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liftfortheemperor t1_j6dn438 wrote

Very good game with (then) amazing graphics and the hud-less gameplay was pretty innovative at the time. It’s high points were the story and the writing, especially the dialogue. The game itself was marred by the driving aspect as the vehicles all kinda handled like tanks, at least in comparison to the GTA games of the time.


qb1120 t1_j6eoetp wrote

Story was great, I thought the most revolutionary part of the game was that there was no HUD. Health bar was basically how bloody your character was and in car chases the turn signals showed you where to go. Very immersive


milkythepirate t1_j6dkadv wrote

Massively underrated and needs a current gen sequel!


karlware t1_j6dkwjp wrote

Loved it. From the realistic driving (traffic jams!) To the semi realistic London map. Would love a reboot.


asevans1717 t1_j6dpsuh wrote

I'll never forget infiltrating that police station, felt so real


PigeonMother t1_j6dtl4y wrote

I was super excited when it was released because it had (my city) London in it


Turnerredman t1_j6fdg57 wrote

I live in Manchester and I was excited that it was set in my country even if it wasn’t my city.


Hes-dead-Jim t1_j6e56a8 wrote

When i first played, I didn't know you could heal yourself. My teenage self thought it was so realistic you would stay damaged after being shot... completed the game like this. Then, on the second playthrough, I accidently found out you healed by staying in cover.


iRunOnDoughnuts t1_j6dl98r wrote

This was my unobtanium. Too poor to buy a PS2, but did eventually get an Xbox. Couldn't convince my friend to buy it for his PS2.

I really, really wanted to play it, but to this day still haven't.


Day_Dreaming_Panda t1_j6dm2wi wrote

Criminally underrated series that absolutely deserves a reboot.


Talion2018 t1_j6dv8qa wrote

Awesome Game. I was soooo surprised when I unlocked Carter’s campaign !


Loccyskillz t1_j6dx7ev wrote

A game that should’ve had a 3rd entry, PlayStation needs to get off there ass and bring this crime game back, just imagine what a PS5 version of Getaway would be like, especially with all the new technology we have now.


LeviathanGank t1_j6dxf1d wrote

at the time it was insane, dont remember getaway 2 so much.. but the first I must have been 13 years old so was perfect game for me then. I dont remember the story at all but the game play and mechanics were great.


Coffey69101 t1_j6dz67e wrote

This game is really hard when I was a kid. Impossible to complete one of the first mission due to too many gunshot wounds.

until I realized that you can regen health by leaning on the wall


foxbomber5 t1_j6e7v2g wrote

I still remember the live action trailer with the Cockney mob boss yelling "...your kid dies!"


munitionchipsintoys t1_j6e8glp wrote

Never played it unfortunately. I hope it comes to PS classics catalog.


Jasonc506 t1_j6e9qf6 wrote

Worth playing just for the story. The gameplay was rough and clunky even by ps2 standards. Probably would feel much worse today. A remake with modern controls would be great!


Zeet937 t1_j6eddyx wrote

It’s probably one of my favorite ps2 games. I can still here the npcs yelling “it’s Hammond” lol. Also enjoyed Black Friday aswell.


Doodle_Brush t1_j6egbte wrote

Loved it, but Getaway 2 was my favourite just for the Armed Police missions at the start.


haroldo13 t1_j6ew6r8 wrote

Shoot the bastards!


Some_Average_guy1066 t1_j6ez96g wrote

This game is what you need to show thick skulled Americans about England. Top tier British representation.


Macho-Fantastico t1_j6f0jq7 wrote

Loved the Getaway. Makes me wish Grand Theft Auto would do a game set in Britain again. Sadly I doubt that'll ever happen again.


makuniverse t1_j6f129u wrote

I remember playing the demo at EB Games, in Forest Hills, Queens. I couldn’t figure out the controls, but I kept pistol whipping people. My mom thought it was so hilarious that she bought me the game. Must have been like 9 or 10. Turns out it was a really good game with a good story.


New-Breed t1_j6fakiz wrote

Absolutely loved this game. Especially the Black Monday sequel. Wish we had seen more of the IP.


oilerfan78 t1_j6fawvl wrote

Awesome :photorealistic graphics for the time. Horrid controls on foot. Good story. Quite high in difficulty.


Turnerredman t1_j6fd1cz wrote

One of my favourite PS2 games it always feels great to see a video game set in my own country but besides that it was breathtaking at the time how realistic it looked.


FL4V0UR3DM1LK t1_j6g9g1m wrote

I'm literally playing through the story of this at the moment. Dug out the PS2 just for this and some GT4.

The story is great, the gameplay is clunky, but of it's era. The driving can be rewarding, but using a worn PS2 controller does make it a troubling experience. The map is basically a 1:1 of a portion of London, you can literally overlay it onto Google Maps, it was super ambitious of them and packing it with licensed cars really makes the game feel grounded.

This is one of my absolute favourite open world games on PS2.


TylerJsWay t1_j6h6bla wrote

Man this game was amazing. Had some great times. Loved the shooting back then.


art_1504 t1_j6dw84w wrote

fucking cool. very ambitious. clunky control.

love every bits of it. not every day you can become one of them flying squads.


Loccyskillz t1_j6dxgep wrote

Also don’t forget about it’s spin off on PSP, Gangs of London, that’s a criminally underrated game to.


nine_legged_stool t1_j6e5clh wrote

I wanted to play it, but it just got away from me.


ri-mackin t1_j6e9lp6 wrote

It didn't really.... TAKE OFF! tee hee hee. Teeeeee heheheheheee. Teeeeeeee tehehehehehehe


picknicksje85 t1_j6ehdll wrote

I found it very buggy and bit dissapointing.