Submitted by SirRoderic t3_10pw251 in gaming

I'm looking to buy one such controller for my PC, but like, almost half the reviews talk about how buttons like the triggers, the shoulder buttons and the joysticks not working within months of use

Like someone said they got stick drift within a month of purchase, and someone else said that their shoulder buttons stopped working properly after 9 months of normal use

And another said that the Y button wasn't registering impute after a year of normal use

I'm really scared of buying one now



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Ashesza t1_j6mfpdq wrote

Well I'll just say, I've had 3 controllers and 2 of them went bad. The third is the warranty replacement so we'll see how that goes.


TheOtherGuy89 t1_j6mkkxc wrote

Always remember that satisfied customers most likely dont write reviews.


Deimos144 t1_j6mh6d9 wrote

I've had mine since launch and haven't had any issues with it. Have heard about people's issues with them but not sure how widespread it is. Could be that you're more likely to hear someone complain if there's an issue vs people making posts stating that their controller works as expected.


that-1-lame-kid t1_j6mhbdx wrote

I've had mine since launch, and never had any problems. that includes my 2 year old son throwing it, knocking it off the shelf, etc


tjtj4444 t1_j6mkwfh wrote

Remember that there are roughly 30 million Series X/S controllers in use.


the_npc_man t1_j6mnv4a wrote

I'm using my series controller for 21 months now, no issues.

Before that I was using an xbox 360 wired controller, I used it for 5 years. The only issue with that one is that towards the end the left stick click became a bit unreliable.


SirRoderic OP t1_j6mnz4k wrote

The Xbox 360 controller has to be the best controller of all time


Saandrig t1_j6mut1z wrote

Been using a Xbox X controller for my PC for about 3 or 4 years now. No issues. It's not in constant use as I like KB/M, but it's not going idle either.


whats-reddit17 t1_j6n0k4o wrote

Idk about the s/x but the regular Xbox one controllers I only have issues with after years of daily use. My current controller has slight drift on right stick sometimes, but I've had it for years and don't take the best care of it.

So if the new x/s controllers are that prone to problems then that's sad.


Dune444444 t1_j6n6num wrote

Had mine since launch, my son wrecked one from literally dropping it a VERY LARGE amount of times.


PabloMarmite t1_j6na21s wrote

Haven’t noticed anything with the sX controller yet but I had to replace my Xbox one controller twice after a couple of years each time, first due to stick drift and then due to a shoulder button messing up.


lapqmzlapqmzala t1_j6o50sk wrote

Xbox's face buttons are trash, had the face buttons get stuck on two One controllers. The cheap clicky mechanism is not good. I grabbed a DS4 and it's so much better feeling.


CaptainPryk t1_j6o80kx wrote

Yes, the Xbox Series controllers aren't as reliable as an Xbox 360 controller. I've had 3 controllers with joystick drift and one with an x button issue

Always get a warranty for these things.


rlg4x t1_j6olz99 wrote

Yes they are that bad, I have 3 official controllers (one with dpad probs, second with triggers sticking, third with heavy drift), then I have 2 off brands (one with hardware issue that makes right stick and left stick react as one, second with non functioning left stick)… but wait theres more, I have 2 super expensive elite s1 controllers (one with a unresponsive spam click rb after 2 months, second is the replacement which rb became unresponsive and clickatee in 1 month among having a broken back paddle port) as well. Working on a XB elite series 2 now, so far been better than the series 1. My 15 year old+ 360 controller still works perfectly on PC though, so I'd recommend that, but doesn't work on Xbox One... all of that in the life time of one 25 dollar controller o.o Im not salty.


2steppa156 t1_j6mfmk3 wrote

I had one since launch, never had a problem with it. But I’ve had to send back 3 elite 2 controllers and one elite core controller because of stick drift.


Lychee247 t1_j6mfpsg wrote

Mine don't seem do to only problem

Except that from some reason dust is really sticking on it

I need to scratch ot off with a sponge to get rid of the dust weekly


StatusPatience5 t1_j6mgzz9 wrote

My regular Xbox Series controller has been working normal since launch, but my Elite 2 has a messed up bumper