodbobthugpants OP t1_j6d48qr wrote

my elbow <3


kain01able t1_j6d6f92 wrote

Least your honest.


hoodbobthugpants OP t1_j6d8cqa wrote

I didn’t take the picture lol so I’m not offended about it


CaptainPunch374 t1_j6dq2zy wrote

Easy mistake to make, tbh. I've done similar when I was trying to get a shot like this. Thought I had my depth of field longer than it was and that it would include the face, etc.

I almost always check and take an extra few, now, if I'm not getting candids. Was worse when dslr screens were smaller, harder to check in camera.


hoodbobthugpants OP t1_j6dr6vj wrote

It honestly doesn’t bother me in this instance. I think the shot looks cool, and to the untrained average eye it’s probably not a big deal either :p


CaptainPunch374 t1_j6drk8b wrote

You're not wrong. Even to my trained eye I didn't notice it until I expanded the photo.

Shots don't have to be perfect to be good, and this one is quite good.


CommunicationEast623 t1_j6h85i4 wrote

Also it is easy no mess up when shooting at wider aperture settings (assuming it is made with a camera, which I assume it is since there is not an aggressive and unrealistic bokeh)


boostleaking t1_j6d93zy wrote

Peep at the arms & shoulder. Girl got good gains.


EndorDerDragonKing t1_j6e3d0n wrote

Of course, you lug around that cannon all day and see if you dont gain some muscles.


Mikimao t1_j6e8l21 wrote

Really stylized. Completely embodies the character. Great job.


[deleted] t1_j6f5tag wrote



EndorDerDragonKing t1_j6fbtq8 wrote

In what way? She"s got the cannon, the hair, and the outfit

Id say its perfectly accurate


[deleted] t1_j6fhbxb wrote



EndorDerDragonKing t1_j6fhenr wrote

No it doesnt

Edit: for those wondering the deleted comment was essentially

"Needs to be pastier"


Gontha t1_j6gul9e wrote

Looks awesome. Only thing I would change are the cloud tattoos. I think making them white or a very light blue would be a greater contrast.


Infamous_Towell t1_j6cupz7 wrote

I loved your cosplay! It's totally perfect.


Myoochi t1_j6en1te wrote

I wonder why all the compliments about the cosplay are being downvoted? Wth. She did a good job.


Redrainman t1_j6de0n6 wrote

Wow! The costing is gorgeous and the colors all pop so well against each other. Good job!


theDart t1_j6eteuv wrote

I sometimes do media for cosplay events and I definitely would have stopped for a picture of yours :)


Lost_Static t1_j6gl0uw wrote

How expensive was that cosplay?


hoodbobthugpants OP t1_j6i5uhq wrote

I can't remember off the top of my head, I had to revisit my resource sheet that I made when I put it together. So I'm gonna estimate like $200+, not including labor time. I have my own 3d printer so I save on having stuff like that done, assuming I don't want it to be made from foam. I have a resource sheet here if anyone cares to see what each piece is made out of:


Showty69 t1_j6haxgk wrote

Great cosplay! I find what the comments say are cloud tattoos distracting tho. Thought you might have a skin condition at first. Otherwise perfect!


ComeAnima t1_j6hj6hk wrote

Never played the game. Absolutely loved the show. Love this!


asinaria t1_j6cxm5q wrote

awesome ! well done


AliceHart7 t1_j6f6bgd wrote

Absolutely amazing! Great job!


TheCharisma t1_j6h5ulv wrote

Variant skin unlocked.

Looks great, if you made it, very good job.


cinlung t1_j6csk5a wrote

Cool cosplay especially with exercise body. Makes the character looks bad ass.


Redzombie6 t1_j6esc3t wrote

always upvote hoodbobthugpants.


Knight-112 t1_j6eue08 wrote

Inb4 post lock

Half of this comment section is absolute cancer🤦🏽‍♂️


Robotguy39 t1_j6gneyt wrote

Feel free to report rule breaking comments.


StrawPaprika873 t1_j6gjw43 wrote

What do you mean? They are fine, except some of them... but idek why most comments have one downvote. Just one.


Icycube99 t1_j6f9eow wrote

Nice job, but why black clouds?


DavefromKS t1_j6fe8i9 wrote

Amazing very cool.

Your user name made me giggle for almost 3 minutes.


the_dudeNI t1_j6fi4ti wrote

So this is really just a cosplay group


DavidFGF t1_j6dp2d9 wrote

Everything is so cool!!


Mister_P42 t1_j6e7mzn wrote

I think that's pretty cool!


DrakPhenious t1_j6elz4c wrote

You're too adorable. Got to work on that psychotic look to pull it off.

But seriously excellent work!


TextualTreats t1_j6fscky wrote

Feel like there needs to be more background collateral. All in all, good work.


ERRORMONSTER t1_j6dgyb1 wrote

I hope you know we had everything...


[deleted] t1_j6d428a wrote



j4mi3killa t1_j6dj08g wrote

r/gaming try not to be horny challenge (impossible)


[deleted] t1_j6dr9ft wrote



TalithePally t1_j6fbswn wrote

Anyone of any colour can cosplay any character. You don't have to (and shouldn't) change your own skin colour to do cosplay


jediflamaster t1_j6hx50u wrote

I mean, can you even change it? I was talking about paint lol.

Imagine Kratos without body paint. That just wouldn't be Kratos.


reload2456 t1_j6ebxx7 wrote

Idk about albino, she might be, she is quite pale tho. That being said I think this actually looks much better. Was never a fan of jinx but with darker skin it looks much better imo.


jediflamaster t1_j6ecaco wrote

Pale + red eyes is pretty typical for albino people.


reload2456 t1_j6ecx2k wrote

Are they red? I googled and they look red in some pics and purple or pink in others and also it's a video game character so the eye color never even entered my thoughts. Like being an albino would be one of the least interesting physical traits a character can have in that universe.


jediflamaster t1_j6ejmy3 wrote

IDK i think it's neat detail. Like, definitely not a defining characteristic but it goes really well with her general look.


iGenScriibe t1_j6dca92 wrote

It hurts when people say “Jinx from Arcane” when she’s a LOL character. Not to be that girl, it’s just a bit of a head-in-hand concession. Like saying “I think I’m going to cosplay as a clicker from that HBO show”.


RyuugaDota t1_j6deohi wrote

Except that it makes total sense to do so? Characters in adaptations of a source typically don't look exactly the same as their original counterpart. A simple google search reveals that this is Jinx's outfit from Arcane, and that her original outfit is different.


EndorDerDragonKing t1_j6do6ry wrote

Breaking News: Redditor gets mad over character skins and semantics!


iGenScriibe t1_j6e2789 wrote

Not mad! I even said I conceded that it was silly- or at least that’s what I meant to imply.


[deleted] t1_j6dez3a wrote



ill_effexor t1_j6ei0cm wrote

A character is from one thing but feature in another.

You say feature because then they can be ripped from source material and placed in entirely different circumstances.

Like the Supernatural crossover with Scooby-doo You wouldn't say the Winchester Brothers from Scooby-doo. You would just say they're from Supernatural since it was there source material.

Not that any of it really matters it's just semantics.

Edit a word.


Gilgamesh107 t1_j6dplf2 wrote

I know exactly what you mean.

But it's to be expected when people get into a series through secondary content.

Like when people call master chief or kratos " those guys from Fortnite."


Siegschranz t1_j6ebnof wrote

... It's literally her skin from the Arcane series, not her skin from LoL.


Gilgamesh107 t1_j6fpa0u wrote

It's a league of legends character.

The character is league of legends.

What more needs to be said? Unless you agree with saying Naruto/kratos are Fortnite characters? And if that's the case feel free to block me


Seamakna t1_j6fqjlz wrote

If Kratos' outfit in Fortnite was different from his GoW outfit, and someone cosplayed as the Fortnite version and said "My Kratos (Fortnite) cosplay", then that situation is comparable. If his Fortnite skin was identical to his GoW skin, and her Arcane skin was identical to her LoL skin, you might have a point.


But her Arcane skin is different from her LoL skin and the outfit is clearly cosplaying the Arcane version. So you don't.


Gilgamesh107 t1_j6ge6ib wrote

You're making up an argument in your head and arguing with that instead of acknowledging what I'm saying

So this is pointless


Seamakna t1_j6ghlpf wrote

I think you're just caught in a situation where you were wrong in your initial post and unwilling to admit it. It's ok, that's hard to do sometimes.


iGenScriibe t1_j6e2boz wrote

Yeah, I get it. I’m not mad about it, just slightly facepalmy, but I concede that it’s silly to feel that way.


iGenScriibe t1_j6ffi9k wrote

Imagine downvoting someone for being self aware and stating that their feelings are silly 💀 Reddit doesn’t appreciate the grey area